HTC CEO Peter Chou to be Olympic tourchbearer


Carrying the Olympic torch is an honor few get to experience, but HTC CEO Peter Chou will soon add his name to the list. Chou will take part in the torch relay on July 6th, three weeks prior to the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics. The irony of Chou’s involvement is not lost. Rival mobile manufacturer Samsung has invested heavily in sponsoring the games and will likely plaster the Olympic Village and stadiums with advertising for their Galaxy S III and other handsets. But if dozens of countries with conflicting cultures and world views can come together for some friendly sporting events, there’s no reason the two companies can’t play nice in the name of world unity.

[via Engadget]

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  1. if you said that about Apple and Samsung i would be so laughing right now…. =P

  2. Sucks for Samsung.

  3. Will he have to use a GS3?

  4. more distraction. first he got distracted with the Beats celebrity glamour and now this Olympic BS. he better focus on business before HTC goes out of business. they are getting their clock cleaned by Samsung and Chou should be in the office and not fooling around at the Olympics.

    do you hear me Chou????????????????

    1. Seeing how the One series is praised, based on looks and performance, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a face only a mother can love, I believe he’d doing good.

  5. The ultimate irony would be if an exec from RIM runs it carrying a Blackberry Torch… lit on fire.

  6. yeah I still want David Tennant to light the torch… it’s destiny. DO IT LONDON!!!

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