Research team cataloging security threats to fight future Android malware


The Android Malware Genome Project’s goal is pretty straight forward: create a detailed database of Android malware and study the underlying code the better understand current security threats and better detect future trojans. Led by Xuxian Jiang, a group of researchers at North Carolina State University have identified and cataloged over 1,200 instances of malware, organizing the threats based on how they exploit a user’s device.

Jiang told Dark Reading, “previous experiences indicate that the study of how malware evolves is helpful to even predict what kind of malware we may expect in the future,” continuing, “such insights should be needed to proactively develop mobile security apps and protect users.” And according to research from last November, any sort of help in this area is much needed. According to the findings of Jiang’s team, current malware detection and security software typically is only able to identify between 20.2 and 79.6 percent of malware-infect applications.

[via The Verge]

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  1. I suspect most would be categorized under, “User error”.

    1. In the PC world, we call that PEBKAC. Or an ID10T error.

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