Apr 19th, 2012

It looks like HTC won’t be hopping on the all-day battery life bandwagon, at least not any time soon. Their vice president of strategy Bjorn Kilburn says that — according to research conducted last year — their users prefer thinness over long battery life.

While they still recognize that battery life is important and work to improve that, they say they prefer using new battery technology in both software and the battery itself. The 8 hours per charge I get on my EVO 3D seems to suggest they are having problems in that area as well, but perhaps HTC Sense 4.0 will be different.

I’m not sure how Motorola did it, but they proved that you can get all-day battery out of a thin phone. Even with its 3,300mAh battery, the RAZR MAXX is still 8.9mm thin, and if you really need anything thinner than that… well, let’s just say that I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a bulimic.

Even Samsung has promised all day battery in their new flagship phones for 2012, and I’m pretty sure they’ll still keep those products as thin as you could get them. If HTC wants to restore meaning to their “Quietly Brilliant” motto, they’re going to have to learn to innovate like their competitors seem to have no problem doing.

While the new “One” series is great, they can’t expect users who want better battery life to stay with HTC based on looks when other companies offer the best of both worlds, especially when the beautiful Galaxy S series will likely soon match up to the RAZR MAXX’s achievement. What do you guys think, though: size or battery life? Or both? [via The Verge]

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