Battery life looks promising in early Samsung Galaxy S III tests


With some manufacturers starting to pick up on the fact that consumers actually care about how long a phone’s battery lasts, Samsung is promising plenty of longevity out of the Galaxy S III’s 2100mAh of juice. GSMArena has managed to get their hands on a pre-release version of the phone and decided to test out Sammy’s claims. They put the GS3 through a gauntlet of battery challenges and concluded that the phone’s battery lasts a full 10 hours of voice and video use.

The number rivals that of the iPad and Transformer Prime, but things aren’t all peaches and cream. For extended webbrowsing sessions the latest Galaxy S clocked in at only five hours, which doesn’t quite compare to the battery life of Motorola’s RAZR Maxx (but what does, really?) or the iPhone 4S. Actual battery life will likely vary, as few will enter into such marathon sessions of use. From the sound of things, it isn’t too unrealistic to expect over a full day’s use on a single charge.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I’m really curious to see the battery life comparisons between the Exynos and S4 models. The S4 is a beast with battery life.

    1. Well one thing is for sure. The HTC One X doesnt even get 12 hours of battery on light usage, so getting double or triple the One X for a better phone. I am all over this!

      1. Where have you gotten your information? I have heard the exact opposite. My buddy who owns the AT&T One X averages anywhere between 16-18 hours on light usage.

        1. Are you comparing “usage” vs whats just running in the BG? I have a MT4G and I can get a full 24 hours of light usage if I don’t have Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS all on all day and kill those pesky background processes like Facebook.

          I think 16-18 hours of non-overclocked light usage without a bunch of crap running is great battery life for a powerful dual core. I guess I’ve just conceeded to bad battery life and lowered my standards though.

          1. I’m talking usage. I know the clear distinction between background processes and how much someone uses a device. He’s a heavy texter, but doesn’t do much of anything outside of that. Minimal web browsing and picture taking.

            Even on my own EVO 3D (rooted – of course), I have gone anywhere between 24-30 hrs on very minimal use. I tend to average anywhere between 12-14 hours on a single charge though.

            It’s all about how you use your device.

        2. These problems come down to two problems that are related to battery life conversations.

          1. one persons definition of light usage can vary drastically from another persons definition of light usage, the time the device is awake you be a better indicator, though still not perfect.

          2. Their are so many variables on battery usage, signal strength during the day, number of syncing accounts and apps used as well as the frequency they are set to update at. Do you use wifi, 3G/4G or a combination of both etc,etc.

          All these lead to most battery life arguments based on real life usage being fairly pointless, each persons usage patterns vary far too much.

          1. Go to some One X forums and look at screen shots of people’s battery life (but only the ones who actually include more than just the battery usage one) and you’ll see it does pretty well.

      2. What are you talking about? I easily make it through a day with my One X including using a good amount of LTE data.

        1. ^that comment was me btw. Logged in with the wrong disqus account.

        2. I use the Tegra 3 HTC One X and get 14 hours plus on H+/Wifi. Useage includes tons of What’s App chatting, 1-2 hours of MP3 playing, and an embaressingly long amount of in-toilet gaming. I traded in a Galaxy Note for this phone and don’t regret it at all. Battery life is comparable.

    2. yep, I’m hoping to see good things from the S4, my next verizon phone will be an S4

    3. This is why I’m so excited for the US variant to have the S4 inside. Instead of being disappointed that the US gets the S4, I actually feel bad for everyone else who gets worse battery life than I will.

  2. Going into my third year with the 3GS, the battery life still pretty much kills it – almost always get a day out of it. However, one of the (many) things making me ready to make the SGIII jump is – you run out of your battery…you pop in another.

    1. I have no idea how people are still using 3.5 inch screens anymore. I dusted off my old samsung moment the other day and wow this screen is small and the android version is so slow and laggy.

    2. I had a 3GS for a year, but once I saw competing android screen quality I made the jump to Android and never looked back, even now that the screen quality if pretty much a wash between a 4S and a high end Android, Android can just do so much more and I’m an active user of both platforms as I own a iPad 3 as well.

  3. Now, all I need is
    Micro Arc Oxidation or Liquid Metal battery cover Accessory for this Phone

  4. That’s good to know. I would still carry at least one spare battery in my pocket. I wonder if this will really be that much better than the galaxy nexus?

  5. Yea well galaxy nexus battery life with the extended battery blows. Extreme disappointment. I may put my gal nex on swappa and get a RAZR maxx

  6. Hd display and screen size plays a role in battery life.

  7. I think the main problem when web browsing is that almost all websites use white background, that’s the worst case scenario for and OLED screens, in terms of consumption, heat, burn in, and it hides the best OLED screen caracteristic, witch is deep blacks and very high real contrast ratio. So either Google step in with a Chrome Plugin to swap (invert) page colors or web designers start to make pages with colors as they should for the digital age.

  8. Grr…disqus is pissing me off.

  9. Moderate use. However, I am on WiFi at work. Using the phone while browsing over WiFi you will get just over 3 hours of continual use. LTE drops that down to 2 hours and 15 minutes ish. Better than my Atrix on WiFi and just about what my Atrix got on network transfer.

    I charge it in the evening and unplug it before bed and I get:
    -60 minutes of WiFi browsing or facebook
    -30 minutes of LTE browsing or facebook
    -70 minutes of music
    -Plus all the idle time while I’m sleeping and throughout the day when it’s sitting at my desk.

    I get home around 7 and plug it in and unplug it when it hits 100%. Like I said, it gets me through the day better than my Atrix did.

  10. The one thing the S4 seems to be amazing at is Idle. (this isn’t very helpful in most cases). Under light use on WiFi only I got 39 hours lol. During the 8 hours I sleep, the battery usually only drops 4-5% which is great.

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