Don’t expect an HTC One device from Verizon any time soon


Verizon’s recently announced Droid Incredible 4G LTE closely resembles another Android smartphone from AT&T, the One S, but fans hoping for something a bit more like the critically-acclaimed One X are out of luck. AndroidAuthority caught up with HTC rep Jeff Gordon to see about the possibility of a true One series device on Big Red. His response? We won’t be seeing any of the “currently announced” HTC One devices on the carrier. The most powerful member of the One family won’t be making its way to Verizon, nor will the entry-level One V. The Droid Incredible 4G LTE is the closest thing we will get for the time being.

Now, his wording suggests the potential for future One series devices to land at Verizon. It also leaves open the possibility of a rebadged and retooled version of either the One X or One V (much like Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE). From the sound of it, the latter may be a long shot. If you are tied to Verizon and want anything like the One experience, the Droid Incredible 4G LTE is your best shot for the time being.

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  1. I think VZW put their money ito the SGS3, probably the reason we won’t be sing a One X.

    1. However Sprint and ATT are likely to have both SG3 and top end HTC.

  2. That’s.. stupid.

  3. I’m still curious about that rumored Galaxy Note competitor from HTC that is suppose to go to Verizon. 5″ HD display! I’m all over that. That would more than make up for no One X for me. I guess we’ll see! If not that than the SGS3 or Razr HD will be where I look to.

  4. I’m not the biggest fan of the SGS3 looks, but honestly if you are a Verizon customer it looks like that is the only major phone this summer.

    Unless Moto finally brings the Razr HD out of hiding.

  5. The Inc 4G is a One series device, it’s just not a One X variant. It’s the same thing as the One S with a slightly better, but smaller display (qHD SLCD 2 instead of qHD pentile SAMOLED).

    Having said that, I think the Inc 4G seems like a great phone for the money. A lot of people don’t like 4.3″+ devices and 720p would be retarded at 4″. It will be the fastest phone on Verizon (and match the One X anywhere else) for at least the next couple months. I wish I could have talked my wife into waiting another couple months instead her getting the Rezound (which seems considerably slower than my Gnex in overall UI performance). If it starts out at $150 on contract, I don’t see how you can complain about it as that’s a great phone at that price, IMO.

    1. That’s not correct. Verizon decided to use a different Qualcomm processor instead of just under-clocking the HTC chip seen in the One series. It also doesn’t use the ImageChip that’s being utilized for the One series’ cameras. For those reasons, HTC doesn’t consider it to be a part of the One lineup.

      That being said, I still think it’s a great phone and HTC’s design is always a winner. You could do far worse when picking a phone.


      1. Hmm, that doesn’t sound right to me. So are they saying it’s not an S4 or a different variant of the S4? Also, if it doesn’t have that same ImageChip, then I’m surprised it even has Sense 4.0 in the first place because that’s what’s keeping all previous HTC phones (such as the Rezound, Evo 3D and Amaze 4G) from getting an official Sense 4.0 update.

        We’ll know soon enough though, I guess.

        1. I dunno about the chip but they did come out and say it does have Sense 4.0 but not ImageSense. My opinion would be a lot different if they had put in the 1.5GHz instead of 1.2GHZ, and I understand it’s not much different but it already put the phone behind the competition.

  6. Well this blows. I wonder how far I can continue to stretch my DINC?

    1. I just replaced mine about 2 months ago… had it for two years. I went with HTC Rezound — wow, do I love this phone. Screen is freakin’ amazing!

      1. Mr too, love the rezound.

  7. Too bad. The One X is a nice looking phone.

  8. Kevin –
    The “One S” is on T-Mobile, not AT&T.
    You are correctly comparing the DINC LTE to the One S but you have the wrong carrier.

  9. Well this sucks…it seems like any phone that I really want never ends up on Verizon….its getting time to switch carriers. Verizon should poll the customers to see what we want!

    1. Verizon’s smartphone selection does seem to lag behind the likes of T-mobile and even AT&T, but that’s because the latter uses GSM so it’s much easier to make a version for them after the international version, CDMA phones require more work (which they can’t help, Sprint doesn’t have a huge selection for the same reason) and Verizon exerts much more control over the phones they offer than other providers on top of that. I would consider switching but Verizon has 4 big pluses for me.

      Biggest 4G LTE footprint, by a huge margin, and the only one that will cover me in the sub sub urbs for quite awhile (We just got it in February)
      By far the best coverage in NJ, with the best in building penetration.
      I have a grandfathered unlimited 4G plan, I’m not giving that up until they pry it from my hands lol
      And finally since I have grandfathered data and texting plans and bundle with my fios triple play, it’s really no more expense than any of the other big 4 companies.

      So for me it really is the network that matters, I’ll deal with waiting 3 – 6 months for the latest smartphone

  10. Verizon probably didn’t want this to be in too direct of competition with the Moto Droids and the upcoming SIII. With the Dinc LTE just coming out, they probably didn’t want to flood too many high end phones (and too many HTC phones) at once.

  11. That sucks. I was hoping for them to get a variant of the One X. Maybe later in the year they’ll get something similar to it. I’m due for an upgrade in November but I may wait if they don’t get something comparable to the X by then.

  12. I’m a verizon user and I’m waiting until the fall for a top of the line HTC device, it won’t be a one x, but from the rumors I think something more high end will be coming out, I wouldn’t settle for the Droid Incredible 4G, if you need a phone this summer go for the S3

  13. Not a completely unexpected move for VZW. They went with original Droid Incredible over the Nexus… and you know how well that worked out. OG DInc is a beast!

    I wish them well with this one but it really seems like the Rezound is the spiritual successor to this line.

    1. Yea, I think they are expecting to sell phones based on the name alone but I’m hope they fail miserably. The OG Droid had specs that lived up to the name (I’m still using it) but this version is a let down. I won’t buy one and I hope no-one else buys one for more than $149.

  14. More than likely they’ll reboot the one series on Verizon as the thunderbolt 2 or something

  15. Verizon has refused to pick up any phone I’ve been interested in in the last year, killed unlimited data, their prices are sky-high, and their corporate ethics are horrifying. Ugh.

    Only four more days ’til my contract ends, though…and my EVO 4G LTE is already pre-ordered.

  16. *sigh* I love my Rezound, but other than Motorola Razr variants and their locked boot loaders, Verizon just doesn’t like a variety of high end Android phones. Unless the SGIII or the HTC version of the Note blow me away, I may have to contemplate the unthinkable and move over to AT&T and their poor coverage and legendarily bad customer service for better phones. Hopefully things will improve by the fall…………

    1. I did think about it, moving to AT&T, and even went to the store. But they were going to charge me more than VZW with worse coverage.

    2. As much as I love smartphones I could never see leaving a good carrier That im happy with for something more expensive with worse coverage, just for a phone i want especially since they have similarly speced phones. I did that once for the iphone and regreted it fora yearand a half, never again. while they may not get a one x device youll probably see newer htc devices towards the end of the year.

  17. Well that kind of sucks. I’ll probably end up waiting because now its between the GS3 or outdated hardware. I like the GS3, but I’m not sure It’s what I really want. I considered waiting for an HD Razr because It’s truly the first Moto phone in a long time that I genuinely like. However, without the ability to unlock the bootloader I refuse to take that path.

  18. I’m glad I have a Rezound. Honestly, until battery technology significantly improves (I don’t mean like the Razr Maxx, I mean making phones use half the power, or packing twice the power into the same size battery), or software becomes significantly better, even that new LG phone, the One X, and the GS3 don’t impress me much. 720P or more displays not the standard, more plastic, more bloat, nothing is looking great to me.

  19. Wow, one year people complain that T-mobile has a shitty selection of phones and then the next they claim that Verizon has a shitty selection.

  20. Verizon is really stupid when it comes to getting good phones.

  21. Guy up there saying.your.GNex is.faster.than rezound, sorry it.isn’t. Benchmarks don’t mean shit real world and.I was dying.for.the.nexus to.be a better phone than the resound. It wasn’t.in anyway. Not to mention the.camera on rezounds is right.on par with my 4s.

  22. You put that AT&T has the one S in this article, can you fix please?

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