Verdict could be coming soon in Google vs. Oracle case


A jury that yesterday was having difficulty coming to a consensus decision in the Oracle vs. Google trial has reached an agreement on all but one question, according to reports emerging from the courtroom. A note was passed on to Judge William Alsup informing him of the progress, though the jury foreperson also informed Alsup that the group did not agree that sending notice of the partial agreement was necessary. This could signify that jurors aren’t as close as it would seem to reaching a unanimous verdict, but just the same we could be hearing the fate of Google in light of Oracle’s accusations very soon.

[via The Verge]

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  1. GO GOOGLE!!!!

    1. They were looking like they were in a bad spot until the former Sun CEO testified that as long as Google didn’t call the software Java then they were in the clear. And that Sun knew Google was using Java and wanted Google to license, but Google was under no obligation to license so Sun couldn’t do anything. That may be a saving grace for Google.

      1. oracle doesn’t want this to show up in the next part of the trial actually, and is leaning heavily against it happening by making new motions. see on that one.

        really folks, if you want to keep up with the case you should keep up with groklaw and twitter with the court reporters. nowhere else is keeping up with the case accurately at the moment and not just re-sharing speculation. That includes verge and phandroid.

  2. umm, no.
    jurors can’t agree on some part of their core instructions. So no, a consensus is not necessarily there.

    “False alarm, Judge Alsup giving the more time to reach a unanimous verdict. We’ll be back Monday”

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