Google+ for Android gets Local, find places nearby based on the recommendation of friends


The Google+ team has just rolled out a new element to the social network in the form of the Local tab. Local integrates nearby places into the Google+ experience, allowing you to search or browse for nearby restaurants, bars, and popular hangout spots based on the scores provided by your friends who have been there combined with Zagat ratings. The whole package is wrapped up in a neat and tidy Google+ page.

Of course, the new feature comes directly to Google+’s Android app, where you’ll find the same features built into the social network’s native interface. The update should be going live today and can be found at the Google Play link below. More info on Local can be found at Google’s blog sourced at the bottom of this article.

Google Play Link: Google+

[via Google]


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  1. im not seeing this in the g+ app… only in maps

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