Developing a game? Here’s a convenient list of more than 60 engines to use


Game developers know that a game can live or die based on its engine. Some are fine with creating their own, but a vast  majority find it more convenient to use one of many great game engines already available. If you’re searching for a game engine that’s right for you, has a list that may pique your interest.

They list over 60 different engines which can be used to create Android. Heavy-hitters include Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 3, and those sit alongside more modest options such as Papaya’s social game engine and Alien3D. The site provides descriptions of each engine, including whether it’s used for 2D development, 3D development, or both.

They also have pricing, information on which platforms are supported, and links to each respective engine’s website for easy downloading. Be sure to take advantage of this valuable treasure trove of development tools the next time you think of a 5 star game. [Mobile Game EnginesThanks Jason!]

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