LG Optimus LTE2 crams 2GB of RAM inside


LG’s officially announced a new entry into their LG Optimus Line. We’re looking at the LG Optimus LTE2, and with some of the features LG’s touting we believe its worthy of being a sequel. For now, we know it has a True HD IPS display, a 2,150mAh battery, LTE radios, and last but not least, 2GB of RAM. Yes, 2GB.

We’re not sure why anyone would possibly need all that RAM, but we won’t complain. Unfortunately there’s not much else we know regarding the rest of its innards yet, but we’re sure those details will come to light before too long. This one will be available in Korea first, with additional markets possibly getting in on the fun at a later date. [LG Korea via Droid Dog]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update: DROID 3 owners, too] Motorola DROID X2 receiving firmware OTA 1.3.418?

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  1. Nice timing to announce it the day after the S3

    1. Actually it was announced like immediately afterward, yesterday.

  2. wow that’s crazy!

  3. Finally maybe they will start putting that much ram in tablets considering all they do is multitasking.

  4. RAM is underrated as a spec on Android. The more RAM you have, the more tasks you can have open at once.

    1. Also allows tasks to run smoother.

  5. I really wish they all had 2gb. I really feel the pain with 512mb on my Nexus S. I can only imagine that Jelly bean will do the same to handsets with 1gb.

  6. It’s LG, they will figure out a way to really fuck it up…

  7. Forget the phone, Ill take the ladies

  8. 2GB of Ram is just going to be a drain on battery life. Better software optimization needs to happen.

    (I decided if I ever need to leave the US, South Korea is where I am going. Samsung and LG always pick good models)

    1. How is more RAM going to drain battery life?

      1. Ram has to be constantly refreshed to remain in the correct state (every dozen ms or so). Each time it is refreshes charge is put back on to represent 1’s and 0’s (I can’t remember is high is 1 and low is 0 or if it is flip flopped).

        The only reason I know this is because I took microprocessors and embedded systems classes in college. (I can’t fit the rest in because disqus is cutting off the enter button)

      2. (Second post because disqus is cutting me off).

        If you are building a low power sensor network, that let’s say is going to be in the woods or desert for a long time with no human interaction, you want to use as little ram as you can for functionality to decrease power drain. Obviously there are other factors to consider, but ram is a big power user.

        Edit: actually for a test I had to calculate how much power was drained by ram. that sucked.

    2. Hopefully this becomes an interesting discussion….

      I never realized this. I heard it mentioned here and there before tho. Is there a way that more Ram can be made more power efficient, like cpu, gpu chips going to lower nm numbers?

      I ask this because when Android phones started using more Ram and chips with lower nm numbers, there wasnt really too of a much battery drain difference than older phones. In some cases battery life was better.

      I got a feeling when Moto goes to 2Gb it wont hurt battery life that much too. Their I/O scores on some benchmarks always be good.

      I dont know alot about all this stuff, just what I read here n there…..so make sure to not go too far over my head…lol.

  9. Too bad it’s from lg. Had too many issues with a nitro to buy an lg phone again.

  10. You may not see the need for 2 GB of ram _now_. But in 2 years when you are still on contract and Jellybean and its successor have come out, each using more RAM than the version of Android before it, and you still want to multitask and have multiple browser tabs open, you’ll be happy to have it.

  11. Crazy how phones are starting to have more ram then most people’s computers at home lol

    1. lol…I JUST upgraded to 2 GB of Ram in 2008…and thats all I have right now.


  12. FINALLY we get 2Gigs of RAM. My GS2 only has 784MB of usable RAM and right now it is at 537 and I haven’t much been using my phone. Just opened up a couple apps and now I’m up to 616MB.

    With all the stuff the GS3 can do, it will be interesting to see how much RAM it will be using at any given time.

  13. Very funny. Dump on the g2x users and then somehow they think people should ever trust tehm again? They should stick to making appliances.

  14. What are they, netbooks?!

  15. interesting, we finally have a guinea pig phone to see how 2gb of ram will affect performance and battery life!

  16. Damn you LG, for making my next phone (GS3) obsolete before I’ve even got it!

  17. Nice LG article……im a moto type of guy but if i gotta get something else, LG you will get a second look! IT WONT BE SAMSUNG!!!!


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