Samsung Music Hub is a music and internet radio service for Samsung devices


Samsung has another trump card to place in their back pockets. They’ve introduced their Music Hub, a service that will allow users to stream over 19 million songs for a monthly fee (about 1o euros for now). Users will be able to make playlist, receive recommendations, create internet radio stations based on artists and songs, and a lot more.

“How is this any different from other music services,” you ask? Well, Samsung also allows you to buy music, will host that music in the cloud, allow you to download that music from the cloud for offline playback, access your music from any device with a web browser, and allow you to upload your own music. It sounds like it’ll bring the best of all worlds into one convenient package.

Unfortunately, it won’t be available on anything other than the Galaxy S3 to start, but that is surely bound to change. We’re not sure if Samsung will bring the service for non-Samsung devices, but it’s a bit early to wonder about that considering this is only available for one of their own phones.

Google, Apple, and all the major internet streaming radio and music store players will definitely get a run for their money. We can’t yet speak to the quality of the service, but if everything goes according to plan they could become a major threat.

Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom will be blessed with the first chance to use the service. If you’ve got the right hardware and live in the right country, you can go ahead and get started here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. And people think samsung is not getting ready for fork android.

  2. 1o euros? does that mean 10 euros?

  3. “‘How is this any different from other music services,’ you ask?”

    Go on Quentyn, tell us, or is it exactly the same as Amazon MP3? ;-)

  4. See this is what I’ve been going on about the last several months. Google has been busy playing nice with the OEMs, not biting the hand that feeds them, etc. — especially since the Motorola deal was initially announced. But make no mistake, the OEMs are not playing the same game in reciprocation. No. Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, and even Motorola still. They’ve all got something launched, coming, or make no mistake at the very least in secret development. But they all plan to exist in their own ecosystem. Open source is great and it really put Android on the map. But it’s the very Trojan Horse that will take it down unless Google acts and takes control of their product before the OEMs do. This is why most of Google Play (Google Books, Music, and Video) is failing. This is why they may even loose grip on the App market as well. Mark my words. If they don’t act soon every Android OEM WILL eventually go the Amazon “Fork it and do our own thing” route. WAKE UP GOOGLE!

    1. Since google limited Google Books, Music, and Video, to pretty much USA, they are pretty much asking to loose, that isn’t OEM fault that is google not doing well enough.

      1. Oh I agree. The OEMs are gonna do whatever it takes to make their product better. I’m completely blaming Google for being asleep at the wheel here. Android, much like iOS and WP7, need to focus on a fully integrated ecosystem instead of just being a sorta a mobile desktop. And they need to do it as internationally as possible.

        1. Considering iOS and WP7 are closed ecosystem, it will also take extra work for Google to make their open ecosystem function as well as their competition. So lets hope Google start to work on it more. If Google would manage to better brand and work more on there nexus line, they would be able to control the ecosystem more effective.

  5. When is Samsung Music Hub coming to the USA and will this deal be as good on us? I’m just assuming this deal isn’t too good to be true.

  6. Xda will soon bring it to a device near you

    1. No need for that. There is going to be an app for Android, iOS and it will be installed by default in all future Samsung phones, TVs and also some Fridges (not kidding at all). Obviously you can access it thought any browser.

  7. you just described google play music o_O

    1. Sorry, but US is not equivalent to the world. Google Music is a complete failure if are not from US.

      Comparison here:

  8. Hey, Quentyn, would you mind switching to a word processor that can tell the difference between “o” and “0”? This problem (“1o euros”) has come up in many of your articles, and it’s starting to bother me.

  9. Stuff like this is why i won’t own a Samsung device again. This sort of methodology about building your “own” ecosystem to tie consumers into your products isn’t working for Sony and it won’t work for them. This sort of stuff flies right in the face of the openness of Android.

  10. Sounds a whole lot like Google Music to me…

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