May 23rd, 2012

After a little over a week of deliberation, the jury in the Oracle vs Google trial has reached their verdict: Android did not infringe on any of Oracle’s patents. It was long and drawn out but the jury has officially been dismissed, with no need to enter into the 3rd phase of the trials (dealing with damages). For awhile there, it wasn’t looking so good for Google. The same jury ruled back on May 7th that Google had, in fact, infringed on Oracle’s copyrights, but were only able to agree on just one that warranted damages of around $200,000. Pocket change, folks.

Of course, being stuck in a room, forced to look over Java code for hours on end, would push anyone to their limits. I’m sure those men and women just wanted to get out of there. We saw this whole debacle start back in 2010, but today we can finally say justice has been served. Now we just have to see if Oracle appeals.

US District Court | TheVerge