Huawei to introduce Emotion UI for upcoming Android phones


It appears Huawei is going to introduce a new user interface that will be featured on some of their summer releases. They’re reportedly calling it Emotion UI and it should be first available on the Huawei Ascend P1 and Ascend P1s, as well as the Huawei D Quad, their quad-core flagship offering.

The devices had minimal user interface customization when we revisited them at CTIA in New Orleans, but it was undoubtedly very early and unfinished. We’re not sure what, exactly, to expect from Emotion UI, but we imagine it’ll be a deep tissue massage for Android 4.0 as they’ve been working on it for quite some time.

The P1 and P1s were introduced at CTIA this past January and they were pushing completely stock Android. The same was true at Mobile World Congress. The minimal changes we saw at CTIA explains the time it’s taking for the devices to make it to store shelves. Things will be unveiled June 9th, apparently, so we’ll be bringing you coverage once that day arrives (or sooner if we’re lucky). [Mobile 163 via PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Aaaaaaand another unnecessary bull$#!+ UI overlay enters the fray!

    1. But…it’s got “ing”…

      and “Emotion”

      …and 2631728529 of…something….?

      Yeah, can’t really call it until we see it…and more than just the foreign character description. TW4 was pretty slick. A lot of folks seem to like the latest Sense…. *shrug*

      Android…something for everyone. (…unless you want an iPhone)

      1. Even then, there’s even MIUI or “iPhone UI” as some like to call it =p

  2. Wanted a Huwei. Now I don’t. I want stock Android but not a Nexus due to the crappy camera. They say Android is for geeks, but it caters for everyone except the geeks :(

    1. Just wait until Google I/O when they announce multiple Nexus devices to suit everyone’s needs/wants.

      1. We’ll see… we’ll see…

    2. I think the Nexus camera is pretty good personally.

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