May 29th, 2012

Samsung has another trump card to place in their back pockets. They’ve introduced their Music Hub, a service that will allow users to stream over 19 million songs for a monthly fee (about 1o euros for now). Users will be able to make playlist, receive recommendations, create internet radio stations based on artists and songs, and a lot more.

“How is this any different from other music services,” you ask? Well, Samsung also allows you to buy music, will host that music in the cloud, allow you to download that music from the cloud for offline playback, access your music from any device with a web browser, and allow you to upload your own music. It sounds like it’ll bring the best of all worlds into one convenient package.

Unfortunately, it won’t be available on anything other than the Galaxy S3 to start, but that is surely bound to change. We’re not sure if Samsung will bring the service for non-Samsung devices, but it’s a bit early to wonder about that considering this is only available for one of their own phones.

Google, Apple, and all the major internet streaming radio and music store players will definitely get a run for their money. We can’t yet speak to the quality of the service, but if everything goes according to plan they could become a major threat.

Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom will be blessed with the first chance to use the service. If you’ve got the right hardware and live in the right country, you can go ahead and get started here.