May 4th, 2012

[Update]: the OTA is, in fact, only going out to those who signed up for the soak test. A soak test is also going out to DROID 3 users. Neither, as you might imagine, is Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’re in Motorola’s test program and you have either of these devices unrooted, be sure to update whenever you get the chance.

Some weirdness is going on with the Motorola DROID x2, it seems. We know Motorola was prepared to begin soak tests for a maintenance update in the middle of March, but we haven’t really heard from them since. Well, it looks like at least some users are starting to see the update to firmware 1.3.418 in one way or another.

We received a tip claiming that they were starting to see the upgrade, and a user over at says their replacement DROID X2 received yesterday came with the firmware pre-installed. It would appear that Motorola is rolling it out to at least some. Whether these people are part of a soak test still going on or not hasn’t been confirmed.

Verizon’s support document still says that the update is “coming soon” which would lead us to believe that it’s the latter. It would explain why a replacement device would come pre-installed with it: Asurion probably had access to the test upgrade and applied it to the phone before sending it.

We’re not sure if that’s common practice if that’s the case, but it’s the only logical reason we can think of outside of this being a wide-spread OTA rollout. In any case, check your DROID X2 for the update and let us know if you are seeing it. [Thanks _____!]

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