HTC One X pre-orders arriving early from AT&T for some


Good news for those that pre-ordered the HTC One X from AT&T. Reports are coming in from all over that shipments are beginning to arrive at the doorstep of those eagerly awaiting the new handset. As for us, we just wrapped up our review of the One X and had nothing but positive things to say. If you didn’t pre-order and are still on the fence about picking up the phone, which launches next week, head on over to read our thoughts on and praise for the One X.

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  1. They aren’t arriving “early” per se… When I pre-ordered they told me it would ship May 2nd via 2nd day shipping… making arrival today technically on time.

    1. Yeah when I preordered I had the choice of buying online for a ship out day of May 2nd, or buying in store with a hard date of May 6th.

      Unfortunately, nobody is ever home at my place to sign so I went with a hard date.

  2. Could I use this model on T-Mobile and, if so, what are the downsides to doing so…besides being on T-Mobile.

    1. I would imagine no LTE. Why don’t you just get the One S?

    2. After having a Sensation, I’d be wary of signal strength on any of the HTC phones with their new design. The antennas are external, built into the case, and the reception on all the radios (wifi, bluetooth & cell) is significantly worse than their previous devices, and is also highly variable depending on how you hold the phone. I bought a new cover for my Sensation which improved things somewhat, but that option obviously isn’t available for the One.

      1. we received ours early (3 days ago) and honestly I ran the gauntlet on mine with a nitro and samsung skyrocket sitting beside it. wifi strangth was equal on the nitro and onex (and actually kinda low on the skyrocket?) bluetooth was the same for all
        and LTE speeds were highest with the one x however that is not really a good test of signal strength I don’t really know how to test that out but after speed testing all three the one x came out on top!

    3. You can use this on T-Mobile but with only EDGE (2G) support. Meaning that your connection speed is dramatically reduced to about 500 Kbps as opposed to be 20+ Mbps on at&t. Also, you will have an AT&T rep to unlock the One X first. T-Mobile is cheaper on the monthly plan, but you are paying the data plan without the ability of having high speed data is stupid tho.

  3. I will end up getting this because sgslll LTE will be out maybe Q4.

  4. I don’t see why the one x gets such praise when the design looks the same as the boring old Evo/inspire/thunderbolt/desire hd etc. I have an inspire now but I think it’ll be my last htc until they give me something other than the same old design rehashed.

    1. Wow…you must be hard to please. The HTC Inspire is one of the best made phones I’ve ever seen or used. I absolutely can’t stand any product that Samsung puts out. That cheap/light/shiny plastic thing just does not work for me. Samsung makes the junkiest phones out there. HTC makes the highest quality phones. I want a phone with some substance and I want it made out of high quality materials and that’s the main selling point to me when buying an Android phone. The Samsung phones all feel like plastic kids toys. So if HTC doesn’t please you, I don’t know what to tell you. You won’t find anything better from anywhere else. I just can’t believe that you are complaining when you have a beautiful aluminum unibody constructed phone and seem to be upset with a similar design out of a newer phone from the same company. I applaude HTC’s quality and I think you should have your head examined…lol <– I'm just kidding.

      1. Tell that build quality story to the countless owners of inspires and desires with the volume button falling out due to its crappy placement next to the battery cover. Also, the awesome aluminum that chips at the slightest touch of anything harder than fabric.

        Anyway besides that the phone isnt horrible, just the design is aging. Imagine if a car company rehashed the same design for 10 different cars and just called the car by a different name and beefed up the engine each time. That’s what you have with htc. I want something new design wise.

        1. They should replace the screen, motherboard arrangement, charging and connectivity arrangement, the chassis, the shape, the software, the camera…

          Oh. Wait…

        2. We got 2 of them opening day. And they both are rocking strong. Two other people have them at work and they are fine as well. Again, let’s not pretend that 99% of smartphone users hang out on blogs. It’s more like 0.000001% that do. So most complaints are from the special few that happen to have problems. It doesn’t mean 99% of phones have the same problem.

          It’s cool if you just want something else, but let’s not talk about HTC lacking in quality. That’s far from the truth.

      2. the_suffering and Billy_B,
        First, the nature of the smartphone means similar designs really not much can be down, it doesn’t bother me. And Samsung GSII and the III are far from junk. I think the perception of the light plastics makes people feel that way. These phones do stand up to some pretty hard usage. Both HTC and Samsung have made some great and crap phones. Leave brand loyalty out of it. Just get what you like and works for you.

        1. I don’t want 12 cents of material used to make the shell of my phone. It needs to be made of high quality materials. I could care less about drop tests or people who throw their phones against walls or whatever. That has nothing to do with build quality of a phone. The iPhone can break very easily but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have great build quality. So don’t judge the piece of junk Samsung phones by a drop test.

          By the way, I like other phones from other manufacturers…some Motorola devices are nice for example. I also am becoming a big fan of Asus’ ideas and products. They seem to be using very high quality materials in their hardware. The iPhone is a very high quality piece of hardware. This has nothing to do with brand loyalty. Samsung phones are junk. They have the capability of putting so much better into their phones and they don’t do it. They just keep slapping their customers in the face. THIS is how you all should feel…http://www.theverge.com/2012/5/4/2998464/how-samsung-broke-my-heart

          1. lol one can argue the exact opposite of everything you just said. Build QUALITY is the durability of a device, and NOT the texture of the device. Would you say your car had higher build quality because it was made of more expensive carbon fiber n broke down every 2 minutes, or would you say that nissan sentra with 200,000 miles still running strong had higher build quality?

          2. You could if you want to be wrong. Your example is terrible because build quality includes everything including the internal parts. As we know, most phones are the same as far as the internals go (or are on par with each other). Cars are not. A “carbon fiber” car and a Nissan Sentra serve two completely different purposes and can’t be compared in one single way other than they both have 4 wheels. Let’s not even go here since I’m a die hard “car guy”.

          3. yes it was a loose example and is wrong if you take it literally. But if you take it for how it relates to phones it isnt. You could look at a japanese import made of lighter materials, or you could look at a school buss. One will obviously do better in crash tests. And that is due to the quality of the build of the machine. Not just the exterior look and feel of the device. Which was the initial comment about feeling like plastic and caring about drop tests. Higher quality materials doesn’t necessarily mean higher build quality. My argument was simply you cant just ignore reliability when referring to build quality. Crash tests or drop tests are in fact a huge factor. If my phone shatters into 200 pieces when i drop it onto the carpet from 3 feet, and i brag about the build quality n how comfy it feels in my hands, people will look at me like im crazy.

          4. Cool…so you drop your phone a lot? I guess I’ve never had a catastrophic drop. I’ve had no problems with any of my phones in that regard. An iPhone or any high end HTC phone is way better quality than any Samsung phone period. I don’t care what drop tests one performs that may show differently. You can’t possibly hold a high quality phone with some substance and beautiful materials that obviously took some extra dollars to build vs. a shiny/overly light Samsung phone (or Motorola or any other brand that makes cheap plastic phones). There is just no comparison. I guess we’d all buy Nissan Sentras instead of “carbon fiber” sports cars then. LOL

          5. I do drop my phone a lot. I have an HTC Evo and an iPod, both fare well in the numerous drops they have lol. I hate cases. i find the phone too big to have a case. I would never own an iphone without a case as ive seen way too many people on the street and friends with broken screens and backs. And whats the point of having a great look and feel of an iphone if its going to be surrounded in rubber or plastic the entire time. That same plastic you hate in Samsung.. Obviously look and feel are important, but some also consider actual durability not just perceived durability.

            You say you are a car fan then i guess you would know sentras have sold a hell of a lot more than an rx7 or a supra (my favorite car). I’m not saying you should pick either or, im just saying its silly to label some cheap when its pretty solid.

      3. In terms of build quality, Motorola is above HTC. Don’t kid yourself. The biggest thing that is holding Motorola back is their locked bootloader.

        1. Motorola does make some good phones. I wouldn’t put them over HTC however. I’m not kidding anyone including myself. And this still doesn’t change the fact that Samsung phones are junk. :-)

        2. The at&t ONE X is not unlockable.

        3. can’t really argue there, my fiance had the atrix and it survived.

    2. A person who can’t tell the differences of each phone is talking about designs? Wow!

  5. Looks like someone forgot to use primer.

  6. No thank you!!! GSIII for me!!! Removable/Expandable memory & battery!!! No thank you HTC!!!

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