Galaxy S3 users to get 50Gb of storage from Dropbox


Looks like Dropbox and Samsung have struck a deal for those who plan on buying the Galaxy S III when it’s made available later this month. Anyone who elects to buy one will be eligible to get a whopping 50GB of free storage to use with Dropbox, the popular file sharing service that received new competition late last month.

They mention that the deal is only applicable for the first two years, but we’re not sure if this means it’ll only be offered for two years or if your account will be downgraded after two years. We’re willing to bet the latter, but we’ll reach out to Samsung and get clarification either way.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ah I see what they did there… it’s an up-sell. They get you hooked on all the bonus space, then when the jig’s up you gotta cough up or lose your stuff. Sneaky.

    1. Why would they do that though? I mean, I saw it as after 2 years you won’t be able to do the plan anymore. Lyk getting a GS3 won’t let you get 50GB of storage.

      1. Why would they do that? Because it’s smart (albeit sneaky and [imo] evil marketing). It’s the same reason drug dealers always give the first one free.

  2. 50GB but the average user’s data plan is probably only an average of 5GB. Yes, I realize that most people here will use their extra space from their computer but for the average buyer of this phone, that extra space will be excessive.

  3. Wow… And HTC has only 25. That’s pretty interesting…

  4. who really needs 50gb of dropbox?

    1. i had 4.8gb in dropbox but i found it too small so i went ahead and got 50gb from

      1. Except 50Gb from dropbox would be useful. was terrible.

        1. Actually, I love I have the 50GB account when I purchased the Touchpad (with ICS on it now). Box works great and the GUI is fantastic. Never had a problem with it.

          1. I like it too, just not that 200 MB cap per file upload, and the fact that I can’t auto save the pictures I take like I can with Dropbox

    2. People who record 1080p videos and have them automatically uploaded to DropBox. LoL!!

      I was scared for lyk 2 seconds when I seen my 4GB more than 60% full.

  5. So I could get the 64gb galaxy s3 then pop in a 64gb micro sd card and then add get this bonus 50gb? That’s a lot of space. 178gbs

    1. Yeah I’d be happy with just the massive on-phone storage, backed up on my home PC and also a spare external hard disk. These cloud services are a phony sense of security. The Galaxy Nexus with its pitiful “12 usable gigs” and no expansion port is the wrong direction; the S3 is far preferable.

    2. well it’s not really 178, lol :p

  6. I’m fairly certain the “for 2 years” thing means you are downgraded after 2 years.

    1. Unless you buy a new Galaxy phone.

  7. There’s a competition to win a Galaxy S III going on at the moment! It’d be so great to get one for nothing!

  8. The deal only applies for the 1st 2 years from the start, right? I mean, doesn’t that mean after 2 years from the Galaxy S3 being sold, you WON’T be able to get 50GB of storage free? Meaning you just missed the timing?

    What’s with the negativity? LoL!! I sure hope I’m not wrong. Having all my videos backed up with no place to put them on my 150GB hard drive with 10GB left. LoL!! =.P

    1. The actual space will expire (unless people pressure them HARD).

      When HTC and dropbox first ‘hooked’ up they offered an extra 3gigs to all sense 3.5 users. When I got that it said it expired….

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