T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III rears its LTE-less head at FCC, could it have Exynos inside?


Well, the good news is that creating various carrier variants isn’t slowing down the Samsung Galaxy S III’s launch in the US by too much. However, the bad news for those looking to use the phone on T-Mobile’s network is that you might have to do without LTE.

While it’s a bit understandable considering T-Mo won’t have an up and running 4G LTE network until 2013, I’m sure there would have been a few people who would have wished it was at least capable of LTE, so that they don’t require a new device next year.

On a side-note, we had all pretty much taken it for granted that the US variants of the Galaxy S III would have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor, thanks to the onboard LTE. That probably means that T-Mobile’s variant comes with Samsung’s own quad core Exynos instead.

If that were to be the case, would you be interested in T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III? Or is LTE a must-have?

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Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. You know the answer lol awesome! If true my predictions all along, no lte means no problem tmobile hspa+ with Exynos will sell like hotcakes!

  2. I’d say a few months ago this news tidbit would have been baller. All the usual rage nerds would have been ERMAHGERD EXYNOS QUADCORE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWRRRR!!ELEVENTYONE!!11!

    Nowadays..not so much. Phones are expensive. Few have the means to purchase a new device whenever they feel like it. I know most just buy the new one and sell their old device on CL and Ebay to recoup the finds. While that is a plan you cant say its 100% foolproof. With more and more places being given to LTE (other carriers) its getting to be that LTE is a big selling point for ppl. Even if the area doesnt have it now the fact that its available elewhere makes ppl want to have it so that when they do get it (if they are that lucky) then they can be ready. No one likes that feeling of getting something just to find out 2 min later their device is not only obsolete (Durr, It’s technology) but also its missing an entire band of communications. Its like buy a brand new luxury car…and they only gave you 3 wheels.

    1. I think your analogy is a bit off. So far, it’s like buying a new car that doesn’t have silly performance badges splattered all over the outside of it.

      1. I can see your point of view good sir. I appreciate your input. I see both sides of the fence. My opinion as stated above is no more important than anyone elses :D

  3. Congrats Raveesh paid apps are now available in India. Lots of other countries too not sure how many were added.

    Buyers: http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=143779

    Devs: http://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=143779

    Both have India listed.

    1. Still isn’t. What the site mentions are the countries where paid apps can be sold, not from where developers can sell apps:

      “Priced applications are currently only available to users in the following countries:”

  4. Tmo has HSPA 42, isn’t that pretty fast? Earlier today I got 34mbps using the speedtest.net app on Vzn LTE, Tmo probably can’t reach that, but it can get 8-10mbps real-world speeds, right?

    1. ive seen 42 phones get in the high 20s and even beat lte phones here in nyc
      my sensation a 14.mbps phone gets 8-10

  5. We never wanted lte we always wanted exynos and hspa+

    1. speak for yourself

      1. why would we want an LTE model when tmobile won’t have LTE till 2013 and at least another half a year to roll out to your local area? HSPA+ 42mbps is plenty fast for me. WE WANT QUADCORE :D

        1. lol im not on tmobile im on sprint, so my comment holds no weight to your situation. Good luck with your quad core

          1. you guys don’t exactly have LTE either xD only ONE LTE enabled device and now EVO 4g LTE has been delayed by apple :/ stupid apple, ruining everything.

          2. Lol I know, luckily I’m in nyc so Im in round 1 deploynent as long as things go to plan. So for me its either )
            LTE or quad core .5 mbps speeds, wasily decision for me

          3. Or switch carriers

          4. I thought about it but i figured id give sprints LTE a shot before deciding to jump ship. If not ill exit out of my contract ETF free whenever they decide to tweak something in the clause again.

            oh and there aint no such thing as half way crooks

          5. Thats fair, but Idk how you could put up with .5mps, thats tough

          6. Yea it didn’t used to be this way, I used to get a good 10 mbps on 4g, porn with no buffering lol

    2. Why do you need anything faster than 42Mbs? So you can max out your data plan faster? Give me a quad core. The only reason to have lte radios is if in the next year they start turning up lte and turning off hspa+. Is that their plan?

    3. U READ MY MIND!!! i rather have Exynos Quad Processor than stupid LTE that’s not even stable yet and drains the hack out of your battery i’m a tmo customer and if Tmo is getting Galaxy S III with quad processor i’m staying even though i hate tmobile

  6. Currently with Sprint, brother has Tmob and we speed tested wimax against Hspa+ in Atlanta and Hspa+ pulled down 11 mbps where Wimax only pulled 6 mbps. So I’m tempted

    1. Plus you don’t have the battery drain on HSPA+ because it’s on the same cellular radio… unlike WiMax or LTE.

  7. @jay man bro I’m on T-mobile with the mytouch 4g slide. It goes up to 21 not 42mb with this phone. Which mean in real time I get like 6 to 8 MB down and about 1 to 3 MB up. To be honest its all I need. Now don’t get me wrong getting 22mb down on Lte sound great, but it’s not a must have for me right now. Anyway Let’s go T MOBILE bring on the best smartphone of the year.

    1. The myTouch 4G slide actually only has a 14.4 mbps modem.

      You’ll get even better performance on an actual 21mbps device. You’ll get LTE-like performance on 42mbps devices.

      1. wrong it has 21mbpss

  8. i prefer hspa 42

  9. heres a video of HSPA+ SMOKING LTE http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=OWopdoAyQHk

    my point ..hspa better battery life
    just as fast somtimes faster
    an quad cores baby

  10. HSPA+ is plenty fast and i’d dare say sucks down less juice than LTE. So would i prefer an HSPA+ Quad-Exynos Galaxy S3 with AWS and 850/1900 (?) vs an LTE S4 Dual-Core Galaxy S3 with AWS?

    I’ll take the Quad-Exynos with HSPA+, no questions !!!

    1. does hspa+ suck down less juice than LTE on the S4? (serious question) i’ve seen people post Over a day of usage with LTE enabled the whole time.

      1. You have to understand that when no data is being used or requested, the connection goes dormant. It’s the same with WiMax or 3G or HSPA+ or LTE. LTE uses more power.

        1. my Evo 4g never ever lasted a full day with 3g or 4g enabled. It lasts me till about 8 pm when i keep all data off, when i leave 3g data on it will last me till about 4 pm. I’m not saying your wrong, but in my experience my battery drops significantly more when i have data on, sometimes i wonder why my battery is low n i realize i forgot to turn off my 3g last time i used it.

          1. In comparison, i have an Epic 4G Touch which comes with an 1800mAh battery standard (and i have data on, GPS on, auto sync on, basically i don’t gimp my phone by having necessary features off). I’d wager that’s bigger than what comes with the Evo 4G standard, plus you have to factor in variables like the radio, carrier bloat, etc. I can get off work and usually have more than 60% battery life still left, easy.

          2. it is bigger, my evo has a 1500mAh battery, and i used to watch about an hour of video during my commute to and an hour from work (in airplane mode). Besides that i would just randomly turn on 3g to check to see if it was my turn in wordsmith and to check the tech blog during lunch maybe. But i’m just comparing right now time with internet enabled and it with internet disabled. I definitely get a few hours more with my internet disabled.

          3. Plus if i’m not mistaken, the Evo 4G is using a first gen Snapdragon CPU from 2010. Qualcomm has definitely upped their CPU game since that time to be more power efficient and so forth with their S4 Krait series. Your Evo 4G is just past its time vs the new kids on the block. Battery life is definitely one of the appeals of the Krait S4 series and no matter which flavour you opt for, be it the S4 or Exynos, battery life will definitely be better than your Evo 4G even with the 3G or 4G radios on. PS, they have beefier batteries too.

          4. yeah, im not worried about the battery life on my evo lte/gs3 (not sure which one im choosing yet) I just keep hearing about people referring to hspa+ battery life vs lte battery life, so i was asking if for example does the gsm nexus get more battery life than say the att htc one x. Obviously there are other variables, but if battery life is the similar, then the whole hspa+ battery argument is no longer relevant? Not that im anti hspa or anything im just on sprint so it means nothing to me lol.

          5. Multiple reviews give the Galaxy Nexus poor marks on battery life and the One X good marks on battery life. Keep in mind the Galaxy Nexus is using a TI-OMAP CPU.

          6. I was simply addressing the “i prefer good battery HPSA+ over battery sucking LTE” That’s why i posed the question about bettery life. but silly me could have just compared ATT One X to International One X. So isnt the HSPA for battery life an old and no longer true statement with the new processors?

          7. Can’t say i know the answer to that. As technology gets better, so will the power efficiency of future LTE chipsets.

  11. While i know people would love to get a exynos processor remember what happen to the Galaxy S2 for T-mobile. Due to its HSPA+ chip it forced the GS2 to have a qualcomm processor. Seeing that the international version still doesn’t support Tmobile US bands, theres a chance that the GS3 will not come with exynos to the Tmobile.

    1. Yea sammy.might.have listened and didn’t skimp processor and saw 42mbps isn’t real world much faster than 21mbps which is.compatible with exynos.

      1. Are you kidding? You get VASTLY better performance with a 42mbps modem over a 21mbps one. You have to be in a 42mbps coverage area to see the difference though.

        There is no way the GSIII is hitting T-Mobile WITHOUT 42. Imagine someone who had the Galaxy S II on Tmo goes out and upgrades to the GS3 and gets SLOWER data speeds. Imagine what a poor experience that would be for non tech savvy customers!

        1. Poor experience for any customer, tech-savvy or not!

  12. Would get this phone in a heartbeat but sadly t-immobile has chosen to keep Bristol Tennessee-Virginia on 2G edge while turning on 4G in the 2 nearby sister cities. We are changing services soon seeing out contact express in a few weeks.

  13. i’m interested in T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III cant wait to get me hands on it with Samsung’s own quad core Exynos.

  14. What’s with the t999v and t999? Are they different models?

    1. If it’s anything like the T989 vs the T989D, the T989 was for T-Mobile, the T989D was for Teleus.

  15. I would rather the Exynos processor, smoother and faster phone. LTE just kills batter. T-Mobil’s HSPA+ is just as fast as LTE in most areas.

  16. Humm… looks like it may also be compatible with AT&T US HSPA network as well with the WCDMA/HSPA 850 and 1900

  17. Well, that will have me leaving att if its true, or at least buying it unlocked,

  18. Personally I don’t care about LTE; I want lots of local storage on my phone, and the S3 seems to deliver. I want the 64 gig model, and will plug in a 64 gig card. Finally! I can have all my music on my phone. The awesome screen and quad core will be nice, too.

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