Watch the first Samsung Galaxy S3 ad here [video]


What will Samsung use to entice people to buy the newly-announced Samsung Galaxy S III? Well, word-of-mouth is always great, but nothing does the trick like a good ol’ TV advertisement. Samsung’s already revealed the first spot they’ll be using, and you can watch it right now on YouTube. They’re sticking to their “Designed for Humans” guns.

I wouldn’t call it Apple-esque, but it definitely follows an advertising model that I think every phone manufacturer and carrier should use. Showing the device’s value to everyday life will draw a ton of people in, and it should prove to be successful all around the world. We won’t jump to conclusions just yet, though. Press play on that video you see embedded above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

What are your impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S3? [Polls]

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  1. Designed for humans!
    Unlike other phones which are designed for… erh… dinosaurs!

    But seriously, i think the hardware is great. The design, I am not sure about. The white one looks quite good. Dont understand why they didnt go for a black model though.
    And as always, dont like the plastic look

    1. Are you referencing BlackBerry in your first comment?

  2. Can’t say I cared for that

  3. Anyone else find this ad creepy?

    “It understands you. Knows who you are. Follows your every move. Waits till you’re asleep.”

    1. I kept thinking they should have used The Police’s Every Breath You Take instead of the piano.

    2. iRobot. I would say iPhone but that one’s already taken. :P

  4. Tt gives me the impression that samsung is trying to replicate a similar feeling to apple’s ads by trying to connect to “emotion”. Close samsung, but no cigar. I didn’t find this advert effective, perhaps they should focus/highlight on the new features of samsung Galaxy S3 in the advert instead.

  5. first, let me just say that i haven’t been on in a while, but i like this new version of disqus.

    second, this commercial is dumb. it just doesn’t work. i know what they’re trying to do, trying to imitate the way apple ads sell the iphone, but it doesn’t work. most android phone ads are actually pretty bad.

    finally, i was holding out for this phone for months, when the phone i had gave out on me and i ended up getting the galaxy nexus instead. looking at this phone, i’m glad i didn’t wait any longer. it looks cheap, and poorly built. personally, my favorite thing about the galaxy nexus is how clean it looks with the lack of physical buttons.

    the quad core processor is nice, and so is the screen, but all in all, compared to what it could have been, it just feels like samsung missed the mark on this one.

  6. It didn’t show the phone doing anything really. It just said stuff. I wanted to see the phone in action, doing what the commercial was saying. This commerical will fail because of that

  7. Wtf stalker!!!! And “designed for humans” lol guess I’m [moderated] since im a Martian o_o

  8. Damn I got a call back for the glass couple with my wife. They never said it was for the galaxy s3. Now I’m even more sad I didn’t get it.

  9. The video is private and can’t be viewed……

  10. Stupid ad. Just a bunch of nonsense about emotions with a quick pose from the phone doing nothing at the end. Makes me not want th ephone for making such a silly advert

    1. Emotions are for sissies!

  11. Palm Pre still holds the crown for worst commercials ever, this is very close second though

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