May 3rd, 2012

So Samsung’s Galaxy S III presentation just wrapped up, and we know the lot of you are teeming with thoughts, good or bad. There was a metric ton of new and innovative features shown off today. Samsung focused more on the software in this press conference, and that’s where a majority of the features are put into motion.

We’ve got things like continuous camera shutter that can take take up to 20 consecutive photos lag-free, pop-up video that’ll allow you to watch video on top of another app, wireless sharing using the Allcast Share Dongle, S-Voice for Siri-like commands, Smart Stay for eye-tracking to determine whether or not to turn the display off, and more.

The list of new features is so long that it would probably take me an hour discussing it all in this post. A majority of the new features can be seen in the announcement post we made earlier, and those of you who watched in on the live stream saw all of the goods being demoed and shown off with your very own eyes.

So with everything out on the table, what’s the verdict? This is probably the biggest Android device launch of the year, even with stiff competition from HTC. You all must have seriously considered the device in your future purchase plans, and while exhaustive reviews haven’t come out yet we’re sure opinions have already started brewing.

And even if the phone as a whole left you feeling underwhelmed, we still want to hear which features you liked best. There’s a long laundry list of them and would I find it hard to believe that those who didn’t like what they saw  as a whole didn’t like at least one of the many new features that you just won’t find in any other phone (yet).

You can see a host of polls below. Be sure to vote in all of them and head to the comments section for added discussion — things should get real interesting down there.

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