Facebook Messenger for Android updated with location features


Facebook Messenger for Android has been updated to version 1.7 with a changelog that includes new location features and the ability to see when your messages have been read by their recipient. The “What’s new” section on the app’s Google Play page has been updated accordingly, though it reads more as an add promoting messenger as alternative to using the texting plan you already pay for. And that’s about all you can expect. Pro tip: location tracking is turned on by default when installing the latest update. It can be disabled via the app’s settings menu.

Google Play Link: Facebook Messenger

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Here’s what I do when there’s a new Facebook update:

    1. Open it.
    2. Go to Settings.
    3. Turn all of the settings that used to be OFF and somehow turned back ON back to OFF.
    4. Check for any new settings that, of course, will be ON by default, and turn those OFF.
    5. Log BACK out of its messaging service because updates seem to log me back in for no reason.
    6. Debate uninstalling and avoiding all of this garbage with every update.
    7. Get yelled at for uninstalling Facebook and missing some post from a friend.
    8. Install Facebook again.
    9. See step 1.

    1. yep. don’t forget that they turn on location settings within the Camera app they created as well, independently from the facebook app’s settings.

  2. Everyone is integrating their messaging apps into one, except Google. Seriously, Talk, Messenger and Voice? Imagine Skype was three apps like that.

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