Verizon’s Galaxy S III turns up in Nenamark benchmark, Snapdragon S4 gives Exynos the boot


It looks like it’s going to continue to be the year of the (snap)dragon, folks. We always expected the Samsung Galaxy S III variants for the different carriers to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4, with it’s onboard LTE capabilities trumping the quad core Exynos that’s packed in the international version. And it looks like we have proof regarding the Verizon version, at least.

The following Nenamark benchmark was found last night, quite clearly stating the carrier (Verizon) and the GPU (Adreno 225) for a device named SCH-I535. Additionally, the 1.5 GHz CPU info helps point towards the S4.

If I were you, I’d invest in a few Qualcomm shares right now. It looks like they’d be making quite some money until the other chipmakers finally get into the LTE game (which might only be towards the end of the year).

Any financial tip given in this blog post is not to be taken seriously. We are not responsible for any loss suffered by you. However, we would love a little treat if you make a killing.

[via Droid Life]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I love qualcomm, they’re definitely the underdog that constantly destroys the big guys.

  2. Can’t wait for all the petty arguments that will soon begin about which processor is best. Honestly if you need to argue something like that is a sure sign you aren’t getting laid enough.

    1. *looks at your picture*
      That’s a sure sign you’re not getting laid at all

      1. i lol’d. sorry.

  3. Noooooooooooooo, i want Exynos

  4. wow 2012 all USA phones will be using the same SoC… so much for choice this year (except for different screens, models, and overlays like sense and touchwiz)

    1. lol except for everything that you actually see?

  5. Waq give us the s4 quadcore with Mali 320 Gpu, like the LG phone with 2 gigs of ram, or HTC phone with 1080p for verizon rumored.

    1. A phone with 1080p????? -_-

        1. LMFAO! Bear grylls !

  6. I’m just suprised we’re actually getting the s3 lol.

  7. i will just be happy if verizon indeed gets the S3. I switched to att for the s2 and i am ready to come back to verizon. I am a fan of samsung and i only get their galaxy line, dont care much about carrier but verizon is probably the best carrier here in the USA.

    1. you left your verizon unlimited for att?

  8. Exynos or Pass. Nexus 4 ftw

    1. S4 or pass for CDMA carriers. Exynos doesn’t have integrated LTE and integrated 3G is terrible on CDMA phones when in weak signal area. OK for tablets otherwise.

      S4 2 core is nearly as fast as 4 core and 4 core S4 is coming this Fall with better GPU. My SGII is already fast enough. OK to have more performance but chip makers need to focus more on battery life and signal quality and Qualcomm is ahead of the game when comparing all 3 areas.

  9. im just keep using my gn and wait for iphone 5.

  10. CPU schmeepeeyou… what do the U.S. versions LOOK LIKE? Not like a bar of soap I hope.

    Bring on the leaks! :)

  11. Bring on the Exynos 5 already, Samsung!

    1. Yeah let’s just let them forget about exynos 4 and move on, kind of like manufacturers do with their phones.

  12. Mine

  13. Looks like all those people complaining about the S4 were wrong!

  14. If the S4 with only 2 cores can provide (almost) the same performance as the Exynos 4 and be more power efficient I’m all for it. I’m not using photoshop or rendering on my phone, I want it to last a full day without charging. Now if they showed up with an Exynos 5 all the better

  15. I don’t think I can do another Samsung phone after the gnexus. Their radios are horrible, plus I’m not that much of a amoled HD fan like I thought I would be. Hopefully Motorola can come out with something with a killer design, no camera hump, super LCD HD, a kick ass processor, and last but not least a worthy camera sensor

    1. Sounds like you want a HTC One X ;-)

      1. Honestly I do too, but, since there hasn’t been even the littlest hint at it coming to VZW, I’ll get the S III. Never had a Samsung smart phone so I may regret it but they are first and will get my $$$

        1. i have used at least one smartphone from Samsung, HTC, LG & Motorola within 2 years and i had the best experience with Samsung then HTC 2nd and i personally think Motorola makes the worst smartphones (well it’s probably b/c i used Motorola Cliq & Cliq XT i should try the RAZR line) this is just my opinion though but just letting you know that Samsung is not that bad at all

          1. The only thing I worry about is the radio, since that seems to be what most people complain about with Samsung. And I guess it’s going to be the S III or Motorola on VZW since we aren’t getting the One X (stupid f*#^ing VZW).

  16. Make a 4.0″ version. I don’t need a tablet.

  17. I don’t know why American Samsung sales stay so high when they treat us like this. No Exynos = I won’t buy.

  18. Gosh people!!!! Is Exynos really THAT big of a deal? S4 is plenty capable!!!

  19. I’ll wait a few months for a phone with the quad core S4 and adreno 320. It will wipe the floor with the Exynos. My galaxy nexus will do the job until then.

  20. why wouldn’t verizon and sprint go with the S4 quad-core? these guys did. and its LTE. http://phandroid.com/2012/05/10/lg-ls970-leaked-for-sprint-quad-core-s4-processor-2gb-of-ram-hd-display-and-lte/

    1. That’s using a separate modem chip (read: more battery use) on a main processor not in production yet.

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