Latest Verizon MAP list shows Incredible 4G LTE for $149, Galaxy S III makes an appearance


The latest version of Verizon’s minimum advertised price sheet (MAP) sheds a bit of light on the carrier’s pricing strategy for the upcoming HTC Incredible 4G LTE. The Increidble 4G LTE is listed at $149.99, a reasonable cost given the phone’s place in Verizon’s lineup. As noted by DroidLIfe, we might see the phone launch at $199 with a $50 rebate bringing us to the final pricing.

The handset will be the closest thing VZW gets to an HTC One series device, but the timing of its release seems to have been thrown off by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, which also makes an appearance on the new MAP listing. Most expected Verizon to release the latest member of the Incredible family earlier this spring, and a head-to-head launch against the GS3 may not work to the best interest of any of the parties involved. At this point the exact availability of the Incredible 4G LTE seems to be up in the air.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Incredible 4G LTE should be commended as the first reasonably sized LTE phone.

    1. Describe “reasonable”. The reason why these Flagship Phones are becoming larger and larger, is because Consumers want larger Screens. Even the “mighty” (sic) Iphone is increasing their Screen Size….

      1. Sales would certainly show otherwise. The #1 complaint i hear from people with Android is the phones are stupidly big. I have a feeling I’ll go back to the iPhone 5 because it’ll be 4G and maintain a small, thin package. I think the Incredible 4G is nearly perfect in size other than it’s a tad thick. Too bad it doesn’t run pure Android however like the Nexus.

        1. Funny, Since the Galaxy SII has sold 28 Million Units, and The Galaxy Note has sold 7 Million Units. And thats only two Android phones, (one being a “Phablet”, admittedly) As for the Iphone 5, it will be probably as thin as the Galaxy SIII/Evo 4G LTE, with a reported 4 Inch Screen.Which sales figures were you thinking of?

          1. Well, the iPhone 4S has outsold the Galaxy SII (despite having been out for less time and being available in fewer places), and there is no smaller (but otherwise high-end) Android phone to use for comparison.

            My guess would be that phinn is referring to anecdotal evidence (possibly from the perspective of someone who sells phones) that a lot of people are getting iPhones instead of Android devices due to the size issues (despite otherwise having a preference for Android).

          2. Id like to see those numbers, as I will plead ignorance. Apple notoriously doesnt reveal their Sales Numbers, If I remember correctly. And your statement that the 4S is out in fewer places is a bit conservative,Sammy has released the S2 in 120 Countries, and Apple in 70 (It certainly did release later as well…) The fact is, that you have more choices in the Android Ecosystem, and there is certainly something for everyone.

          3. The problem is that there isn’t currently something for everyone in the Android ecosystem. If I want a high end device (in terms of the radio+processor), I currently need to get a phone with a 4.3″ or larger screen (soon 4.0″ or larger, when what I really want is 3.5″-3.7″).

          4. Again, if this is what consumers were clamoring for, then this is what manufacturers would be catering to. Now, I understand that every market is differrent; for example Asia has a penchant for wanting smaller phones. North Americans however, tend to want “bigger” screens. Go figure.

          5. Don’t forget about the LG Lucid. With a 4″ 720p display and a dual core 1.5GHz processor, it’s a current high end phone. I’m a third party agent for 3 of the 4 major carriers and I gotta say, the 4″ displays don’t sell nearly as well as the 4.3″ and above.

            When I first bought my Droid, I thought that it was almost too big. The thought of a 4.3″ screen was absurd to me. But seeing how phones are used today and where they will be tomorrow, I’m thinking that 5″ is more my speed, and a lot of others are starting to realize that too.

          6. Cuz its LG! When the first 4G LG came out, not one rep at my store sold it. Htc is the most reliable Droid. Samsung is ok but not as user friendly. IPhones are an easy sell for bad sales man. I was king for selling HTC cuz i cared. IPhones are good for first time smart phone users and people not comfortable with computers. Obviously if you like mac comps you will get an iPhone.

            Dzhokhar, Do you carry your phone in your purse or Fanny pack?

          7. Sorry Dz, i meant yankeedudel

        2. I agree phinn. As much as I love the Android platform, the only phones for Verizon with decent specs are too big for me. And most of my friends say the same. All are now looking at iPhones as an alternative, assuming they will keep a smaller footprint for their next phone. I have the original HTC Incredible and think it a good size. These 4-5 inch phones are ridiculous.

          1. When the IPhone comes in at 4Inches, will you go with it, or stick with Android?

          2. 4 inches is fine. 4.3 and above isn’t really great, particularly for those of us with smaller hands and pockets.

          3. Hopefully I won’t have to. I definitely do not want to get an iPhone, but if the only Android phones with top specs are the huge ones, then I will be forced to consider the iPhone. Actually, I can deal with 4″ as long as the beazel is designed well. Are there any high end 4″ or smaller phones on Verizon?

          4. Droid Incredible and Droid 3 come to mind…

          5. I am curious how many of those people that complain about a 4”+ phone have actually tried to use one. I thought bigger than my Dinc would be too big but the Nexus doesn’t seem like it once I played with my buddies. Now the Note, way too big, for me.

            Try one before u discard it as too big.

          6. Bigger phones are not hard to use, its a matter of being able to carry a phone that big with you everywhere.

        3. The actual size of the screen would be relevant to the size of the consumers hands. I would think we would be be more in favor of a smaller bezel around the screen.

        4. 4G phones are made bigger to have bigger batteries. Its not that everyone wants bigger screens but that its the only way to get good or descent battery life. Finally, the new qualcomm processor and the next generation smaller LTE chip has made phones possible to be smaller. Having a smaller then 4.3″ screen will help with battery life too. The incredible at 4″ is actually mobile like a phone should be and Im guessing this will be the new sweet spot for the majority. Most people will probably only get larger phones now if they cant afford a tablet, have fat fingers, or bad vision.

    2. Basically all I ever asked for was a 4.0″, powerful, thin, light Android phone with good build quality. The Incredible 4G comes closest so far. I think 4.3″+ phones are absurd. As much as I don’t want to go back, I’d rather have an iPhone.

  2. Not looking good still no mention of the droid fighter

  3. I want a note on Verizon. My next phone needs to be at least 5, preferably 5.3 inches. The way I use my phone, that would be perfect. That’s actually more important for my next phone than bleeding edge tech. I’ll happily take a large screen with upper middle specs.

  4. I still don’t understand how the Incredible 4G hasn’t been released yet or given a release date, as far as I know. Especially when that document listed it as beginning 5/31/12.

  5. Htc phones are the most user friendly for droid OS and this phone rocks! Cant wait to get it!

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