T-Mobile preparing maintenance upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S II


It appears T-Mobile is getting ready to push a maintenance upgrade out to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Ice Cream Sandwich it is not, but there’s not much to complain about when a device is receiving attention for bug fixes and minor enhancements. And who knows? Perhaps this could be a preparatory update. (Don’t get your hopes up, though.)

The update, which will bring users up to firmware T989UVLDE is said to fix random reboots and power-offs, improve device stability, Googles security fixes, and a Qualcomm chip patch (whatever that means). The update was approved December 14th, 2011 so this one’s been in the pipeline for quite some time. It still hasn’t rolled out yet, though, and it will roll out until June 22nd whenever T-Mobile decides to pull the trigger. Keep a lookout for the notification that should hopefully make its way to your phone between now and then. [via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “The update was approved December 14th, 2011 so this one’s been in the
    pipeline for quite some time. It still hasn’t rolled out yet,”

    This goes to show that it isn’t Google and is rarely the OEM that is responsible for delayed updates.

  2. The qualcomm patch is interesting…. wonder if that has anything to do with their spectrum refarming?

  3. 7 months from approval to roll out? pathetic

    1. This is the #2 reason I root and ROM.

      #1 being that it’s so much damn fun! :-)

  4. Despite all the optimistic happy talk on the T989 forums, I’ll still be very surprised to see ICS on this phone before October. Samsung is motivated by SIII sales to delay ICS, and T-Mobile seems motivated by nothing, except maybe long lunches and afternoon naps.

  5. Damn you T-mobile and Samsung, freaking annoying companies! As soon as any other more responsible OEM starts making phones that are worth buying (I wonder if that will ever happen) I’ll be defecting so fast.

  6. Rooted running ics everyone should be its so easy to do and almost impossible to brick these phones

    1. Still getting quite a number of issues on my ICS ROM. It is really nice when it works, but I need to reboot it daily.

  7. I got tired of the waiting game. I made the jump to root. Its like having a new phone.

  8. So it’s going to roll out until June 22? That means no ICS until at least after that. Good luck with that for those who thought it would be out this week. Glad I’m running ICS now thanks to XDA.

  9. so far… it seems good.. lock screen changed in a good way, so did call answer.. its smooth. took about 20 minutes via kies air on windows. very easy to do if you want it now.

  10. Android, haaa……What a joke of a OS. Fragmented piece of crap.
    Now iOS, that’s a real smooooooth OS that doesn’t freeze,randomly reboot, or just plain suck. iPhone FTW!

    1. why are you here then? lol

  11. iPhone 5, wait and see. Apple’s greatness will shine with the unveiling of that beast of a phone.

  12. I got my OTA update today. And to the Iphone lover, yeah that’s a real cool phone you have with the feature phone size screen. Reminds me of my old G1.

  13. Finally got my update. I appreciate the unlock screen update.

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