Samsung open to cross-licensing with Apple, says JK Shin


The general consensus is that Samsung, and a lot of other OEMS, really, are a lot more reasonable than the folks in the land of the bitten fruit. While I can neither agree or disagree, I think it’s safe to say that Samsung is more interested in getting these lawsuits out of the way quick (though Apple would probably want them in the books even quicker for completely opposite reasons).

It appears the two are making slow, but steady process at coming to terms as Samsung’s head of mobile JK Shin says negotiations for several agreements, namely cross-licensing agreements, are ongoing. We wouldn’t expect a hug and a smile overnight, of course, but the mediation session between Apple and Samsung will hopefully give us a better idea of where both parties are on things. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. this is certainly the post Steve Job era. I think he’s up regreting his decision making Tim Cook CEO now

  2. That picture looks like porn.

    1. we don’t watch the same stuff..

    2. You watch too much

  3. I am sure Steve Jobs rolling in his grave is saying over my dead body!.

    1. You’re an ignorant for saying that, even if he was a dick when he was alive, he’s dead now, you should show a little bit more respect and class.

      1. Hitlers dead. Should we show him respect too? While the comment may have been distasteful I chuckled.

        Just like with the joke: Steve Jobs died from pancreatic cancer?.. PC Wins Again…

        If you dont respect someone when they’re alive, don’t expect death to magicaly garner ones respect for them.

        1. Right because it certainly is right to equate Jobs with a man who committed genocide and brought the entire world to war.

          Put it in perspective, he was a guy in charge of leading Apple back from the brink of death. He said some unpopular things (gasp oh no! I’m sure if every comment you ever made in your life was scrutinized you’d have unpopular quotes about you too.) but beyond that he was just a guy, someone worthy of the same respect as anyone else passed away.

          You wouldn’t walk into a graveyard and desecrate people’s headstones/graves, why then is it so easy for people to sit behind a keyboard and toss potshots at the departed.

          That said, moises’ comment wasn’t that bad. A little crass but w/e.

  4. I’d rather many of these patents be taken off the books, so we can truly evaluate what patents are worthwhile.

    I still see no benefit for the small guy if everyone has to pay Apple or Samsung for any patent that would not hold up to scrutiny but still be involved in a patent cross-licensing agreement.

    This may save Apple and Samsung court time, but I hoped both would fight and have their respective patents examined with the BS ones invalidated, so we could save everyone court time.

  5. Here’s a better idea…. get all the manufacturers’ CEOs together in a room and give them each a lead pipe and some chains….. and offer them a choice….

    A) If you want to fight over patents, let’s save time and money and we’ll see who ‘loses’ old school street fight style……and for once it won’t be the consumer.

    Or, you can all sign an international agreement not to sue each other over patents ever again.

  6. This is a good thing; like it or not Apple has brought some real innovation to the table. Let’s put aside our fanboyism for a second: In many ways Android OEMs have mimicked a lot of Apple features, some of which were/are patented. Apple has a right to protect their intellectual property. The problem is, under Jobs direction, they took it way too far. If the patent negotiations begin to work out with Cook, which I suspect they will, the entire smartphone landscape will be better for us all. Whether you like the polished, hand-holding experience of iOS, the open nature of Android, the unique features of WP7, or the security of the upcoming BB10, there’s going to be something for everyone. These patent negotiations will ensure a better smartphone landscape for all of us. There’s plenty of money for everyone, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, maybe even RIM will make a comeback.

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