OpenDESIGN born with a single aim: reverse engineer manufacturer-specific features


While the open-source nature of Android makes custom ROM development and usage a feature of the platform, one issue that developers behind these ROMs have is the difficulty to replicate the manufacturer specific elements of devices (such as the S Pen for Galaxy Note).

These elements are typically not available under the license that  covers the Android Open Source Project, which typically means that users would have to trade off features if they wanted to use a custom ROM. A great example is the issue faced by developers looking to fix the camera in their ICS firmwares.

In true spirit of the Android community, we find the creation of OpenDESIGN. Their goal is best described by the message on their website:

Your phone is outdated.

But soon, you will be able to update it. For free. OpenDESIGN is a community-effort to bring software features from the latest high-end phones to the masses. As long as your phone can run CyanogenMod 9, you’re good to go.

I really hope this team can sort out this issue that really exploded in the aftermath of Ice Cream Sandwich’s launch. My Galaxy Tab 10.1 currently sits with a non-functioning camera, while my myTouch 4G’s camera has a few issues of it’s own. I’ll probably be providing some development assistance (if they would take it) next month once I graduate. You can always support in other ways, too, by either donating or (more importantly at this stage) just spreading the awareness.

[OpenDESIGN via TalkAndroid]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. So maybe one day an HTC EVO LTE 4G can have Samsung Galaxy S 3 software??!?!?!?! Hey a guy can dream right?

  2. I just hope the manufacturers won’t sue them over copyright infringements.

  3. The thing is, it’s not “reverse-engineering” per se, but *replicating* the feature from the ground up

  4. What are you using for those messages on your lock screen

    1. It’s a concept design by the OpenDESIGN team. That’s one of the little projects that they’re working on.

      1. I think it’s cool, but redundant. You’ve got the notification like it is in the concept design, but then you’ve got the standard notification bar icon/message. Maybe one or the other, but not both.

  5. The android platform is not designed to add custom roms. I cant get my boot loader unlocked without an exploit or hack. So iwouldnt say android is designed for that kind of stuff. Its designed to get manufacturers to put it on devices.

    1. Android’s open nature makes it easy to make and flash custom ROM’s. You chose to buy a phone from a manufacturer that doesn’t want you flashing custom ROM’s. Don’t blame Android, blame whoever made your phone (and yourself for purchasing a device with a locked bootloader). There are many devices that are very easy to flash custom firmware to (Samsung devices come to mind).

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