Sprint’s Galaxy S III rounds out major carrier tour of the Bluetooth SIG


First we saw T-Mobile and AT&T’s variants, then Verizon’s. Now Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S III is putting a cap on the Bluetooth SIG’s look at the four major US carrier editions of the upcoming smartphone. The phone is listed with model number SPH-L710, one character off from the SPH-D710 designation of the Sprint Galaxy S II.

The listing doesn’t provide any additional info that we didn’t already know, but it confirms that the four largest US carriers will indeed carry the GS3. When that will occur and at what cost has yet to be announced.

[via Android Police]

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  1. hmmmm this SGS3 launch is panning out to be pretty decent.

    i REALLY hope this starts to become normal here in the states.

    every carrier getting their own phone is just annoying, lets have the freedom to have the phone we want on the network we choose please!

  2. We will know all of the details in 7 days. I believe it will be available on June 1.

    1. I hope you’re right.

      1. May 29th is the world tour for the phone. Amazon is releasing it on 6/1. It all seems to make sense that 6/1 is the global release date as iPhone 5 will be announced in June as well.

  3. Here’s hoping the CDMA versions actually have decent radios/gps, unlike most past Samsung CDMA offerings…

    1. Since it will be using Qualcomm SoC the radios should be leaps and bounds ahead of the old hummingbird

  4. End of June is when I am betting that Sprint will release the S3…
    I hope it comes with the quad-core Exynos processor or that will be a downer for me..

    1. Yeah cause you would rather 4 cpus using A9 architecture instead of 2 cpus using much more advanced A15?

      1. yeah some people would and “more advanced” doesn’t necessarily mean “better”

        why do people keep arguing that the s4 is somehow a “better” soc than the quad exynos? all we know so far is in benchmarks done from various websites the exynos beats it at almost everything if we’re comparing them both on 720p screens.

    2. Well, prepare to be disappointed. It’s already been stated the quad-core Exynos doesn’t work with LTE.

      1. I thought that later this year they would have one that’s compatible?

  5. I am really hoping that sprint leave it the way it looks right now.

  6. I would still pick the Galaxy Nexus over the s3. After modding it to full screen, there is no turning back.

    1. i really wanted to get a galaxy nexus but the hardware is just too dated. i appreciate the phone for what it’s worth but I will probably hold out until the next nexus (or galaxy note 2)

  7. Maybe there’s a chance they will actually get release on the same day or at least within a couple of weeks of each other.

  8. I’m proud of Samsung for getting this done in a timely fashion. I think it’s probably the same external build as the international version. Hoping to have confirmation by the end of the month. Definitely will launch before the Olympics I’m confident.

  9. No release date announced…I’ll be picking up an Evo…if Best Buy ever gets them in!!! Damn you Apple!

  10. I hope this phone makes its way stateside in a timely fashion. I’ll be getting the AT&T variant, but regardless.

  11. Woo hoo. A fast phone on a slow and coverageless network!

    Sprint 3G in Ohio is lucky to pull half a mob down….whereas my Verizon 3G pulls 2 mb down. No thanks.

    (Source: I own a Galaxy Nexus, my gf owns an Epic 4G Touch. I switched from sprint after a decade because of their shitty data.)

  12. Also to you people hoping for an Exynos, don’t. Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are focused on LTE, which Exynos does NOT support.

    You’ll be getting a Snapdragon S4.

    1. Hopefully at least T-Mobile will get it.

  13. I couldn’t wait and grabbed a Galaxy Nexus instead of waiting any longer! I don’t take many pics so waiting for the GS3 just to get a better camera and slightly better duel core processor didn’t sound good to me. Plus I like stock ICS, it doesn’t need any carrier UI. And theoreticaly I still get updates before the GS3 does.

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