Verizon Galaxy Nexus getting 4.0.4 tomorrow?


After months and months of waiting, could Galaxy Nexus users finally be getting the sweet taste of Android 4.0.4 tomorrow? A new rumor suggests it could happen. Droid-Life received a series of independent reports, however, that Verizon personnel are pointing users to May 22nd for the elusive update.

It’ll be a much needed update, if true, as the device currently suffers a healthy helping of bugs. While none have completely broken the experience for those I know with the device, they’re no less annoying. 4.0.4 should clear most of these bugs right up, if true. It’s disheartening that it has been six months since Verizon launched the device and haven’t delivered an update since.

4.0.3 passed us by, and we thought they skipped it to wait on 4.0.4, but the wait for that is a bit long, too. We can’t be too vexed, though: it’s better late than never and hopefully we hear reports of an update rolling in within the next 24 hours.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Dear god please.

  2. 404 – Sense not found

  3. Will my verizon galaxy nexus update if my phone is unlocked but not rooted?

  4. What I wonder is if this is the same 4.04 leaked a while back and currently residing on my Nexus, or if the time since has been used to improve it further.

    1. minor changes if any…doubt it’ll be noticable

    2. it is different than the one from 4 months ago. they made some changes. this newer4.0.4 has been out on roms for about 1 month

  5. This makes me LOL. I’ve had 4.0.4 on my Captivate for weeks now!… HAHAHA And I probably have more features than the VZ Nexus will have.

    1. -3 votes? awh! you guys are just jealous. :-)

    2. Can you beam? Can you use Wallet? Does it blend?

  6. lol keep dreaming.

    Anyone who isn’t running a custom ROM by now should probably get on one.

  7. And they say verizon is the first to update their androids … God bless android….

    1. If by “they” you mean Verizon workers, then yes.

  8. It doesn’t matter, it will never be a One X

    1. The one x has a nice display and camera but I love me some stock ics with a removable battery.

  9. Many ppl are experiencing poor audio quality. Most of that was fixed when I put custom Rom on. For those that arent uber geeks that like to flash phones with new roms, I bet this Rom will help them a lot.

    Still a badass phone and still my #1 choice of any phone out currently. 4.65″ curved glass 720p screen dual core FTW.

  10. One of the many reasons I’m ditching Android, 6mths for an update?! Oh yeah, please don’t blame it on the cdma network. Cause that’s gotta be the biggest crap I’ve heard. Before my gnexus I had a Droid x which received updates faster than this! Even though I must admit 2.3 was buggy as hell; but still I went from 2.1 – 2.3 with no problems. I just feel really sorry for those that bought the Droid x 2 and Droid 3

    1. There’s more than one constant to your update woes. Android’s not the problem, it’s Verizon.

      1. Too bad everyone who is bashing VZW doesn’t know what they are talking about when it comes to this update… I want this update released already too, but it has been other issues that have prevented it from being released, not VZW.

        1. Nice… telling people they don’t know what their talking about then, in the same breath being as vague as possible in your explanation of why. In a way you are sort of guilty of what your claiming others are guilty of: “Not knowing what you are talking about”.

          This is Definitively a Verizon problem; I place all the blame on Verizon in fact. Look at sprint, They had the phone out 4/22; and the 4.0.4 update a week later. Verizon on the other hand has had this update for months; and sat on their hands when it comes to releasing the software and or keeping their customers properly in formed. At the very minimum Verizon has dropped the ball.

          itz has the blinders on when it comes to “VZW” Obviously they can do no wrong…. Too bad “everyone” bashing VZW is not sharing the biased opinion of VZW like @twitter-32327978:disqus is ; then just maybe “everyone” would see that the “other issues” (vague) preventing “it” (4.0.4) from being released, Its Obviously anyone’s fault with the clear exception of Verizon..

          Keep the blinders on carrier troll.

  11. From what I hear, they(Verizon) have had it for at least 6 weeks.

    1. Longer than that.
      I had it out with Google and Samsung 2 months ago over this and both Google and Samsung said they sent the update files in for testing several weeks prior.
      They have had this for over 2 months, possibly 3.

      I just hope that any new Nexus device that comes around does -NOT- require the blessing of Verizon. They take too long to resolve issues.

  12. Took you long enough, Verizon.

  13. I’ll believe it when I see it

  14. I have the unlocked GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus and I still haven’t received the 4.0.4 update. Is there something else I was supposed to besides going to system updates and check now?

    1. Don’t feel bad…I’m in the same boat. I don’t think the update has rolled out for Yakjuxw Nexus yet.

  15. what happened to 4.0.5?

    1. fake.

  16. I updated to 4.0.4 AOKP quite awhile back. I guess there are people who still rely on OTA’s but if a *SMALL* version change with only minor fixes is a big deal to you, then I’d probably hop off the OTA bandwagon and move to custom roms. I still understand there are regular users out there who do not want to stay away from OTA, but if you have to go that way, expect delays always.

  17. Not a problem with the unlocked version on Google Play.

  18. Good god, Verizon is slow. I’ve been running 4.04 since February.

  19. HTC sensation been runningcm9 4.0.4 for awhile sucks for Verizon users

    1. Verizon Nexus has been running 4.0.4 for a while now as well on custom roms. Your comment makes no sense.

    2. What does the HTC Sensation have to do with a Samsung Nexus?

  20. Verizon is a pathetic carrier when it comes to both phones, and updates. Unless its the iPhone of course, that device gets updates – Google, take note.

  21. Verizon Nexus is a joke.

  22. I got the Nexus for this very reason – not having to wait forever for the brain surgeons at Verizon to send out an update. The phone is a breeze to root and installing a rom couldn’t be easier. Honestly there’s little reason to not have a rom on this phone already. Most of the popular ones out there are based on very stable code and are updated frequently ie cm9.

    With cm9 among others:
    -the volume is improved (no gimmick, it’s definitely louder!)
    -display gamma / color can be tweaked
    -phone can be overclocked
    -there’s support for themes
    -excellent equalizer
    -tons of other fixes tweaks.

    Been running 4.04 for months already!

  23. cool i had 4.0.4 about 4 months ago. who has a nexus and doesnt flash roms? Get AOKP now

  24. So it’s tomorrow, where is the update? And don’t give me the root or unlock and install yourself, that’s not the topic here.

  25. Well it is 8:30am EST and still no update!!!!

  26. Wait it is today where is this update? Oh wait more smoke from vzw

  27. On the forums, they are saying 11ET for the release.

  28. Tomorrow never comes

  29. UGH — I can’t stand Verizon sometimes! Get the lead out of your A*& Verizon, all we want is a simple update to fix the issues!

  30. Is it here yet?

  31. Just got mine… I’m in SoCal and its 9:48am

    1. is it what everyone expects? Baseband? Build Number?

    2. Screen shot or its fake.

  32. Has anyone (other than the one person) received this update? It’s 345 ET here and I don’t have it.

  33. Have NOT received the update here in Jersey.

  34. No joy at 4:48 pm EDT in upstate SC.

  35. Horse shit. Along with all the previous “promising” leaks pertaining to the nexus.

  36. I can’t read the comments.

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