Samsung puts entire Samsung Galaxy S3 Unpacked event online


If you missed Samsung’s Galaxy S3 presentation yesterday and wanted to watch the full thing, you’re in luck. Samsung has made the entire Unpacked event available for viewing online. While some may not be overwhelmed with what they saw, it’s still worth checking out just to see some of the innovative things Samsung’s introduced in the software side. You can either hit up the embedded video above or head over the The Next Galaxy, Samsung’s official site for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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  1. should I buy the htc one x from ATT or wait for this? what would you guys do?

    1. I’d get this, as it has an SD card slot and removable battery.

    2. Considering the ATT version of the OneX is locked down by the carrier, I would go with a different carrier if you like that phone. Personally I like the S3 better for the removable battery, SD card, and looks.

    3. The One X has a better screen and overall looks much better. I can’t get over the glossy plastic of the S3. It just really just doesn’t look good to me. As for specs, the S3 does have a removable battery and an SD card slot if that is something that is super important to you. I really don’t care about the battery, although I wish the One X had more than 16GB of on board. Sense 4.0 looks a lot (a ton!) better than TouchWiz, although TouchWiz has some new features (of which most I think are a bit gimmicky). If you root/rom that doesn’t really matter though. Overall performance will probably be fairly similar, especially if the US variant of the S3 goes with the Qualcomm S4 inside. I personally am going with the overall looks, so I am choosing the One X.

      1. “The One X has a better screen”
        It has a worse screen than s3 and its little brother One S, unless you don’t care about color vibrant, actually dark, and lower power consumption.

        1. SAMOLED screens are over saturated and a lot harder to see outdoors. I will give it to SAMOLED that the blacks are actually black, but hold a pentile SAMOLED next to the SLCD2 and you will be able to tell a difference.

          1. Which SAMOLED have seen outdoor?

          2. Better to have a bit over saturated, than under saturated.
            “and a lot harder to see outdoors”
            compared to what?

            the screen type are different and depending what you use it too, some things matter more than others. If you watch a lot of movies on your phone, then true black becomes a VERY big deciding factor.

            I doubt we can come to an agreement, since they both have their pros and cons, which means there are no dedicated winner.

          3. I’ll agree with that.

            It’s a preference thing. And no matter how many arguments any of us throw out there, some will prefer LCD and some will prefer AMOLED.

            Easy advice to anybody considering these two phones. Go play with it and see which one feels ‘right’ to you. That’s the best phone.

            (I will point out, it’s funny to notice Phandroid commentors seem to be more for the SGS3, where as Droid Life commentors seem to be more for the One X)

          4. Well yeah, different communities, different preference. I started out with an HTC. They make good phones. However, I personally don’t mind the plastic back on the Galaxy line of phones…. it doesn’t bother me at all.

            Regarding the screen. Yes, HTC One X is a better screen on paper, but like you pointed out. I held my SGS4G next to my father in law’s iPhone 4… one is technically better on paper, but we couldn’t tell just by looking at them.

  2. I agree with Chris and Daniel!!! Removable/Expandable battery & memory card always trumps NON-removaable. Learn a lesson HTC. There are people who won’t even take a 2nd look at your smartphone because of this crap!!!

    1. a lot of people complain that the SD slows down the performance of the phone. My counter to that is: Apparently you’re using the stock SD card… which is typically always a class 2, so what would you expect?

  3. Another Vote for the S3 here!
    The removable battery and SD card are a must. and when you think about the fact that the first version will have 32 GB on board and you can add a 64bit SD to that, wow, I mean Holy Shnickeys Batman!

    Get over the Plastic: 1: its a plus, drop the phone, nick up the back from too many keys in your pocket, 5 -10 bucks and you have a brand new back! Don’t think you will be replacing the case on the HTC. Plus its pretty durable stuff I have dropped my Galaxy 1 several times with only a nick or two to show for it.

    Samsung > HTC. If you look at the numbers its no comparison. Even the Galaxy 1 far outsold the best selling model of HTC. And more units mean more developers working on them etc.

    Samsung is the only manufacturer that is really upping its game to compete with Apple, watch the launch, no other manufacturer comes close.

    There is a thread on XDA for problems with the X One due to quality control issues, from flickering screens to gaps in the case that allow dust in.
    Also, I know that the S series is already having issues with the coating on the case from HTC, Overall it just seems like Samsung is the way to go.

    Final Straw: Locked boot loader from AT&T!

    1. agree 100%, making an informed decision is better than picking a brand. I started out with an HTC, moved to Samsung. If someone comes out with a better phone with quality features then I would evaluate and see the benefits. No sheep here! :)

    2. -1 – wondering why? HTC EVO 4G LTE

      HTC build quality > Samsung — when I look for a phone, the way it feels in
      my hand is very important.. Samsung has been using cheap plastic that feels
      like it would break if I had too much pressure on it with my finger.. nty. I
      currently own a HTC Hero (Sprint) that I put a lot of stress into, from
      overclocking, to switching ROMS constantly, still in great shape.

      HTC Sense > Touch Wiz UI — this is a no brainer. Sense UI looks a heck of a
      lot better than Touch Wiz. Touch wiz makes the phone look like a toy, not to
      mention that it’s ugly. Sense UI offers a lot of good optimizations with their
      software. Sure, it takes up more processing power, but I’d rather look decent than
      making it look ugly. Don’t tell me to use third party launchers; we all know
      they are not as stable as the stock ROM.

      Samsung only sold more than HTC because of their cheap build quality, therefore
      making them less expensive to buy. Nty.

      I heard rumors that the US variant of the Galaxy S3 would
      have a S4 processor instead of Samsung’s quad-core Exynos. Although the S4
      processor is very good, the HTC EVO 4G LTE would also have that, so it would
      boil down to build quality, and software in my opinion. The EVO 4G LTE has a
      sd-card slot, but not a removable battery. I don’t mind not having a removable
      battery. Why would I want to change out its 2000 MAh battery for a chunky,
      bigger one? That would be more than enough for me, and for anyone.

      Samsung Galaxy S3 < HTC EVO 4G LTE

      1. A well thought out reply!
        Obviously with phones at this level it is a very personal decision. What is good for one person is not good for another. That is why Apple sells so many as well, they make a good product that appeals to a segment of the population.
        One other thing to consider is that both of us are drawing conclusions based only on others reviews and not personal experience. I have already seen at least one reviewer say that they were very disappointed with the plastic until they had Hands on time with the device and then were very impressed.
        One thing is sure the HTC and the S3 are the top 2 Android devices for the moment.
        Lets hope they both carry though and keep getting good devices into our hands.

        1. Yeah I heard that too, I can’t make a final decision unless I have both phones in my hand. We’ll see what goes down. :)

      2. Guys, quit down voting this guy for his decision and opinion. If you can’t respect someone’s opinion, you need to go back to Pre-K. He has a lot of good points just like Necro. They’re both great phones.

    3. the battle is between htc one x and droid razr hd. This device will have weak radios like all samsung devices.

  4. Both are good depends on what your personal preference is. One X screen looks more natural. S3 removable battery and SD card. The rest is a mere design preference. Software is the bigger difference, sense vs touchwiz

  5. Samsung has always been ahead of HTC. NO phone from them has outsold the Galaxy S and S2 series.

  6. Build quality to me doesn’t matter anymore as long as I stick my trusty Flygrip to the back of my Epic 4G Touch, or any phone for that matter, if y’all don’t know what Flygrip please look it up it is quite possibly the best accessory for cellphones up to date, I don’t ever have to worry about letting the phone drop again no matter if I’m laying in bed or standing, once the SIII hits the US for sprint I’ll definitely consider it.

  7. The features on the S3 and the new TouchWiz make this phone a whole lot better than I expected it to be and easily trumps any HTC One X variant. I’d take this over the LTEVO. Also, Sense 4.0 is even worse than 3.0 to me.

  8. Am I the only one who was hoping for on-screen buttons instead of capacitive/physical?

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