Samsung begins Ice Cream Sandwich rollout for Galaxy Note


Android 4.0 has started to rollout to international versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Reports are coming in from some users who have received notifications to install the update as an over-the-air download. In Germany, the update is available for download via Samsung’s Kies software. The software is tagged with build designation XXLPY and brings the Note to Android 4.0.3.

The Ice Cream Sandwich push will likely take a few weeks to reach all users in all regions. For those with carrier-branded versions of the device, it gets a bit harder to predict when both Samsung and network providers will deem the update ready for deployment.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. Samsung stopped the update! :-(

    find here:

    Android 4.0 Samsung Galaxy Note Rollout started

    watch out the [Update] and the end of the post!

    1. …………………….

    2. That link brings up ”
      Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”.

  2. Sadly, it’s only for the International version of the note, we in the good ole USA will probably have to wait a while longer for our AT&T Note’s to get this. :( I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt I will be.

  3. OTA install failed, but with Kies it worked smoothly.

  4. I’m really hoping this update doesn’t take as long as gingerbread did on the infuse!

  5. No fix for the black clipping problem… :(

  6. Been on official experimental CM9 with ICS for weeks ;)

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