Pantech Vega Racer 2 tries to take on the Galaxy S3


South Korean manufacturers had a pretty big day today. While all eyes were on Samsung’s Galaxy S3 unveiling in London, Pantech decided to stay home and quietly announce the next entry into their flagshp – the Pantech Racer Vega 2. The device is fairly similar to the Galaxy S3 with a 4.8 inch HD display, a 2,020mAh battery, LTE radios, and Android 4.0, but it doesn’t have the quad-core processor.

It’s instead equipped with the Snapdragon S4. Oh, and it certainly doesn’t have TouchWiz 4.0 which has introduced some of the most innovative features you can find on mobile software. It’s a nice try, and it could do well, but it definitely doesn’t have the firepower to take down the Galaxy S3. The device launches starting in South Korea next week. Take a look at the Korean press release at the source link. [Press release via The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Nice design, simple but not boring. S4 has proven to be a top notch processor. Any word on US availability?

  2. I prefer the S4 over quad cores. There’s just no way that’s being used efficiently

  3. iphone 4S – is that you under that disguise??

  4. If it has a cermaic case, a non-pentile screen, software buttons, stock Android 4.0 and a S4 processor it’s already superior to the GS3.

  5. Dealbreaker here tho – does it have googleapps/market access?

    if it does, this look like a really nice phone.

    Also loving the software keys on this, tho the inconsistency between them portrait vs landscape is pretty funny :P

  6. This…is not that bad…

  7. The picture looks like It’s the stock 4.0 software buttons

  8. I like it more than the sgsiii.

  9. Looks like a cross between Samsung and HTC, nice design. Wish the battery was slightly larger but with the S4, maybe that’s not a problem.

  10. I actually think it looks better than the S3 and the Snapdragon S4 processor is not bad at all. Another good thing is the lack of TouchWiz. I would totally get this over the SGS3.

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