Verizon could ship Samsung Galaxy S III by July 9


Verizon announced the Samsung Galaxy S III yesterday and a pre-order to go along with it. Folks interested in the unreleased handset can plop down their cash in advance starting later this week and be among the first to get their hands on the phone on Verizon’s LTE network. When that will actually occur is still a mystery. Sources coming forward have suggested pre-orders will ship by July 6th, while an internal document says July 9th is the date. The timing seems about right and puts the launch of the phone at about a month away, suggesting Big Red won’t be the first to release the phone in the US. T-Mobile previously announced a launch date of June 21st for their HSPA+ version of the phone.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. lol, take my money now but ship 3 weeks after everyone else (which may be 5 weeks from now!).. all in the name of saving my unlimited data!

    1. They don’t charge you when you pre-order; only when it ships…

  2. I talked to a rep today about this and they answered 7/6 as to when it would ship if I pre-ordered.

  3. I’m right there with ya!! Verizon told me yesterday, as long as I upgrade by July 1st (regardless of what phone I upgrade to), I’ll be able to keep my grandfathered unlimited data. Woot!

    1. Yea but does the upgrade officially count when you pre-order or when the phones activated? Cause if it’s the activation, that doesn’t sound like it will be by July 1

  4. That should give them plenty of time to fill this device with plenty of bloat ware.

  5. This is going to turn into another failed launch.. i can see it now.. the nexus launch still haunts me hahahaha

  6. This will ship AFTER the unlimited data gets axed…so…shit.

  7. T-6 1/2 hours till pre-order… or more like 10 hours till I get up and pre-order mine

  8. I pre-ordered mine this morning (Verizon), and it didn’t give me the option of keeping my grandfathered unlimited data. I could keep unlimited email and internet or select one of the six options for data (2gb with personal or corporate email, 5gb, 10gb with same email options)

    Looks like pre-ordering before the grandfather cut off wont save you unfortunately.

    Also, this is the first time I’ve ever ordered anything through Verizon’s website. It didn’t apply my company discount, but I’d assume it will be once I head into the store and get everything activated right?

    1. Unlimited email and internet is your unlimited data. I pre-ordered mine, this is what it shows for unlimited data:
      Plan Features
      EMAIL & WEB UNLIMITED $29.99

      1. I’m hoping you’re wrong about that. When I clicked on the e-mail & web unlimited, it told me that data charges would still apply. When I checked the tiered plans, it explained the packages.

        If you’re right, I just screwed myself out of my unlimited and I’ll need to have myself a drink…or four.

        1. Check your current plan, you will see how it lists it. You can probably still cancel and re-pre-order. My “data” has said “email and web” for years. Better yet, here is a screenshot of what you should have seen:

          1. Good looking out, and much appreciated! Canceled the pre-order and did it over again, hopefully that doesn’t push me back to the last possible day to get the phone or anything.

    2. I preordered this morning, I DID get to keep my grandfathered unlimited data AND I was able to use my 30 dollar new every two discount. Got the GS3 for 169 this morning. I was not however allowed to use my company discount either, but that’s ok with me. My GS3 is ordered and that’s all that matters.

  9. so everybody else is getting theirs out on the launch date, but Verizon is gonna sandbag the launch date in the name of screwing everybody on their unlimited data. That is customer service at it’s finest. I kow BB is saying they will be delivering the Verizon SIII on time, but i dont believe it, i think they are gonna get delayed too. You cant ever believe anything BB says. I already was considering jumping ship to ATT when my contract is up for the One X, this def did not help keep me with Big Red.

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