HTC Desire C appears in Vodafone’s latest product catalog


Another product render of the device codenamed HTC Golf has made it our way courtesy of Vodafone Portugal’s latest product catalog. As was first suggested last week, the the phone that looks like an infant member of the One family should launch as the HTC Desire C. The listing provides official details on the phone’s specs,  confirming the Desire C’s 3.5-inch HVGA display, 5MP camera, and 600MHz processor. The handset will run Android 4.0.

No official announcement has been made by HTC or Vodafone, but one could be coming soon. A release this month seems likely.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. Not a highend phone by any stretch of the imagination, but a pretty good phone none the less. Would be perfect for my mom!

  2. Yikes, 600MHz? Trying to compete with Blackberry hardware hardware with this one, apparently. I’m sure they’ll find plenty of first-time smartphone users to pick this one up, though; there is a sizable market segment out there for these types of handsets.

  3. It’s kind of sad this phone gets Sense 4, but the Rezound wont.

    (although I imagine Sense features will be scaled way back for this phone)

  4. Yeah I agree it is sad the rezound can’t get sense 4. I thought they said image sense chip was required for it? I heard the incredible 4g doesn’t have a image sense chip.

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