HTC One XL announced for Europe with dual-core CPU and LTE


The HTC One XL will be making its way to Europe next month after the phone debuted on AT&T under the HTC One X name. Despite the slight confusion in branding, the handsets will be more or less identical. The One XL was originally announced alongside the currently available international version of the One X at Mobile World Congress as the LTE-enabled version of HTC’s flagship device. The major difference between the two (aside from 4G connectivity) is the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor found in the XL, a necessity for LTE compatibility. Did I mention that this could get a bit confusing?

The One XL will be available through several carrier partners, including Vodafone Germany, Deutsche Telekom and O2 Germany as well as other LTE-ready network providers. Unlocked the handset can be purchased direct from HTC for  €659.

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  1. What is the state of LTE in europe and the rest of the world? I was under the impression we were behind them.

    I’m just hoping that by the end of next year or so, Google’s unlocked nexus phones have LTE standard, which will probably only happen if there’s a broad base of GSM-LTE operators world wide and a good radio available that can operate on multiple bands.

    1. I was wondering the same thing! I thought countries like Japan and countries in Europe were on the next generation already (well not next but greatly ahead of us)

      1. I actually thought America (basically Verizon) – was ahead of Europe

    2. Northern Europe was a bit ahead of US with Telia the first in the world to start a LTE network in Oslo and Stockholm in december 2009. However, there was a big shortage on USB-modems for several months and the first modems that came couldn’t switch over to 3G. The pricing was also very expensive compared to 3G data plans. And when it comes to phones, there has only been one LTE phone sold for a couple of months, SGS2 LTE. So even though US was behind in the beginning you raced ahead because you got LTE phones that actually could use the network..

  2. I’d be a little pissed if I lived in Europe and bought the One X and then they introduced the One XL.

  3. theres no mention if the storage will also be the same 16gb as the at&t version, which would suck. also if this were pentaband and works on tmo hspa+ it’d be sweet

  4. One XL should’ve been the name for their Galaxy Note competitor.

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