What are your impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S3? [Polls]


So Samsung’s Galaxy S III presentation just wrapped up, and we know the lot of you are teeming with thoughts, good or bad. There was a metric ton of new and innovative features shown off today. Samsung focused more on the software in this press conference, and that’s where a majority of the features are put into motion.

We’ve got things like continuous camera shutter that can take take up to 20 consecutive photos lag-free, pop-up video that’ll allow you to watch video on top of another app, wireless sharing using the Allcast Share Dongle, S-Voice for Siri-like commands, Smart Stay for eye-tracking to determine whether or not to turn the display off, and more.

The list of new features is so long that it would probably take me an hour discussing it all in this post. A majority of the new features can be seen in the announcement post we made earlier, and those of you who watched in on the live stream saw all of the goods being demoed and shown off with your very own eyes.

So with everything out on the table, what’s the verdict? This is probably the biggest Android device launch of the year, even with stiff competition from HTC. You all must have seriously considered the device in your future purchase plans, and while exhaustive reviews haven’t come out yet we’re sure opinions have already started brewing.

And even if the phone as a whole left you feeling underwhelmed, we still want to hear which features you liked best. There’s a long laundry list of them and would I find it hard to believe that those who didn’t like what they saw  as a whole didn’t like at least one of the many new features that you just won’t find in any other phone (yet).

You can see a host of polls below. Be sure to vote in all of them and head to the comments section for added discussion — things should get real interesting down there.

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  1. By “Met Expectations” I mean that my expectations were low.

    1. Yea…I wasnt looking for anything groundbreaking. Its hard to match or surpass the GS2,

      1. ya but it looks hella smoother. my only gripe is the stupid ugly hardware button, google should crack oem’s in the skull and command no more physical/capacitive buttons.

    2. just read the anandtech review… this is handsdown the most powerful phone to date.

      love the comment, “This thing can run Crysis damnnn” lol

  2. No LTE what is wrong 

    1. LTE options will be introduced in the United States launch events.

    2. It HAS LTE!!!! WTF!?

  3. not good at all ugly phone

    1. Agreed. I was hoping that the big button in the center of the chin was just part of the dummy boxes, sadly, it wasn’t :/

    2. time for you to pay a visit to an eye doctor my friend, this phone is a beauty.

  4. I think I’d rather have a G-nex

    1.  My thoughts exactly.. I just got the Gnexus last week, and I was considering returning it in case the S3 was ridiculous. But ah… I could never return this phone for that :)

      1. I would get the Gnex if it was quad core… maybe the next nexus will be.

        1. I’d rather it had a dual core 2 Ghz Cortex A15 chip inside.

    2. Yeah…..Unlocked, no contract and NO bloatware.

  5. Really fell short of expectiations? What were you expecting?
    All I can think of is Non pentile and a better camera (Which has not been tested yet so…)
    I think the actual device could look better and better colours but hey.

    1. Less bloat, more Android

      1. I’d normally agree but I’d love to have the Eye track and the Svoice on my Gnex.  Actually fantastic looking enhancements if they actually work the way advertised.

        1. I’m sure devs will figure it out.

    2. Yeah I don’t know what these people were expecting.  This phone is rock solid.  Super rock solid.  Best hardware specs in the industry, built on the best mobile operating system to date with great new enhancements with eye track and s-voice buttonless voice activation. 

      I’m quite impressed and would like to trade my Gnex for it I think.

      1. Yeah same! I love my Gnex but the SIII is a beast! 

        people just aren’t realistic anymore. 
        If the phone did come with all they wanted they would complain about the price.

        @google-1eb7e47536f1d126eb696956a3311eae:disqus “Not a huge improvement over the Nexus, except for quad core.” 
        Yeah you’re right, it’s only twice as fast and more battery efficient. Did you stick with the Nexus S when the SGS2 came out?  

      2. Makes perfect sense if you are getting the International version. Will have to wait and see what changes any US provider makes, but the One X is giving it a run for it’s money right now (hardware wise).

    3. In all honesty I was expecting more, here is what i would have liked to see in order of preference.  

      At least a 2500 mAH batterySmaller bezel12mp rear camera1.5 – 2 GB RAM 1080p display3mp front cameraI don’t think this was impossible to achieve as the premier device for 2012.I would not mind if my phone was an extra 1mm thicker if it was getting me a smaller bezel. Samsung could have done better I think.. Not a huge improvement over the Nexus, except for quad core.

      1. I honestly would prefer the gnex. Theyre almost the same but gnex looks way better and is vanilla

    4. that’s where it fell short of my expectations. camera, pentile, and no black or grey. that and its still all plastic. I would have liked to see a battery closer to the razrmaxx too, but perhaps i’m asking too much .

      1. I agree, but i’m also not upset about it. will still swap it for my Gnex :P

  6. Where’s the ceramic we heard about??? no LTE??? No SAMOLED+??


    1. LTE options will be introduced in the United States launch events.

      1. i have a feeling you will be repeating yourself a lot here haha

      2. My point is no LTE at launch

    2. It has LTE and HD Super AMOLED.
      Pay attention jesus.

      As for ceramic… did you see the “Hyperglaze” announcement? I’m guessing thats the new manufacturing technique. I don’t know if its ceramic or not. Who cares if it is… the One X == chip city.

      1. yes, but not HD Super Amoled +. for some reason they have gone back to a pentile matrix, which is puzzling and disappointing.

      2. YOU need to pay attention. SAMOLED+ is not equivilant to SAMOLED HD. The + is 40% better. I didn’t actually expect to see a ceramic unibody on this phone like others did.

      3. Also, no LTE yet, we have to wait till mid summer for LTE.

    3. You’re disappointed because the phone didn’t live up to rumors that random people on the internet pulled out of their ass?

      1. I’m disappointed because the previous generationof this model (SGS2) had the SAMOLED+. But this one does not have it. And usually specs can be predicted now-a-days, and this phone did not meet predictions at all. This is supposed to be the iPhone 5 killer?????

  7. It seems to me that the battery life would be horrid.  With the “always listening” and “watching you” stuff in the software.

    1. And an A9 processor.

      1. A9 quad core and a 4.8″ screen -__-

        1. a15 quad would have been ten times better. Then again im still using a a Evo4G and its screen and power more then suffices after two years. The GSIII really need that extra processor boost, even tho im sure its screen would work very well. It reminds me of the GNex which isnt bad. I will be honest tho I was expecting a near bezel less display as the rumors called, and that officially brought my excitement from YEAH MAN to a yey. that would have been extremely eye catching. I will say that what is keeping me from going to the One X is the 64GB of on board memory plus sdcard

          1. A15 was designed for tablet screens, not phones. It’s still cool though.

          2. if you get the EVO lte you get sd card slot and bigger battery, plus kickstand, kickstand!

        2. yeah it’s an A9 quad core but it’s also built on 32nm and utilizes HKMG low power technology so that you save about 20% over the model currently in the SII..

          That is impressive in my opinion. Additionally it is a pin to pin comparison to the dual core model in the SII.

      2. That was the biggest disappointment for me

  8. Don’t care. Once you own a Note theres no going back to a smaller screen

    1. http://i.imgur.com/tZBrx.jpg

      edit: kidding…wish i had one :(

    2. Yes – I’m waiting for a Note 2

      1. Here’s hoping for Exynos 5 in it.

    3. Lol yeah, aint that the truth. Everything seems small and toyish now

  9. I’m very disappointed. I was really looking forward to this phone. It has good specs don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t look high end. It almost looks like a feature phone. I might just get the HTC One X :(

  10. So I guess someone just made up SAMOLED+ out of thin air.

    1. People just assumed. But it was a bad assumption. I assumed too until somebody showed me a little logic and some math that made me realize it wouldn’t happen. But every time I explained it to other people, nobody would believe me. Whoever that guy was would showed me the light, thank you.

      1. What was the math?

        1. I don’t have the time right now, but basically showing that each generation of display we have seen has really only a pixel density increase of max around 15-20%. This even includes iPhone retina display because we had phones with 260+ before the iPhone.

          The jump from SAMOLED+ would be from 218 ppi, as seen on the S2, to 316 as seen on the Nexus. That would be a 45% increase. To expect that kind of increase in a single generation is just not reasonable. (Although by using a 4.8″ screen the S3 is actually less than 316)

  11. no Gorilla glass? 

    1. It has Gorilla Glass 2

  12. I Want one! Hopefully it’ll come to Tmobile asap.

  13. I was really hoping for something more than the Samsung’s usual crappy plastic and faux metallic bezel around the edges…

  14. I would definately buy one if not for Touchwiz. It’s not a “definately no” factor but I’ll be holding my money a bit longer for a quad core vanilla phone. Hopefully by Moto or HTC (both make very solid hardware). Looks aside, the software and hardware are still top notch.

  15. All of samsung’s software work seems gimmicky to me. It seems like Google will probably have better implementations of a lot of this stuff in the next version of Android.

    1. meh, maybe. Direct Call doesn’t seem gimmicky at all to me. That seems smart.

      Nor does AllShare Cast seem gimmicky. Why didn’t google implement streaming from Android ICS to Google TV? Or create the ability to do it over your wireless network?

      They could have, but didn’t. Samsung definitely fills those gaps with this, and I think that plenty of people will use those two features alone.

      1. its called wifi display, and certification is still being worked on, its rumored the OMAP 5 would get it but not promised, so far its only this exynos and the S4 both of which werent out when the gnexus shipped.

    2. Most of these additions look like horrible gimmicks. How often do you think this phone is going to pocket dial people because you left the messaging app open?

  16.  Well if you’re a rooter, that shouldn’t stop you ;)

  17. I high end device needs to look…well, high end. I can’t understand why Samsung phones still look so cheap and toy like. Not a sexy curve on that thing. I know that isn’t a concern for some people, but it is for me. Also I was hoping that their software would be closer to stock Android but still incorporating their new features like the eye track. Touchwiz looks cartoonish. Also a pentile display just is not going to cut it at this point in the game. Now the positives are they kept the removable battery and SD card. HTC will be my next purchase.

    1. because they have a rounded bezel? Meh look doesn’t matter to me, it’s how well the phone performs… to each their own! :)

      GNex is also Pentile as far as I know.

  18. I’d rather have the One X

    1. This announcement just made my decision to go with the One X concrete. Already pre-ordered. I will be at Best Buy when the doors open.

      1. Based on specs? Or features? The One X doesn’t have the nifty features of the S3, perhaps you’re not interested in those features though.

        1. The software features on the S3 seem a little gimmicky to me and I am not too interested in them.

          The One X looks a lot better IMO as well. I am not too keen on glossy plastic and from what early hands-ons have said it seems like the phone still feels a bit cheap. I wish they would have gone with a soft touch or matte plastic. Also, the SLCD is going to be better than the SAMOLED. I don’t really like the over-saturation of colors and outdoor viewing issues with SAMOLED.

          The biggest selling points for the S3 to me are the storage capacity options and the bigger battery. I don’t use removable storage in my phone and I don’t need the battery to be removable, but a One X with a 2100 mAh battery and 32GB on board would have been a lot better.

          And I’d take a dual core A-15 based cpu over a quad core A9 anyday.

          1. Doesn’t One X run a S4? The US Version of S3 will run an S4 as well. You are correct on the display. Not sure why they didn’t do the AMOLED+ on the S3.

            I’ve never cared much how the phone felt. I currently have a Galaxy S 4G and people said it felt plasticky too… didn’t make a big deal to me. Different reasons for everyone :) My wife has a MyTouch 4G and it has a metal back plate, it’s nice, but I guess I’m not too big on the actual phone material.

          2. oh and the other reason I like the S III over the HTC One X… the ability to up my storage via microsd.

          3. I stopped using micro SD for most things because it slows down performance. On both the S2 and Atrix.

            Having said that, I really wish the One X would have had 32GB of on board storage. I easily would have paid an extra $50 for that.

          4. Yeah unfortunately all too often the stock micro SD’s shipped with a phone are crap. I always buy Class 10 micro SD’s and don’t have any issues with performance.

        2. You can port all the features to the HOX if you want. It’ll be a matter of time.

          1. mmm Perhaps, but I’m not so sure about that. AllCast Share, AllCast Play specifically. Additionally, Direct Call and the eye tracking thing.

  19. This means I’m sticking with HTC One S or Galaxy Nexus as my next phone. This design is NOT exciting me.

    1. I’d go with the Gnex

    2. I agree. The gunmetal color scheme looks a lot more high-end than this plasticky shell. The design, imo, is a step backwards from the Nexus. The curved corners also look odd–fat, even. Compare that to the corners of the Nexus and you’ll see that the shape of the SGS3 corners just seem… unresolved.

  20. My only problem with it is PenTile, but that’s enough of a problem that I’ll be getting another phone.

    1. not* enough

  21. The main reason why I’m really considering upgrading my S1 to the S3 instead of the GNote (with almost-as-fast S2 guts), is because they announced that the U.S. variants would be released as soon as JUNE!, but there are a few other Pros and Cons, IMO:

    – The 2100mah battery is removable, which means extended batteries are also an option.
    – The microSDHC slot is still present, and officially supports 64GB or larger SDXC exFAT cards now.
    – U.S. variants of the S3 will be released as soon as June, rather than the regular 5+ month lagtime
    – Wireless charging built-in, although only by the usual very short range inductive charging VS the rumored 3 meter range

    – It looks a little ugly, IMHO, but the U.S. variants may change it up and get it right, especially if they remove the physical “iPhone-ish” home button
    – The display is pentile VS the SGS2’s non-pentile SAMOLED+. Expected better.
    – the GPU is the same Mali as in the S2, just overclocked a bit

    (Oooo… new auto-updating Disqus comments… no more manual page refreshing!)

    1. Don’t worry about this pentile display. According to a source from Samsung, it’s improved a lot in coloring, power consumption and burn-in problem; I still prefer the RGB amoled though. :)

  22. Honestly, I think it has a lot of features that people are unsure about. Apple does (Steve Jobs did) a great job of giving you “features you didn’t know you needed.” Sammy has done the same thing here, but they lack the presentation skills. But if this device is as high-quality as the SII, it will be the best Android phone out there. I would personally not use a lot of the features, but at least Samsung is innovating and building quality hardware.

    1. This was more a software showing though. They didn’t do anything major hardware wise. Quad-core Exynos (A9 based) is nothing to brag about.

      1. they’re probably gonna pull the big guns on the next nexus if chosen….i wouldnt doubt that in 1 to 2 months we are hearing rumors of the next nexus

      2. If you actually understood something about the Exynos 4 Quad then you would understand that it actually IS something to brag about.

        Not only is it 32nm, it utilizes the HKMG low power technology to pretty much save 20% of power compared to the previous model in the S II.

        Futhermore, it is a pin to pin comparison to the Dual Core model… if you don’t understand what that means, well then I guess you don’t really get why it’s something to brag about.

  23. HTC One X with stock Android would be perfect, maybe an SD slot and dedicated camera button would sweeten the pot.

    This was disappointing. Poor design, pentile screen, gimmicky software that detracts from android… the specs are decent enough but the package they come in is extremely disappointing, and that matters so much more than what’s under the hood

    1. So… the EVO 4g LTE, rooted and running CM9? :D

      1. No, the one x.

      2. Yes, exactly like the EVO 4g LTE

        I can’t wait to get mine at the end of summer when I’m due for an upgrade

        @HalfwayCrook:disqus – The EVO 4g LTE is the Sprint version the of the HTC One X. It has an SD slot and a dedicated camera button

    2. Detracts from Android? How about causes there to be a healthy level of competition between the manufacturers and their software.

      You’re telling me that you don’t find the Direct Call feature to be convenient?

      Me personally, I’ve rooted all my android phones and ROM’ed them, but in the case of the Galaxy S3.. not sure I’d want to.

      It’s clear you’re set on the HTC Sense experience, and you’re more than entitled to that opinion.

  24. Three things that make it a miss.
    8Mp not 12Mp camera, 2. Not curved like Nexus and 3. That darned button makes it look so 2010

    1. 12MP sensor in a phone is pointless, all you would get is ridculosly noisy pictures. We need better lenses, not more megapixels.

    2. Megapixels mean nothing. I’d rather have an 8 MP with a better sensor over a shitty 12 MP cam. Samsung went the correct route here.

  25. Nice phone. I love the whole PiP-style feature, but I’m still leaning more towards the HTC One X line of phones. I’ll wait for CTIA next week to make my final judgment.

  26. To be balanced three good features. 1. Auto answering when put to ear, 2. wireless charging and 3…… errmmmm….

  27. better be 21mbps pentaband like nexus for importing so we dont get skimped of quadcore. tmo exynos or nopppe

    1. probably won’t be the Exynos… probably be the Snapdragon S4… personally leave the Exynos in, I’m ok with HSPA+

  28. With a 4.8″ screen I’m excited about the pop up video, I do alot of web browsing but at the same time like would like to have a movie or show playing in the background(i know just listen to music….but I prefer dialogue)…..this may not put me over the edge to buy it because a Gnex will be significantly cheaper when this launches but it’s a selling point for me.

    The only questions that need to be answered now are 1. how does it feel in the hand 2. what is the performance going to be like on the US variant with an S4 and lastly 3. what is battery life going to be like with it always “listening” and awaiting comands and also “watching” you use it….seems like alot of bloat

    1. I’d rather have Exynos and HSPA+ then an S4 and 4G/LTE

  29. All superficial features [which rocks] aside, This is hands down the best phone you can get atm. Quad Core Exynos here I come~

    1. Really depends what your consideration for best is.

      Best looking? Nope.

      Best Processor? How so….quad core A9 vs dual core A15?

      Best Screen? Nope?

      Overall it is a great phone and a top tier phone, but best? I dunno about that.

      1. Thats weird cause I said yes to all 3 of those questions lol.

        1. I love your username.

  30. Honestly, the S3 is a let down in my opinion. Sure, the hardware is nice & shiny but really? The specs didn’t blow me away, TouchWiz needs to go or get skinned to a very minimum because it takes away from the over user experience on ICS. I was holding off to see this before purchasing the htc One x but after seeing the S3, One X all the way. Oh by the way, I am a current S2 user.

  31. I can’t really vote whether or not I will buy it. I need to see it in person and get some battery life stats. Also, I have yet to see what the US versions will feature and look like. I may look at getting the Sony phone that comes out this summer with its awesome camera. There should also be a Atrix 3 coming soon. Not to mention the HTC one x, but I doubt I’ll get it because of the non removable battery and only 16gb of non-expansive memory.

  32. It kind of met my expectations. At first I expected so much, but as the leaks began to roll in, I realized they weren’t going to blow us away. Can’t even make a fair judgement because I have no idea what US carriers will do with it. For me, it might come down to timing. The new EVO will be here first and I will be itching for something new. Justifying the wait until August or September will be very hard. Also, pebble blue and white? What about a basic black as well.

    1. You echo my thoughts verbatim.

    2. Well, they did claim that it would be in the USA in June…

  33. Okay Sony, the stage is yours!

    1. i thought sony’s flagship is Xperia S, which was disapointing given the gingerbread software. HTC one X it is for me.

  34. Hey diddle de dee…. It’s the Evo LTE for me…

  35. Let the SGIV rumors begin!!!

    1. give it 3 months and it will and once again overshadow the nexus

  36. i get why many arent happy with this phone in term of design…….its because it looks nothing like an idevice! I think it looks fine, and will be upgrading. Features wise, i like. Not gimmicky!

  37. Love the phone, but Love my TMO GS2 a lot too.

    Won’t be upgrading.

  38. I own a RAZR MAXX, and after using this 3300 battery, I don’t think I will ever be able to go backwards. All the specs in the world won’t take me away from this awesome freedom of only charging my phone when i sleep.. and I am a POWER user

    1. My friend, your freedom is an envied trait. I currently pull off all day on my Evo4G with a 1500mah battery. low to medium usage. accurately 22 hrs….21hrs of phone time for theMAxx is something my phone wont do tho. I really wished they took a page from the Maxx and started compensating for Android’s fluctuating battery life that we have seen between many devices

      1. Yeah I got a 2300mAh battery for my SGS4G after the old 1650mAh couldn’t keep up. New battery works well, and it’s not extended in the sense of needing a new backplate.

  39. My impression of the Look of it is Wacksauce.

  40. Picked up the unlocked Nexus last week. The S3 is what I thought it would be, to borrow Dennis Green’s phrase. This phone seems to be a decent upgrade from the S2. No real big surprises. A solid phone but I’ll be waiting on the S4 next year once I get bored of my Nexus.

  41. I feel like 3rd party apps can be developed to mimic most of the addons that samsung has added to this phone.

  42. Its nice… but not what I was hoping for… I’m definitely going with the EVO 4G LTE.

  43. Disappointed to see hardware buttons, too much Bezel for a 4.8 in phone. great phone, but no reason to drop my Gnex

  44. What everyone fails to realize it that Samsung has really started to optimize touchwiz since the release of the SGS2. It did not seem to matter which processor was in any of the s e s 2 very they all out performed all other phones in every benchmark… The S3 will be no different…eleven if it is A9, and they keep the mali-400 they are practically doubling clock speed from 266-400mhz. I’ve had the gnex and it isn’t close to this, neither will any other phone coming out.

    1. The Gnex almost certainly leaves this peice of junk in the dust. The only place this phone wont feel like stutterty 2009 garbage is playing games.

      1. How do you figure? GNex doesn’t have as good of a processor, has a pentile display (same as the S III), so I’m not sure where you are deriving your opinion from, unless it’s pure speculation.

    2. Scoring good just mean they lied on the benchmark. People on tech site need to understand benchmarks are app that can be cheated

  45. My decision is now easy. Monday morning I preorder my Sprint EVO 4G LTE.

  46. I’m surprised nobody has noticed this, but when the phone hits the US, it might have the Snapdragon S4, and with a different look might ditch the hardware buttons (I’m hoping for this). What I’m also hoping for is carriers butt in and ask them to skip a pentile display in favor of what’s on the One X. What I do like, and are very important to me, are expandable memory and removable battery.

    1. I hope the carriers leave well enough alone and don’t delay the release of this in the us

  47. Great cam, fast processor, removable big battery, sd-card slot. Thats why I will buy that mobile. I’m just so sad, that it is like the ugliest state of the art smartphone of 2012. There were so nice renderings and now THAT!? It looks more like a 1Gen iPhone x.x I pitty, it didn’t become this: http://www.androidnext.de/wp-content/uploads/samsung-galaxy-s3-fan-render-1.jpg :(

    1. Don’t give your hopes up this is the international design americas is always different

  48. What’s with the old menu button?

  49. Pentile AMOLED in 2012!?! How did that happened after GS2!??

  50. personally, i think the phone is ugly and looks cheap. i’ll stick with my galaxy nexus

  51. No, maybe I’ll buy the S3 option, waiting for high end devices from htc to come out on verizon before my upgrade.

  52. I think people are expecting way too much. This phone looks really nice, great screen size and is a overall good phone. What more do you people expect?

    I was considering the skyrocket hd before this, but since AT&T has failed to produce I think I have made my mind up with gs3.

  53. It bugs me so much that they put a menu button on it like seriously it’s running android 4.0 it shouldn’t even have real buttons but I can let that slide but seriously I yelled so loud when I found that out haha, I hope Samsung knows I’m not even looking forward to any of there new phones now like I always did before

  54. I’ve had my GS2 for 10 months now, here in the UK. It’s a great phone but I’m bored now and want to change. I bought it ‘sim-free’ so I can get rid of it easily enough (ebay etc.). I have mixed feelings about the new GS3.

    I’ll probably buy it but I was a bit peeved by the following:-

    * No mention of “Android” once (I think) – merely just a reference to ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’

    * Some ‘Android’ features seem to be presented as Samsung innovations

    * It gave the impression that S Beam is only for your mates who also happen to have Galaxy S3’s. It would have been much more friendly to say ‘share with any other Android 4.0 phone but additional bells n’ whistles if the other phone is a GS3′

    * They seem to have created a proprietary version of SIRI. Couldn’t they have just worked with Google on ‘Majel’ ? …in what cool ways is this way better than SIRI rather than a copy?

    It feels like …and it pains me to say this because I love my GS2 but it feels like Samsung is riding on the Android carpet but not really acknowledging them in this launch… there doesn’t feel like their is a ‘partnership’ …and certainly no ‘alliance’ is evident here in the spirit of the rose-tinted hippy love-in of the Open Handset Alliance.

    That said, yeah I’ll get it, I do like the front facing HD camera and I hope the battery lasts a bit longer than the GS”… Hope there is a LED notification!

  55. Samsung really crossed the fine line between innovative and gimmicky. They threw every possible feature into the phone, and it didn’t impress. The design and look didn’t peak my interest… Most of these special SGSIII features will be ported to any other ROM under the sun… AOKP could throw all this into their ROMS… Along with other independent ROM makers… I’m sorry, this just makes me feel more concrete about getting an Evo 4G LTE…

  56. Sure it is A9, but so is tegra 3 everyone has been dying for. The original exyenos is barely bested by the new tegra 3 processer. How ISNT the new SG3 going to blow it away? Even if it is the same GPU as sgs2 its clocked 166mhz higher(in case u don’t know–makes a BIG difference in GPU over clock when done right) plus its quad core, and even apple has proven that MP doesn’t matter in your camera. The main point is simple, why act like this isn’t already THE best phone period. The SGS2 was since day 1, and only until one x came out was it dethroned,in terms of pure power. Here is what we know, in every genenration of the Samsung galaxy, they have been far ahead of their time in over ability. Secondly, their software has made major leaps forward(apple again is an example of what good SW can do) in there SW. I would highly suspect the new TW will only further intergrate their own processors to their custom overlay. The version of TW that came on the SGS2 is still one of the best experiences you can fond on an android phone period. I’m not being biazed I’m writing this from my rezound. The ONLY THING i liked better about my GNex was the updates. Even the rezound S3 proc. Can smoke the GPU in Nexus. Lastly, food for thought: again, all those saying “GNex it is”– the original Samsung galaxy S shipped with the EXACT GPU that your nexus will soon ship with. Samsung played it smart, they made the hardware for Google’s flagship nice, but nothing like the hardware for their flagship device at Samsung.

    Its not exactly what I expected but its still a good looking phone. If I decode to use my upgrade this summer this may be the benefactor of my upgrade

  57. I am a little baffled at the responses to this.
    The phone has a large Super AMOLED HD Display, a quad core processor, a large amount of built in storage with the ability to expand with SD card and has a lot of unique new and helpful features….I understand why some won’t upgrade or will chose a different phone….But how on earth was this below expectations?? What exactly is missing from the phone? Is it simply just the design of it? I guess I’m a little at a loss.

    1. even Jesus couldnt please everybody. This phone is the best phone right now, it trumps the competition in screen, camera, processor, performance, software features, battery, micro sd,etc. people just want to complain.

  58. will wait till next nexus or htc one x..samsung just didnt meet my expectations on any level..

  59. Rezound still has best screen out there, flys, has ICS thanks to dev community and it gets no love.

  60. I’ll wait for the Galaxy Note 2

  61. Everyone saying HTC! HTC! HTC!… Yes, benchmarks aren’t everything. However, they are interesting.

  62. Please Verizon, get this phone.

  63. Last generation screen and camera with no changes to the build quality and hardware buttons : ( I hope to God the U.S. versions will at least use an S4 processor and on screen buttons to make up for this completely over hyped dissapointment. EVO 4G LTE it is IMO, HTC is back with a vengeance.

  64. Unfortunately, the rumor that the S3 would be just an incremental upgrade over the S2 came true. I expected far better specs, like a 12 megapixel camera, 2GB ram, 2GHz dualcore Exynos processor with A15 architecture, 1080p screen and a battery of at least 2500 mAh.

    Maybe the S3 was a bit overhyped, but this is just really disappointing, not a single one of my (reasonable) expectations came true… Also, the design is ugly, I thought there would be almost no bezel?

  65. i think people are disappointed because of what they were led to believe the GS3 was going to be from all the leaks that came out prior to this announcement… im assuming the design of the phone is what mostly disappoints about the GS3.. the leaks were about the bezel less display, 12mp cam, 1080p screen, exynos 5 etc.. now people are disappointed because they are not getting what they expected.. LOL

    this phone just meets my expectations.. will i get the HTC one series over this? of course not… micro sd, removable battery? those utilities are enouhg for me to get this over the one series.. im not an HTC fan , but ive read alot about their build quality, so im swaying from their devices, it’s just me.. lol
    we probably won’t get the exynos version in the states , the s4 will do.. still hoping for exynos though instead..

    samsung also implemented a lot fo software features to the GS3 which is very nice, they really improved the software side of the device.. i hope they won’t get sued over that voice command thingy.. LOL

  66. btw, disqus does’nt show up on firefox, i had to use IE.. yes i made an effort just to comment , that’s how much i love this site.. LOL ..
    oh gosh..

  67. I’ve liked htc phones but this galaxy s 3 looks awesome. Glad to see removable battery and micro sd slot. All these new features do seem interesting too

  68. Galaxy Nexus > Galaxy SIII

  69. Still singing the praises of the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. No bloatware and no contract…..Why do anything else?

  70. Well.

  71. http://www.theverge.com/2012/5/3/2996838/samsung-galaxy-s-iii#3325878
    Looks pretty sleek and sexy to me, dont know what all the fuss is about. Yeah, its plastic. I have lots of sexy devices made of plastic.

  72. I strongly feel that there’s no way to make a decision based solely on facts you see on the internet. I won’t make up my mind until I try out the phones myself.

  73. Made me feel good about getting the One X next week.

  74. ” Samsung focused more on the software in this press conference, and that’s where a majority of the features are put into motion.”

    The weakest asset they can bring to the competition.

  75. Damn. Samsung pulled an Apple on this one. (Fell short of expectations).

  76. My god Phandroid has the biggest hard on for this phone ever…

  77. Ahhh MR. Blue…have you not noticed? Have you not seen how bad HTC sucks with battery life? Better to talk about what a phone has…when it’s actually out.

    1. That’s funny, because reviewers have said the the AT&T HTC One X has great battery life. One of them said it was “magical” others say it’s some of the best they’ve seen excluding the Razr Maxx.

  78. Thank God theres a physical button… Makes using a phone alittle bit easier…dont know what why some people on here have issues with them…find that weird…

  79. The device looks great. Best looking Samsung to date. Face recognition and siri copy gimmicks I could do without. Nice battery choice. Lose the amoled. Like the SD slot. The screen size war is silly. I’d want to actually hold it but it looks big. The whole processor game is getting old too with the rest of the world getting quads and the us getting s4. Spec one phone.

    Anyway nice phone but I’ll prolly never own it. My next upgrade is going for a OneS variant.

  80. It’s one thing to complain about the GS3 based on its own merits. It’s quite another to bash it just to make yourself feel better about the choice you have made and are now stuck with. Claiming that some current Android phones are better is a bit silly.

  81. I really was waiting Samsung would use the Samsung Wave II design for it.
    A entire block design with a curved on the edges-Super AMOLED screen.
    Non-physical buttons on front but for camera, power and volume.
    12MPx rear camera would have to been there.
    Sadly in this area, bigger and more is better, no matter what, so 2Gb and a little more battery power could have closed many mouths.

    I will be waiting for the Sprint version, I hope they take off the front physical buttons…

  82. Its tempting, but i’ll stick with my sexy new white Galaxy Note still. Hell, I left Verizon after being a customer with them for years cause I wanted the Note that bad

  83. The SGS2 was such a beast this just pales in comparison.

  84. I didn’t care for the “Pebble Blue” color too much… Nature my ass.. I prefer black… or even better, the black & red color scheme of the Rezound or Evo..

  85. I do like the design tho… just not the color options… Spec-wise I think it’s great.

  86. Let me turn of Touchwiz and I would think about it.

  87. I just hope US version to get rid of the horrible home button.

  88. i already bought the One X and after seeing what the Galaxy S III looks like, i think i made the right choice

    same samsung with cheap plastic build

  89. It looks ugly as hell, and the software is awful as expected. The s-voice is an obvious Siri ripoff so another lawsuit looks to be on the way. Samesung just never learns.

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