Microsoft Office coming to Android tablets in November [Rumor]


BGR has an interesting little scoop for us this morning. Microsoft Office, which has been rumored for sometime now to be headed to Apple’s iOS (or at least the iPad), should also be making a debut on Android later this year. The full suite of Office apps is said to look pretty similar to an early leak (pictured above), which Microsoft quickly denied having any involvement in creating. Sounds like they aren’t very good at keeping secrets.

Office for Android is said to be on track to launch concurrently with the iOS version in November.

[via BGR, image via The Daily]

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  1. I tried out the One Note app, and let’s just say I’m not terribly confident in Microsoft’s ability to make an Android-optimized app. But I’d probably be down if they do a good job assuming Google Docs/Drive doesn’t get much better between now and then.

    1. I think for most people it’d be about the ability to natively open/edit Microsoft documents. That said, there are other (some free, some not) alternatives. [shrug] If there’s a free version, I’ll check it out. If the Amazon appstore gives it away as one of their “one free paid app per day” deal, I’ll take it.

  2. Why pay money to Micro$oft when LibreOffice is free?

    1. Because there’s been no program that keeps all the formatting of an office doc.

    2. Because in the real world, believe it or not, Microsoft Office is king. Its the killer app that I and hundreds of millions or maybe even a billion people use on a DAILY basis.

      PS. Just cuz this is an Android forum doesn’t make it legit to troll.

    3. because of .docx and .xlsx >_>

  3. Interesting!

  4. It will be great especially if they include the live data storage and communication. Would be an alternative to google docs on Android. Having choices is always a good thing.

    1. May also push google to offer a real Office suite on android, not a web page wrapped in an application!

  5. No way. No way would they give Android the leg up.

    1. Why not? Microsoft makes good money off of Android…

    2. They make Office for OSX. Apple is a sworn enemy, but they love money and monopoly more than anything else. Reigning in iOS and Android would keep Office as the default application set for schools, businesses, students, and many people at home.

  6. Would love to have official MS powerpoint so I can ditch the lappie toppie and just give presentations from my phone or tablet via microUSB to VGA (or HDMI) dongle. Well, or at least have an app that recognizes the animations from PPT.

  7. I hope this is cheap (by MS standards that would be $15 to $30)…or at least has a student discount…

  8. i currently use online desktop and it works great. is this the same thing?

  9. What Zoozie said. In the Enterprise environment, Microsoft is MILES ahead of any of it’s competitors.

    Also, at RedPandaAlex. OneNote sucks on Microsoft phones as well.

  10. MS is not miles away. it is years ahead. At the same time its os is lesser to android and iphone. Figure that out.

    Its now about what people need, but what people want.

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