Verizon posts changelog for Droid 3 update, 224MB chock full of bug fixes


Earlier today we learned of a soak test for a new Motorola Droid 3 software update, and less than 12 hours later Verizon has posted the official changelog. While large in size, the 224MB update isn’t a bump up in OS version to Android 4.0. Instead it will address a plethora of bugs while updating bloatware apps and providing other minor enhancements such as security patches. With the update notes live on Verizon’s support site, it’s only a matter of time before the general userbase will receive the new software.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Its sad. Idk about everyone else but I don’t take moto’s “Droid” ( I am referring to the series of keyboard phones only) serious anymore. When tge droid uno dropped it was the best. Period. It was also a radical new design never seen before. The next 3 versions have brought improvements but the D4 is what the D2 shoukd have been. And moto has lost their mind with all the razr variants…if u look closely all of their phones are just the same concept, with sharp lines and heavy duty body. The best improvement motor has made are to the new blur. I realize that android has came ALONG way since eclair but motoballs has came even further. Its actually usable now! Also I’ve owned every recent phone offered by moto including 3 variants of the razr, I liked them all better than the GNex, but the screen of the rezound and camera is what got me…..mind you it has the exact sensor as the one X, just not image sense. So I can’t take a pic while doing vid/shoukd change with ICS. And its slightly slower. The acreen on the rezound so much better than the GNex its like comparing say the SGS2 screen with……somethimg like the original my touch 3g lol. Something like 400*300 lol..that’s just how much better the non pen tiles are. Most importantly, the radios can switch from 4g to 3G unlike any recent 4G moto phones I’ve owned. And it just doesn’t plain suck like GNex.

    1. Read the reviews of the Droid 3 by actual customers on Amazon or Verizon. People really love this phone. Including me.

  2. I don’t think Google/Motorola will ever push ICS to any Google/Motorola phone!

  3. I like my Droid 3 but the lack of worthwhile updates means the only thing tying me to the Droid series is the physical keyboard. If I choose to abandon it I don’t feel any loyalty to Motorola or the Droid series. And I have owned the original Droid, a Droid 2 Global, and now my Droid 3.

    Who do we blame for no ICS?

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