RIM takes responsibility for Australian ‘Wake Up’ protest


The world was a bit hasty in jumping to the conclusion that Samsung was behind a recent spontaneous protest that broke out outside of an Apple Store in Sydney, Australia. We were right in assuming that things seemed a bit too polished for the “Wake Up” campaign to be any sort of grassroots movement, what with the professionally printed signs, coordinated outfits, and decked out bus (not to mention an accompanying website). We just had the responsible party wrong.

BlackBerry maker RIM has admitted that they were behind the charade as part of a buildup to a May 7th reveal that “will aim to provoke conversation on what ‘being in business’ means to Australians.”  It just won’t be provoking any conversation about Samsung or their upcoming Galaxy S III. But hey, being mistaken for Samsung is a step in the right direction for RIM, right?

[via PCWorld]

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  1. Epic marketing fail.

    1. and yet here we are talking about it. 

      1. true – however it was a failure – all this has done is get people talking about the s3! lol!

  2. Makes RIM look as relevant as YAHOO.

    1. Heyy! I like Yahoo…….. Mail

  3. Well… didn’t see THAT coming.

    1.  lol ikr? Well RIM is definitely making some innovative stuff with their new OS, like their messaging app is sweet, and their photo editing is very innovative… 

      1. Competition is always a good thing.  RIM needs to step up their game if they want to compete, however.  We’ll see how BBOS 10 does.

  4. The Apple crowd was hellbent on blaming Samsung.

    1. They had good reason to believe it was samsung, wouldn’t you think?

      1. If you call jumping to conclusions good reason, yes, absolutely.

        1. Ooor maybe past behavior by Samsung towards apple and vice versa might influence the belief

          1. Like when Samsung openly advertised themselves with storefronts across from Apple Stores during the iP4s launch, and made it clear to the world that they were Samsung?

            LoL anyway, I agree with other comment here – it’s like RIM couldn’t have done better for Samsung if they tried. :D

  5. Heh! Blunty posted a video yesterday explaining how he was in the right place at the right time.

  6. I think thats pretty cool of them.  Disrupting the Apple world is fun.

  7. Look at the color scheme of the campaign – it practically SCREAMS Blackberry and RIM.

  8. Another major RIM fail… even if this “WAKE UP” message yielded any impact at all on a potential iPhone buyer, this campaign would have only steered them to an Android device…. Correct me if I’m wrong, but does anyone know anyone who is considering “I’m gonna get an iPhone, but that Blackberry is a close second!”

  9. Samsung owes RIM a beer for this..:P
    free publicity for them..haha

    1. There were a lot of people bitching about it too though, and they blamed it on Samsung. So I say it’s about even.

  10. Pot meet kettle. 

  11. When reached for comment, Apple replied “RIM? Really? LOL!”

  12. Me want blackberry 10!

  13. Ironic that a company who has fallen asleep at the technological wheel for years would use wake up…

  14. Lol rim how pathetic of you

  15. Shitty RIM job.

  16. Next time they do this the ppl in the Apple store are gonna say “Oh, it’s just those crazy Blackberry users…” 
    Then someone else is gonna say “Blackberry?  People still use those????” then turn around and continue ignoring them…

  17. I’d say this is great marketing.  Most people forgot about RIM and now they have both Samsung and Apple’s attention.  Though it looks like it’s a fail (and RIM is far from a comeback), it got people talking like they wanted. 

  18. anyone else think this BLEEDS of irony?  RIM has been in a coma for the past few years.

  19. I can imagine this taking place in a school playground:

    *scenario: Apple goes and tells the teacher that someone sent a group to make fun of him and thinks it’s Sammy. Teacher lines up all the boys (HTC, Moto, LG, Samsung) and asks which one of them was responsible for making fun of Apple.*

    Apple: It was Sammy! It has to be! He’s been making fun of me for a long time now!

    *RIM in the backround, a very, very short kid*

    RIM: It was me! It was me!

    Teacher: Quiet down, RIM! We’re trying to figure out who did this!

  20. The bus driver must have gotten lost. It should have stopped in Waterloo.

  21. I think someone screwed up the memo. The group was supposed to go to RIM’s headquarters and start shouting wake up. I think it was the RIM investors who put it on as a event to get corporate to wake up.

    1. Changed my mind, that’s the best comment on this yet. :D

  22. “being mistaken for Samsung is a step in the right direction for RIM, right?”

    LOL.. so mean. rim is not that bad, i used to own one.. RIM probably got left behind because of the lack of super duper specs on their devices..

  23. Wow no apology by you for falsely accusing Samsung of doing this act? Horrible editor.

  24. Wonder how many of them actually had blackberry’s in their pockets, lol?

  25. The headline is wrong: It is not responsibility that they accept, it is BLAME.  Too many people don’t know the difference. 

  26. Research in motion patents the #RIMjob. (pun was sooooo intended)

  27. Sammy is worse than Apple. sincerely, HTC user

  28. Is this a F joke? RIM? 

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