Jun 2nd, 2012

T-Mobile and AT&T have joined the FCC party with their variants of the Samsung Galaxy S3, leaving us worried about the other versions not showing up on time. Many of you are hoping to get Samsung’s flagship device on Sprint and Verizon. And if you are one of them, you will be glad to know that both CDMA versions of the device have just strolled through the FCC.

While we are not exactly sure if these devices will be blessed with 2 GB of RAM memory, it is very possible. The LTE-friendly, Snapgragon S4 versions are the ones said to come with the higher amount of RAM. Both Sprint and Verizon variants come with EV-DO and LTE compatibility, making it very likely that we will be seeing those 2 GB of glory.

To top it off, it seems like Verizon’s Galaxy S3 will also be a global device. The FCC documents report that the SCH-I535 will feature additional support for GSM and EDGE with 850 MHz and 1900 MHz radios. Yes, you might be left without 3G when abroad, but that is still a step forward for Verizon devices.

We are still left wondering how the carriers will be changing the aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Each variant has been completely different for past iterations of Galaxy S devices. But we have seem that T-Mobile’s variant of the Galaxy S3 is identical to the international version. This could mark a new beginning where we get the same Galaxy S3 device in all carriers.

[Source: FCC 1, FCC 2 Via: Pocket Now]

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