Samsung Galaxy S3 For T-Mobile Pictured – Physical Home Button Intact


Current rumors point to June 20th for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile but questions remain: What kind of processor will it have? Most likely a dual-core S4. RAM? We’re thinking 2GB. More importantly for some… What will the dang thing look like? Well, in typical T-Mobile fashion, it looks like they haven’t requested Samsung to perform any crazy tweaks to the design before it’s released on their network, well — other than the classy branding along its back.

Other than that, we’re looking at the same exact Galaxy S3 as the international model. Even the Euro-style physical home key makes the cut and will be a new addition for Galaxy owners in the US. I think T-Mobile may have made a smart move in not demanding any alterations for the device, looks like they may be one of the first carriers in the US to launch the device. Still no official word on pricing or availability, but we’ll keep you posted.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

ICS rollout starts June 4 for Verizon Motorola XOOM

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  1. Why are there actual buttons…werent we supposed to have software buttons…why cant el goog make up there mind?

    1. El goog doesn’t make that decision. The software buttons are found on Stock ICS, if a manufacturer decides to use their own Custom UI and not add software buttons, that’s on them. The software buttons were specific to the Galaxy Nexus because Google made the Stock OS like that, Google just wanted manufacturers to adopt the 3 button interface and rid the menu button, that’s all.

      1. Forgot google recommends and carriers/manufacturers blatantly dont care. =0(

  2. Nice, at least it doesn’t have T-Mobile plastered on the front. I kind of want the white version, but feel badly about that for some reason.

    1. If I went with white I would be afraid it would be a totally different color after I’ve used it for a while. Is that what you feel reserved about?

      1. I’ve always liked the white versions of phones, but have been afraid to get one because I’m a mechanic and don’t want to color to get messed up.

        1. Oh wow, I could see that phone turning black on the first day.

  3. SEXY!!!! Goodbye HTC Sensation 4G

    1. that’s what i said to my sensation 4G as well NO MORE HTC for me.. i’m done with them

      1. HTC has come a long ways since their 2011 lineup. The One S and One X are excellent devices that addressed most of the issues a lot of users had with HTC’s phones.

        I’m sure there’s someone out there still bitter about the Samsung Behold II or Galax S 1 who will never go back to Samsung, even if they released a phone that dispensed chicken nuggets. But some companies actually improve their products.

        I’ve never understood people who write off a company for the rest of all time over a bad egg from their past.

        I think HTC One X and Galaxy S3 are evenly matched, but like most things, it comes down to a matter of preference of which Android gives us plenty of options to chose from.

        1. Did they address the green tinting with the camera? The vast majority of Evo 3Ds do that. Bit of a disappointment. I’ve heard it has a similar issue. I’m not judging HTC on one device though, bad eggs are bad eggs it happens. I had the Evo 4G before that and it had its own issues. I’ve also taken apart to repair HTC devices which is a total pain (vs the Samsung devices I’ve taken apart.)

          Also, locked boot loaders are a bitch.

          1. Not that I doubt you, but from my own experience the EVO was one of the easiest phones to take apart. What phones did you repair?

            Also, 2011 was a pretty bad year for HTC. The One line seems to have fixed almost all the problems they previously had.

          2. I repaired an Inspire that had a shattered digitizer a few weeks ago. That’s what made me a bit wary of HTC repairs. I’ve never had a device be such a pain to strip down. HTC really didn’t want that phone coming out of its casing.

          3. Digitizers were always the biggest pain to work with, but I think I know what you mean. The EVO and Incredible were hard to open without a tool for it, once they were open, though, most of the parts were pretty simple to swap out.

          4. My first issue with the Inspire was the number of screws holding the board in. I got to the last one and it was stuck and stripped which made the job even more difficult. It was in bad condition though, the adhesive holding the digitizer in had pretty much turned to cement on one side. It took me a while.

        2. I think it can be fair to write off a company. It’s brand loyalty. If a company makes good products, they develop loyalty with customers. Bad products drive them away. A company’s way of doing business rarely shifts from one product to the next. After getting my botched LG G2x, I know that I will absolutely not buy any LG product again.

          1. I think LG can make a come back. In fact, I’m rooting for them (or any Android OEM for that matter)

            When it comes to brand loyalties, I think it’s silly to swear allegiance to any 1 company, brand, government agency, etc.

            They simply want our money, and even if they make a mistake, they’ll try to fix things in order to get back into our wallets. But if a company can make something I like, I’ll buy it. Doesn’t matter if it’s ZTHuaCola or whatever =p

          2. I won’t buy from a company that gives crappy service, no matter how good the product might be. Because when it goes wrong (and sod’s law says it will) then you end up with a company giving you crappy service.
            I will never go to Vodafone again, and nor will I ever buy a Motorola product.

          3. They key is they have to fix what it is that drove people away. I think Sony, LG, and Motorola have the potential to do it, but they need to listen to the Dev community and the End User not the carriers (even though the carriers are perceived by them to be their customers).

        3. I’d agree with you, but HTC is going the wrong direction with their hardware. There’s simply no excuse for having a non-removable battery. That alone is a glaring DO NOT BUY.

        4. How on earth are the two “well matched”? The HTC has a sealed battery, no sd card, 26gb usable internal memory, 1gb ram, all of which are bested by the Galaxy, and lacks many of the nifty software features of the Samsung. You might argue that, for someone who doesn’t need any of the extra Galaxy features, the One X is a decent phone, but it sure as shinola ain’t “evenly matched”.

        5. Yeah, I don’t play favourites or hold grudges. I’ve been slingin’ Samsung for the last two years unsatisfied with HTC, but now I’ve done a complete reversal and I’m rockin’ an HTC One S. I feel like HTC has taken more care I’m both their hardware and software designs.

        6. The new Disqus sucks. I have to reply to ur comment because the damn comment box hardly ever shows up anymore. Smh.
          Anyway, this S3 doesn’t look as blue or purpleish as in previous pics. Looks more grayish (which is better actually).
          It’s probably just the pic playin with my eyes tho..

      2. How the hell are you getting rid of your Sensation?? I got my sensation 2 days before it was released to the public and i still have a year before i can get a new phone fully discounted. Are you just paying full price?

        1. craigslist, or ebay. you can get the s2 for around 300/ one s for 350ish. the s3 will prob get around 450-500 when it first launches

        2. I’m in the same boat you are.. but I am close to biting the bullet and paying whatever to get something else.. I liked it, but I have 2 issues.. first is the missing volume rocker (who has time to deal with it ?).. I could and am living with that.., but my other problem really annoys me, and that is the screen when outdoors.. It’s practically unusable around any sunlight.. just sitting parked in a car outside I would have to put the phone under the dash near the floorboard to see.. I don’t know how anybody could use the camera outdoors either, first you would have to guess at what you were taking a picture of, and then you wouldn’t know where to press to snap the pic.. I’m not buying another phone until I can see it outside.

  4. I still don’t understand why they kept their Gingerbread button configuration. I do miss my menu button on occasion, but that is just not the direction Google is going in.

    1. TouchWiz in general isn’t the direction that Google is going. =p

      1. Haha touche! I have been trying to reserve my opinion until I actually play with a SGS3, but to me it looks very Gingerbreadish.

        (And they still don’t have the damn app drawer icon in the center! o__O)

        1. Yeah, Apex or Nova Launcher will be going on this thing day 1. I’m not sure if I’ll jump on this or wait a little bit for the new Note. Probaby both =p

          1. I think I’m gonna hold on out till the Nexus Christmas in November.
            Probably a silly question but, Chris, do you think we’ll be able to use our upgrades to get a new nexus device or will it be unlocked only?

          2. The only reason we didn’t see the Galaxy Nexus on more carriers was cuz of Verizon’s exclusivity agreement. Sucked =/

            It’s being whispered that there’s going to be a handful of Nexus devices from multiple OEM’s and that Google is going to sell them from the Play Store. I’m sure one or 2 will end up offered by a carrier but it doesn’t look certain.

            I’d say start saving up now to get one unlocked, and use your upgrade for whatever comes out during the end of the year and sell it for an unlocked Nexus =p

          3. So Chris what finally sold you on the Note? Did the gigantic screen trap you into it’s gravitational pull lol

          4. At first it was a bit uncomfortable and I admit, I hated it. But once I left it, now everything else just feels too small… O_o

    2. just wait for the developers to develop a AOSP version of it!!! i’m counting on that right now or just get a NOVA launcher i’m using it right now and its AWESOME!! better than AOSP launcher

    3. Because a menu button makes more sense and is currently more useful than a multitask button.

      1. Holy crap. I didn’t even notice the Menu button! That’s awesome. Glad they chose this over a multitasking button (which can still be accessed using the home button).

        Samsung got it right.

        1. Agreed 150%, mofo

          1. Lol.. Someone downvoted you xD

          2. Rude.

  5. Man, that navy blue is fugly.

    1. You MAD !?!?

  6. If they don’t mess with the internals either, such that international Rom development remains compatible, then I will have a completely newfound love for Magenta, that has been waning in recent years.

    As far as buttons vs on-screen, I’m in the Buttons school. Let me use the screen for SCREEN.

    1. The specs for AT&T and Tmo have already leaked. Both S4.

  7. Ha! Wish I could find the post where I questioned someone who was soooo certain that the home button wouldn’t stay on US versions.

  8. Considering T Mobile doesn’t have LTE isn’t it possible that they will get thw Schmidt?

  9. I meant get the exynos. Last second auto correct be damned.

  10. This is good news! Can’t decide yet blue or white.

  11. Great, Now just keep the Exynos 4 Quad and everything is Good

    1. Unfortunately, it’s supposedly leaked as having the S4. I wouldn’t put your hopes up. :(

  12. Finally a decent for T-Mobile lovers. They have been missing out on all kinds of good offerings

  13. Just chiming in to say the Phandroid app is so nasty! Native UI blazing speed and Disqus built-in… love it!

    1. Yeaaaaaaah boy! Hopefully this means we get more reader interaction. I love conversation :)

      1. I almost stopped using Phandroid today. When I went to uninstall it, I used it one more time and saw the article about this new app. This is way better.

        1. Woot! It was meant to be :D

  14. The whole point of the GS3 was a quad core…thats the big deal right now, if they go with dual core I will be quite disappointed.

    1. benchmarks show the dual core version leading in every test by a lot even multi threaded test, I want the quadcore version too, but ill settle for this,
      I hear the krait s 4 quadcore version with Mali 320 gpu is even more powerful , looks like Gs3 will not be best phone of 2012 but pretty up there

      1. It’s an Adreno, not a Mali, GPU and none of the phone releases in the summer will compare to the phones released in the fall with S4 Pro, Exynos 5250, LTE, 2GB RAM, 5inch screens and 1080p resolutions as standards. I think all of the OEMS are holding back for Fall.

        1. definitely. i waited all this time for the sgs3 but i can now tell all the definitive hardware will be released in the fall. by that time the hardware will essentially be plateauing

        2. I was skeptical on wether those phones will be released this year , oh well ill get this.phone now with my wife’s upgrade then use my upgrade for some juicy 1080 p jelly bean phone in the fall/ winter
          iphone5 vs 1080p quad core phone can’t wait

          I think s4 has a Mali not adreno

  15. What would be more impressive is if the US versions came bloat-free.

  16. Hopefully they add a search button.

  17. How is it possible you all are all about hardware and don’t know a thong about it? The S4 Processor is using the newer A15 cheap while the quad core chip by Samsung is running on the older A9. Most apps still lack multi threading so they only use one core, its beyond me why your focus is on hardware but you know nothing about it.

    1. how many people have to come out of the woodwork to explain gpu is hardware as well

      who cares what architecture the s4 using, some people would like the exynos because…get this…. 90% of benchmarks show it’s better in comparison.

  18. Disappointing.. that button is just an eye sore, but not a deal breaker by any means. Glad that T-mo is getting the phone and seemingly in a timely fashion as well.

  19. Absolutely LOVE this phone. Take my money T-Mobile.

  20. I wonder if the rest will follow.

  21. I dont really care what the buttons are like, the software buttons might be a bit more stylish, but the physical button is more functional imo. Plus it wont be a huge change coming from my HD2

  22. I’m loving this phone and finally the physical home button! Good bye sensation hello Galaxy

  23. For once I am a very happy TMo customer. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  24. My only issue with the phone is the buttons. I don’t miss them with my Nexus, and almost any Rom gives you back your search button ;)

  25. T-Mo’s back!

  26. getting the white one , tmobile is back and swinging bitches

    1. I agree:D thumbs up!!!

  27. I love it and want it….. but 1 thing I want is the speaker to be in the front…. maybe even stereo sound with speakers like the side kick, but one be functional as earpiece and loudspeaker.. both for stereo…. bottom line I want it on the front.

  28. Btw…. I still love my rooted and debloated GSII!

  29. Try making a screen for back.perfectly in a 4th Gen.iPod touch?!?! I do it every time. Apple REALLY didn’t want that coming apart. In fact the 4 & 4S are a pain to replace front glass BC u need the LCD and digi. They are really really made to stay in one piece. I agree with above posted EVO’s aren’t had, the only ones I’ve found really hard are sliders.

  30. SGS III rooted with Stock Ice Cream is the way.

  31. not to be that guy but are we sure this is TMO USA?

      1. ahh I see.

  32. I’ll take the quadcore over the RAM. Plus, if I get the international version, no T-Mobile branding!

  33. What kind of GPU will it have?

  34. Hey since it’s the same shape we could buy the back door from the international one and use it this one! I had a black i9000 door on my Vibrant.

  35. Isn’t HTC making an replacement for the one x q4? USA release q2 1213.

  36. I will never go back to LG because of my 2 G2Xs. I hope I’ll be able to afford the S3!

  37. Although I have not seen them in person, I’m still partial to black for my phone. I may change my opinion when I see one though….

  38. I want info on the Sprint version now!!!?

  39. I have been with HTC since my Tmobile Dash then my G1 (which I bricked then resurrected with a broken one from Ebay) then the G2. I can’t see getting the One series due to a lack of replaceable battery or lack of SD cards so Samsung is looking good to me (or a Galaxy Nexus purchased outright)

  40. I’m still very bitter about the samsung vibrant, especially being that I travel a lot for work & my stupid gps is almost non functional at, I’ve become weary about samsung devices. much as I want to write off the whole company, I’m really drawn towards the s3. But before I lock myself in a 2 year contact, I’m really going to look into it before I use my precious upgrade. Or just switch to htc all together.

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