Three UK starting Galaxy S3 presales tomorrow


Three UK is already set to offer presales for the Samsung Galaxy S3 soon. They’ve announced that presale opportunities will begin tomorrow. The tariff for this one is £34 per month and that will get you the phone and all the data you want.

As an added bonus, anyone who preorders the device between now and May 30th, the device’s launch date, will be entered for a chance to win 1 of 26 Samsung Smart TVs. The exact models and size are not known. Either way, it’s not a bad incentive to claim the phone ahead of time. Read on for full details.

Samsung Galaxy SIII – available to pre-order on Three from 4th May.

Samsung’s much anticipated smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, will be available to pre-order on Three from 4th May.

The Galaxy SIII will be available on The One Plan with all-you-can-eat data at £34 per month and with no upfront cost.

In addition, everyone that pre-orders the Samsung Galaxy SIII with Three before the 30th May will be automatically entered into a daily draw to win one of 26 brand new Samsung Smart TVs.

Nigel Field, director of devices at Three, said, “We can’t wait to bring Samsung’s amazing Galaxy SIII to Three, and we’re very proud to be one of their UK launch partners. With our high speed, award-winning network and market-leading all-you-can-eat data, we believe we can deliver the ultimate mobile internet experience to our customers with this phone.

“The Galaxy SII was one of the smartphones of 2011, and we’re expecting its successor, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, to be amongst 2012’s biggest mobile success stories.”

Customers can pre-order a Samsung Galaxy SIII by calling 0800 358 1799 from 9am tomorrow, or by visiting their local 3Store. They can register for updates and information about the Samsung Galaxy SIII at http://three.co.uk/SamsungGalaxy.

Samsung Galaxy SIII on The One Plan
£34 per month
No upfront cost

All-you-can-eat data
2000 any network minutes
5000 Three-to-Three minutes
5000 texts
Tethering included

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  1. That’s a pretty good deal!!!

  2. This is a sick plan… in Canada, mobile carriers are a legal mafia

  3. Wow… sounds cheap… or am I missing something? by my estimates and quick math (google) that puts it around $45 a month.

  4. Damn, thats a good deal, but does the carrier have fast speeds?

  5. Is it just me or does Europe have an awesome cell deal?

  6. In the good ole US of A, mobile carriers are legal terrorists


    I’ve had a SGSII and a Galaxy Nexus on Three. Both had issues where data stops, requiring a reboot. It’s due to a slight incompatibility between the way Samsung radios handle switching between masts and the way Threes masts are set up.

    I got a refund after 4 months of waiting for a software fix, which I believe still has’t arrived.

    Experience tells me that if you drive around, or live in an area with weak signal meaning you’ll be changing masts, you can kiss goodbye to internet services unless you have the thing in your hand and turned on (ie. no IM, email, maps, Latitude, Spotify etc).

    Either get an HTC or use a different network. Samsung and Three do not work together at all.

    1. I have a Galaxy note and a HTC Desire both on one plans in three and my samsung galaxy note gets better signal reception on three than my desire. I frequently have to use the phone in a building with poor signal for all networks and often have a signal near some windows hovering just above -113dbm and phone works fine if i can get a signal. They are a pure 3g network and dont have the 2g backup they used to have from other networks in most areas but still have it in some areas. Data speeds are decent at above 5mbps for downloads and 2.5mbps for uploads usually. On three network supplied phones they somehow seem to be getting the phone to stick to 3g signal even in weak areas and if you lose signal it keeps trying to get the same signal instead of using prl settings for 2g signal of prl provider.

      On my desire if i went into the settings while codes *#*#4636#*#* and then choose phone settings and scroll down and in the options provided for data switch if you choose gsm auto prl instead of wcdma only then switch is faster for prl provider roaming signal (but without roaming charges) in poor signal areas when you lose signal.

      If you were losing data often guess your problem was being in an area with 2g signal where only voice or data can work by turns and not together because most networks havent opted for the dual transfer mode for 2g signals (look it up in gsm organisation publications), only vodafone had done some trials in past for dual transfer mode but as far as i am aware no one had implemented the software update yet, so in poor signal areas when one loses 3g signal and gets 2g signal then data is flaky as data and voice cant go together unless dual transfer mode has been implemented for 2g signal or it takes turns leading to intermittent dropped calls or dropped data. This applies to any networks 2g signal unless they have implemented dual transfer mode software update for their systems as per gsm organisation documentation. (you need to register with them to be able to download the documentation. registration was free) Problem on all networks has been well documented in many forums including xda few years ago. But changing via test codes the setting to gsm auto prl improved the signal availability of prl provider and i have posted this on xda and moneysavingexpert forums a few years ago after comparing 2 desire phones, one with stock setting and one with gsm auto prl setting and the one with gsm auto prl setting got prl provider signal faster when 3g signal lot and consequently got better battery life too. Loads others who used that setting found same benefits too as seen in those forum posts. Do a google search if interested.

      Been on three for more than 5y with two contracts and getting data speeds of more than 5mbps using samsung phone and htc phone. data speed on my samsung note is faster than on my htc desire. Both unbranded handsets on stock firmware. So your assertion that samsung and three cant work together is erroneous.

  8. I’ve had an SGSII and a Galaxy Nexus on 3. The data on both freezes when changing network mast (ie when driving or in a weak signal area), meaning no notifications until you reboot. With the SGSII, Samsung and Three both admitted the slight incompatibility between Samsung Android and the Three network and after 5 months with no fix, refunded me.

    TL;DR Samsung Android handsets and 3 don’t work together properly. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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