HTC Bluetooth music accessory now available


If you have a car that doesn’t have a Bluetooth-enabled audio system, HTC wants to do you one better. They’ve released their Bluetooth music accessory that will allow you to wirelessly play audio to any speaker that is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack (often referred to as an auxiliary port).

For $60 you can get that Bluetooth audio system in your car, and it’s even better considering you can use this with more than just your car. It won’t match up to car-specific units in battery life with 5 hours of playback and 120 hours of standby time, but a car charger will take care of that just fine. Sprint’s selling the accessory, and it doesn’t discriminate — any Bluetooth phone on any carrier can take advantage. Head here to get started.

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  1. Just what I’ve been looking for to use in my non sync ford edge

  2. This is what I’m looking for as my car has bluetooth phone but not bluetooth audio support. $60 is steep, but not having that 3.5mm cable running from my console/armrest to my phone holder might be worth it. Only downside might be that i can’t have the phone paired to the car for phone calls at the same time it’s paired to this device

    1. Well just buy a cheaper alternative! I don’t know what the big deal is here, these things have been around for years. Here’s an example that’s $20 less:

      1. yes but this one is Bluetooth 4.0 with aptx codec. Cd quality sound. I am hopping it is going to be a true cable replacement. Regular Bluetooth reduced considerably the sound quality.

      2. That link is to a $40 adapter lol

        1. He did say $20 less than the $60 which if you know basic math equals $40….. So yes it is a link to a $40 adapter…whats funny about that? lol

          1. I swear it originally said “less than $20” not “$20 less”. Perhaps I read it wrong, or maybe I am losing my mind.

    2. Your phone should be able to pair with both the HTC adapter (for music) and the car audio system (for calls) simultaneously.

    3. @Oliver @iwave – thanks for the helpful responses!

  3. First thought: Wow this is useless. So instead of using a cheap $2 cable, you’d buy a $70 adapter so you don’t have to connect one cable to your phone????
    Second thought: Wow this would be convenient for me. I want one… hope it works with the Galaxy SII

    1. this is not useless but a ripoff

  4. I prefer the blackberry model that I already own, because I would rather the device turn off and pause my music when the car isn’t on and not use it’s own independent power supply.

    The car stereo isn’t on, so why leave my phone on?

    1. link?

    2. Yeah…link?

      It also sounds like yours has to plug into more than the AUX jack…if it is using the car as a power source what are you plugging it in to?

  5. Anybody else having issues pairing their One X to the car stereo via bluetooth? I can’t get it to work

  6. @lawnsprinkler my jawbone can pair two devices. Check to make sure yours doesn’t as well

  7. This + wireless charging + NFC programmable chips. It’s the way of the future.

  8. or spend 40 more bucks @ walmart for a sony bluetooth headset and never worry about charging yet another toy of yours and get crystal clear music/calls :))

  9. You can’t play music to a device with a headphone jack. Headphone jacks only put audio out. Maybe you meant “a mic jack, or a line-in jack, often referred to as AUX.”

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