AT&T Galaxy S3 pre-sales begin June 6th


AT&T have announced that a pre-sale opportunity for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will proceed tomorrow, June 6th. They’ll be offering a 16GB for $200, but it appears no other option will be available (at least not right away). The device should come with a microSD card slot, though, so this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

They’ll have the standard white and blue colors that most carriers have, but they’ll also be offering a hot third option: red. That’s certainly something we thought would come out of Big Red’s camp, but I guess you can never really predict this things. In any case, AT&T is the last straw in a big sea of Galaxy S3 announcements, and we couldn’t be any happier at how this launch seems to be shaping up. Read on for full press details.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hopefully they’ll add a black version to the list, pebble blue is hideous, I don’t really like the white one much either.

    1. really. Why cant I get a simple plain black phone? I also think that the blue is horrible and I don’t buy white phones and now red o_O?.
      Silver would’ve been nice….

  2. They’ve got a gunmetal model in europe. I hope they bring that one over.

  3. So disappointed in no 32 gig. Hopefully one is coming down the pipe.

    1. Yes, 32 gb would have been nice. They could say 16 is plenty, but not when you are trying to sell the microSD right next to it.
      I’m not waiting though. 16gb for me

    2. would you really pay the $50 or $100 extra for that 16gb bump, or are you just complaining to complain. I have seen so many people in the past moaning about how ridiculous it is that a 16gb model cost $100 more than the 8gb, or 32gb is $100 more than the 16gb, preaching how stupid you would have to be to not just buy the lower storage version and get a much much cheaper $/gb microsd card.
      now everyone is complaining that they dont have the option to spend an extra $100 on 16gb of storage. maybe AT&T didnt want to buy a few hundred thousand 32gb models to sell a few thousand of them, and have the rest sit in stock until the phone gets reduced to a penny.

  4. I’m not in any rush to upgrade. I think I’ll wait and see what kinda sales amazon offers on this. $200 isn’t bad but you know they’ll slash the price pretty quickly.

    1. Very True. I picked up the Captivate for $200 and a month later they dropped it to $150.

    2. Just check out radioshack or Walmart. They tend to be about $50 cheaper.

  5. Wheres the sony ion?

  6. quentyn, there are so many typos in all of your articles that I can actually tell which ones are written by you just from all of the mistakes before actually checking who the author is. -_-

  7. Way, way toooo many phones on the market are black already!!!!

  8. Cool red for att!

  9. @ vikingwiz shut your mouth!

  10. Great to learn about the Galaxy S3 availability – finally. AT&T, once again, is at bottom, only offering the entry-level version of 16GB like with the HTC One X. The red color won’t be doing me any good, if I run out of space with the ever increasing apps and videos. I’d pay more for a “truly cutting-edge smartphone”.

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