HTC One X LTE WiFi bug found, eradicated


It turns out that a few people who purchased the HTC One X LTE faced issues with WiFi connectivity and speed. HTC moved quickly to post this statement:

“In regards to the wifi issue your running into, this is currently an issue that has been brought to our attention and we are actively working on a fix for this. We don’t have an ETA on the release of the fix yet, but we do have a work around in the meanwhile of toggling the wifi connection on the phone for a few seconds then toggling it back on. This will reset the connection from the phone to the Wifi, make it grab a new address and it should work for a while.”

Soon enough, the bug was taken care of, and our friends over at BriefMobile also managed to get their hands on the update file. You can download it from their site over here.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Around 2 weeks ago, I posted a comment on the “HTC One S experiencing poor battery performance during WiFi calling, patch inbound ” article here on this website about how these HTC One’s seem to be having so many problems. I was bombarded with replies, defending these HTC One phones. Well, I’m on this article now, a little over 2 weeks later, and there is yet another problem with these One’s…

    Am I not getting through to those who were defending these phones here?

    Oh, and it doesn’t matter whether these problems have been fixed or not (some haven’t) because that doesn’t matter. These phones should have been nearly bug-free when they released. If they had enough of them being tested for enough time, they wouldn’t be having a lot of upset people not being able to use these One phones correctly. The same goes for other phones that have released with many problems, but it seems like a lot of them are flawless when compared to these.

    1. Mistakes happen. Bugs will always be found in devices. While it’s bad to see so many creep through, it’s also good to see HTC actively working on them, resolving issues pretty quickly (and you have to give them props for that, several companies don’t. Case in point being Samsung: http://phandroid.com/2012/03/10/samsung-please-sort-out-my-galaxy-tab-rant/).

      There are a lot of brand loyal people, especially on our pages, so don’t bother about being bombarded by replies. You did your bit to spread the knowledge, and thank you for that. Please continue to do so. People might not agree with you all the time, but that’s OK.

      1. I’m glad someone had the maturity inside of them, as well as the decency to type out a valid response without the need to use any abusive language, or without resorting to calling whoever they are responding to as “ignorant” or referring to their comment as a “waste of time.”

        I do agree with you that there are companies out there that just don’t seem to give two shmucks about their own users. However, I feel that if HTC (and other companies, for that matter) used more phones to test with, combined with more time spent on testing them (and I’m talking about 3 months minimum), then the result would be happier consumers, less bugs (the odd couple will always find their way outside though) and less of a need to keep updating the phone to patch up these bugs.

        I cannot believe my first comment on this article has been hidden due to abusive reports. What the Elf?!

  2. It seems to me HTC always had some sorta bugs in their products. The only problem I’ve noticed with Samsung smartphones was a GPS problem, but that was a while ago.

  3. You’re

  4. I haven’t noticed it. Only thing that bugs me is tab switching in the browser.

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