Samsung Galaxy S3 For T-Mobile and AT&T Make An Appearance At Bluetooth SIG


We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S3 to arrive on the big 4 carriers here in the US, but unfortunately, nothing’s been announced yet. Well, here’s some good news for AT&T and T-Mobile customers. Both versions of the GS3 have just made their way through the Bluetooth SIG, revealing not much other than their BT capabilities, and corresponding model numbers (generic images have been used).

Following the model number patterns with current Samsung devices, the SGH-T999V will be headed to T-Mobile, while the SGH-I747 will arrive on AT&T. Word is, these US models will sport Qualcomm’s dual-core S4 processor with an added RAM boost to the tune of 2GB. Looks like it wont be much longer until we find out.


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  1. Personally I’m very weary about believing a 2GB of RAM version is coming to any U.S. carrier. 4th qtr of this year, I’ll believe it then.

    1. There will be like 10 new Galaxy devices as rumors by then anyway.. lol.

    2. I’m thinking either AT&T or Verizon will request a souped up version of the Galaxy S3 with the 2GB’s of RAM… They’re picky like that. =p

  2. This is great news. Hopefully it won’t be much longer before it gets released. And I don’t think a version with 2gbs of ram is that far fetched at all. Natural progression.If they were to say that it was to have a quad core krait processor, than yeah, I wouldn’t expect that until the end of the year.

  3. I747? I hope its the largest of all the models

  4. No quad no sale, sorry. For the same reason I held onto my OG Droid as long as I did will be the same for this.

      1. I think he’s saying he wants to make sure it’s future proof. That’s understandable , especially for the people that hang on to their phones for 2.5 – 3 years. Sure quad core isn’t a necessity now, but in a year and a half , it might be.

        1. Could you tell me how having 4 cores could be a necessity vs. having two A15’s that are just as powerful as those 4 cores?

          Power is one thing but I can’t imagine Android NEEDING a 4th core by 2014.

          1. Yeah you’ll need more memory before you need quad core.

          2. Bro. Exynos vs Qualcrap. Simple as that… not hard. I demand exynos! As well as many others. I’m sick of qualcom. EXYNOS OR DEATH. NO 2GB

          3. Then it’s death.

          4. What if the system architecture is optimized so one or two cores are earmarked specifically for certain functions (i.e. one core devoted JUST to actual telephony function so it runs completely independent from other system functions)? Don’t get me wrong, from a pure power standpoint dual cores are plenty powerful. However, none of us know what google may decide to do to really take advantage of more than two cores further down the road.

          5. Long as we’re on the same page about the power then I’m cool. There is of course a possibility that Google will set some kind of 4 core standards but I doubt it.

            I would imagine Dual cores in 2014 will be like how 1Ghz single cores are today. With that said, Google will not leave the “lower end” Duallies out in the cold by optimizing the system architecture to use 4 cores.

            Keep in mind that whilte 2 and 4 cores is the common thing here on out, there will still be lower end devices running up to date software like the 600Mhz HTC Desire C. http://www.engadget.com/2012/05/18/htc-desire-c-hands-on-video/ By your theory, this would not be possible

          6. Yeah, necessity was probably too strong of a word. I definitely agree about the lower end phones ,so having quad core as a requirement wouldn’t make sense. However, earmarking specific cores for single functions could definitely be an optional feature that google could add in future builds if you have the hardware to take advantage of it. Which ties in to my original point of some people just trying to future proof their phones. : )

  5. Tmobile listened

    1. Yea no exynos for shitty qualcom. Love it. Barffff!! I want exynoa and 21mbps not 42

  6. I have not seen any rumors these versions sport 2gb. Japan yes, US no.
    Is phandroid hearing this from their sources??

  7. I rather have 2gb of ram than a quad core. Just saying.

  8. Me too 2 gigs over quad core, but I rather mali 320 as well though oh well

  9. With gpu acceleration a better gpu like Mali 320 is more beneficial than a quad core because the gpu has more cores.

  10. i747 has a better ring to it.

    (photos?! photos… must… leak… soon! :)

    1. I had a dream that the ATT version was CRAZY different–like a bigger, slimmer, bezel-less version of the Captivate with the same metal battery cover, but it was blue, and the rest of the phone was black. I was drooling.

      1. I’m so with you on that….I still have the captivate and I just love the design of it. And I’m really hoping Tye AT&T model is different and stands out from the rest of them

    2. An “i747” sounds like an Apple Boeing 747 jet. I wouldn’t like that at all.

      1. But “999” sounds too much like Herman Cain’s annoying catchphrase.
        And, if you turn it upside down…

  11. Qualcomm s4 quadcore 28nm with Mali 320 is probably more powerful than exynos quadcore @ 32nm fyi

  12. I hope it doesn’t come with middle ugly hardware button. It’s just like a rotten iPhone. Get rid of that freaking “Apple” button, put back the nice capacitive buttons please. Stop making phone looks like rotten apple. It’s uglyyyyyyyy…………

  13. Mali 400 is the ARM gpu that is in the Exynos SOC and Adreno 225 is the qualcomm gpu in the S4 dual core chip set. Adreno 225 is basically an overclocked 220 so it’s not truly “next generation” nor is the exynos gpu. The Mali 400 in exynos quad is probably better than adreno 225, however. Neither of them excite me enough to upgrade from my current phone. A15 quad core with the adreno 320 or Mali 500 anyone? That LG phone with quad core snapdragon S4 sounds mighty tempting. I would like more of that, if you please.

  14. id rather have the MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS

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