FCC: Verizon and Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 variants complete the circle


T-Mobile and AT&T have joined the FCC party with their variants of the Samsung Galaxy S3, leaving us worried about the other versions not showing up on time. Many of you are hoping to get Samsung’s flagship device on Sprint and Verizon. And if you are one of them, you will be glad to know that both CDMA versions of the device have just strolled through the FCC.

While we are not exactly sure if these devices will be blessed with 2 GB of RAM memory, it is very possible. The LTE-friendly, Snapgragon S4 versions are the ones said to come with the higher amount of RAM. Both Sprint and Verizon variants come with EV-DO and LTE compatibility, making it very likely that we will be seeing those 2 GB of glory.

To top it off, it seems like Verizon’s Galaxy S3 will also be a global device. The FCC documents report that the SCH-I535 will feature additional support for GSM and EDGE with 850 MHz and 1900 MHz radios. Yes, you might be left without 3G when abroad, but that is still a step forward for Verizon devices.

We are still left wondering how the carriers will be changing the aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Each variant has been completely different for past iterations of Galaxy S devices. But we have seem that T-Mobile’s variant of the Galaxy S3 is identical to the international version. This could mark a new beginning where we get the same Galaxy S3 device in all carriers.

[Source: FCC 1, FCC 2 Via: Pocket Now]

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  1. Doesn’t look like there will any major changes. Both phones pics match up.

  2. I was really pinning my hopes on the U.S. S3 variants being redesigned, as I don’t much like the international “Bar Of Soap” design, and I really don’t like the physical home button.

    If it isn’t redesigned, then I’ll be upgrading to it day-1 anyway just to resell it on E-Bay ASAP to get my max subsidized dollars back that I’ll then put towards the GNote 2 later this year. My 2-year old Captivate w/ CM9 ICS will tide me over.

    1. and you will get the GNote 2 subsidized? how many lines of upgrades do you have available?

      1. No. I’d be buying it outright (off-contract), using the proceeds from selling the subsidized phone.

        (On the major U.S. carriers, every month you don’t upgrade after you’re eligible is money down the drain. You don’t get a discounted monthly bill once your old phone is “paid off”).

        1. I still don’t get why you would do it that way.

          1. You of all people — “cash d00d” — should understand. It’s simply about cashing in on the full max value of the monthly subsidized phone upgrade to use later for the phone you really want. If you don’t upgrade ASAP, you’re just throwing away $20+/mo.

            The only downside to doing this is some resale value loss & shipping overhead, and that you don’t get “insurance” through the carrier, but I never buy insurance anyway.

          2. That doesn’t make sense because instead of getting the Note 2 at subsidized pricing ($200), you’ll be paying $700 instead plus activation bla bla later on. I doubt the sale of the S3 will cover those costs later after subtracting the initial cost of the S3 ($230-330), selling fees, shipping and your time.

            It’s counter intuitive. Just buy the Note 2 for $200 when it comes out and resign the contract then and be done with it.

            (edit: the S3 has been selling for around $589 shipped, full retail on eBay, craigslist…etc) so using your “plan” you would make $380 – shipping costs, seller fees, and your time. So maybe $320 left, then you will buy the Note 2 for full retail later on for $6-700 with only $320 to put toward it. In the end, you’ll be paying much more for the Note 2 than if you just waited to buy it subsidized with the new contract to begin with and you don’t have to waste your time and energy).

  3. Can’t wait for it in Verizon!

  4. This would be cool. I hope Sammy changes hardware and software to USA liking. 2gb ram, bigger battery, and I guess skinner body! Lol.

  5. haven’t seen any news for a AT&T release on June 20th, like we’ve seen with T-mobile or did I miss something?

    1. Nope, nothing on AT&T yet…

    2. The Unveiling event in New York is scheduled for June 20th. If you take into consideration that at the Australian event the phone went on sale within an hour of the unveiling, it’s very possible that all carriers will release on or around the 20th.

  6. Beginning to think this might be the first phone to outsell the iPhone. Samsung finally got it right by releasing it relatively all over at the same time.

    1. Cmon man, snap back to reality. Too many followers of apple products. Go ask anyone if they know anything about the already announced gs3, and then go ask someone about rumors of the ip5.

      1. I know more about the GS3, does that count?

      2. Apple’s followers are jumping ship all the time, the 3.5″ screen doesn’t cut it anymore. Will the iPhone5 have larger screen? Doubt it, Apple would have to move out of their comfort zone to do that, and that’s not something Apples does.

        Even the die hard are finally acknowledging Android as having more options. “Buttery smooth” is all they’ve got left in the iOS camp, even Siri isn’t working properly.

        1. Agreed, I myself have seen many people switch from iPhone to Android, and the biggest reason, the screen size. I have an iPad because Android hasn’t caught up to Apple in the tablet world and while I like the device it just feels so boring and restricting. besides the fairly useless notification bar, which just makes me turn off notifications on everything. I just feels like an oversized version of my last apple device the iPhone 3GS, sure the hardware is better, but I don’t see any real evolution in the operating system itself.

    2. There are simply too many Android models for any individual one to outsell the iPhone. Like it or not, Apple has gotten people onto a cycle with buying new iPhones and most of them have little reason to change.

      1. Lol, I remember people talking about how Samsung couldn’t outsell phones when compared to Apple. They thought this cause of there being many Android phone manufactures, when compared to one IOS phone manufacturer. I kinda doubt the GS3 can oversell the iPhone, but it would be kl if it did :)

  7. Guess my big question now is will it get here so we can upgrade before the data changes take effect

    1. not a chance… my money is on verizon releasing sometime in November.

    2. June 20th?

  8. Verizon doesnt need any more phones. They have the nexus and the razrs. Leave GSIII to other carriers

    1. Yes, Verizon does need more phones. They don’t have a single top tier device right now. The nexus is nice, but the hardware is crap. The RAZRs are utter garbage, IMO.

    2. Motorola can take their stupid ass useless RAZRs and shove them up their ass

  9. T-Mobile variant picture is a fake. Just look at the date on the weather widget (International reveal date instead of the US rumor June 20 reveal/release or some later date).

  10. Assuming the GS3 costs $300 on a 2 yr contract I’m thinking an expansys GS3 ($700) on straight talk’s BYOD plan ($49.ish/mo) would save a few hundred over 2 years. No LTE or 2 gig but you get the quad core at a decent monthly rate rate plan with data and no contract.

    1. It’s only going to cost $300 on Verizon.

      1. Along with a two year contract tying you down to pay $70-80-90 a month.

      2. $199 for 16gb or $299 for 32gb. Personally I’m getting the 16gb and re-use my exsisting class 10 32gb micro SD card. It’s not an iPhone or Nexus, it has expandable memory via Micro SD so there is no reason to spend the extra $100 on the 32gb version when you can buy the 16gb for $100 less and throw in the 16gb-32gb micro SD from your old phone into the S3 and have crazy swappable storage space…..nice!

    2. Without a fast data connection, everything you do will feel CRAZY slow regardless of the quad core because everything is tied to your data speed, apps, Internet downloads. What’s the point of having a quad core with a slow data connection?? Thats like having an I7 PC with 1GB or ram using dial up……makes no sense.

  11. Can’t wait for Big Red’s.

  12. Hoping the phones look like the international version. The Home button is great for waking the phone ala Nexus One. Accessories will be kept the same and easy to obtain. Sure hoping this is the way of the future, much better for all including the manufacturers. It would be great if all future phones had Pentaband radios and unlocked. I must be dreaming but it would be great for all.

  13. I do have the Galaxy note on AT&T and I might get the galaxy s 3 on Sprint!

  14. Hurry up VZW, I have $300 burning a whole in my pocket for a new phone. I’ve been waiting to upgrade since Jan and am just waiting for a phone worth it. June 20 would be awesome, and like others have said, it was released in Australia the day of the announcement, but does that mean no pre-orders?

  15. Verizon FTW!

  16. Come on Sprint. When is it coming?

  17. Will sprints version have the slow adreno 225? I want the overclocked mali 400 thats in the international. Its twice as fast… The only gpu that beats the iphone 4s.

  18. Does anyone know if the Sprint variant will be compatible with their upcoming 800mhz LTE?

  19. Everyone thinks this version of the phone is so great, why is Samsung holding out on the Super AMOLED Plus screen that they used in the Galaxy S II, and why have one country with dual core processors and the rest of the world gets the quad core? I’m getting a GS2 and holding out for the quad core and better screen, Sprint doesn’t even have any LTE yet anyway.

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