Quad-core Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 caught on video


A few in-the-wild pictures confirmed rumors of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 redesign with quad-core processing in tow, and now we have video of the thing. Shown off is a piece of hardware that borrows several elements from the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S III that also now features a built in slot for storing the device’s S Pen. Why Samsung left this out of the original design remain a mystery, but perhaps the Galaxy Note 10.1 showed off at MWC was only meant to demonstrate the concept and never intended to represent the production units. Also coming over from the GS3 appears to be the Pebble Blue finish that has been making headlines for problems that caused a delayed release.

[via Engadget]

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  1. It will not be $200. I’ll buy the nexus tablet!

    1. well obviously it won’t be $200, but that’s unimportant if you want you a better hardware device instead of fast software updates…personally i’ve never been a fan of the tegra cpu, i have a tablet with the tegra 2 and i find it to be pretty slow, also the nexus has 1gb of ram and if samsung continues with what they’ve been doing then the new note 10.1 will hopefully ship with 2gbs, the nexus tablet wont have the ability to use a stylus and the new note will tablet will, also we all know how sexy the screens look on all samsung devices so that most likely will be better….i’m not really trying to shit on the nexus tablet but you do have to understand that you get what you pay for, and with a $200 price tag you most likely won’t get the best of stuff IMO

  2. For me if it’s not 1080P it’s a non-starter. It’s mid 2012 and there are still no higher res Android tablets actually available. Such a bummer.

    1. There are already plenty of reviewers out there who can’t perceive any difference between a video on ipad 3’s retina and ipad 2. How much of a difference can you convince yourself of seeing between 720p and 1080p. Add to that on a 10″ screen. Its a marketing gimmick like megapixels on a camera. Lets not be those suckers for a change.

      1. I constantly feel cramped on screen real estate smaller than 1080p at a minimum, so I can definitely tell the difference. My primary purposes will include watching 1080p content (which is admittedly the least likely to have a noticeable difference), web browsing non-mobile sites (which can often require larger resolutions to format properly), and remote desktop (I’m particularly interested in trying games remotely via splashtop thd or possibly something similar).

  3. Same here! Low res for last year. They are playing catch me if you can to the iPad2!

  4. he looks drunk in that image.
    and i want this.

  5. This just might be my next tablet.

  6. Looks like that guy got punched in the face

    1. LOL I was going to say the same thing, or that he was drunk. :D

  7. Did they remove the IR blaster? and onlyy mali400? :(

  8. I see a big, black box that says, “This video is private.”

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