AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 strolls through FCC, T-Mobile version ready for June 20th release?


The global version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released in just a few days (May 29th), but US residents will have to wait a bit more. As Chris Chavez recently mentioned: In the US, the carriers have all the power. And our experience with the Samsung Galaxy S2 was not all that smooth, causing us to be a bit wary about the Galaxy S3’s release. Well, it seems things will be much better this time around, as Samsung’s flagship device has just strolled through the FCC.

The FCC report is filed for a Samsung SGH-I747, with HSPA+ and LTE connectivity. The device’s bands are compatible with AT&T, Rogers, Telus and Bell. If all goes smoothly, we should be seeing this device coming to the US and Canada soon.

But if you have been wondering about the other American carriers, we have good news for T-Mobile subscribers. According to TmoNews’ sources, Magenta’s Galaxy S3 is set to be released on June 20th. Not only that, but we also seem to have the Galaxy Note, the white Galaxy S3 and two T-Mobile myTouch devices coming on July 11th.

With some luck, these phones should be arriving at US stores relatively soon. So let’s just sit tight and wait to hear some official details. Are you planning to get one of the Samsung Galaxy S3 US variants?

[Source: FCC Via: Engadget, TmoNews]

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  1. Right now I am rocking the sii skyrocket, but I plan on getting the siii when it is released with big orange

  2. Now for the Sprint variant to pass through the FCC.

  3. so after it passes through the FCC, how long does it usually on average for phones to get released? I know it says June 20th but what have we seen in the past? thanks

  4. Come on Big Red. I need to retire my Nexus for a little.

  5. I can only wish T-Mobile would give us SGS2 owners a reasonable shot to trade in our SGS2 for SGS3 with out infringing on the contact and reasonable time to pay the difference, but knowing them won’t even think nor consider it.

  6. Old news (june 20th), but glad to hear anyway.. Lets go!!!!!

  7. Good to see this coming to magenta. However its sad to see the one s doesnt get to enjoy its top spot for very long

  8. Samsung is Best

  9. what are the 2 mytouch devices coming in july? do these have to do with the rumoured one x as a mytouch device?

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