LG Spectrum has an update incoming, plenty of tweaks but no Ice Cream Sandwich


An update is prepped and ready to roll out to the LG Spectrum, according to a changelog posted to Verizon’s site late last week. Software version VS920V6 weighs in at 127MB, but don’t let its size fool you into believing this could be Android 4.0. Instead, the update will raise the Spectrum’s Android version to 2.3.6 while providing sweeping fixes for everything from inaccurate calendar notifications to applications crashes. The update also tweaks email and web browsing capabilities and pushes updates to a host of Google and Verizon apps.

The presence of the update documents on Verizon’s support site is a clear indicator that Spectrum users should expect the new software to arrive within the next week or so.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I hope no one here actually bought this phone.

  2. nope

  3. I know two people that have it. It’s a really good phone, i don’t know why it gets such a bad reputation. I am glad to see it being updated until it (hopefully) gets ICS.

  4. Well if you know how how to root and load customs roms (2 available at this time) you would know this is a great fast phone. Think what you want I love it. Best phone I have ever owned. The stock software is crap.

  5. This phone, with the proper fixes can be one of the best phones.

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