Samsung hires protestors to occupy Australia Apple Store


“Wake up.” That was the message of a crowd of protesters hired by Samsung via Australian marketing firm Tongue as they rallied outside of an Australian Apple Store. The demonstration was a far cry from Occupy Wall Street and seems to be part of a larger marketing campaign. As has been Samsung’s fixation lately, the mock protest and its accompanying website are not-so-subtly aimed at deriding Apple and what the maker of the Galaxy S series of phones sees as a sheep-like culture surrounding the iPhone and iPad. Ironically, it’s the same sort of culture Samsung hopes to build around its own products.

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  1. On the “wake up” website, there is a number counting down from over 8,000,000.  it appears that they are 10ths of a second.  When doing the math, the number will hit 0 on May 6th.   That is a Sunday, or Monday morning in Australia….    Is this a potential launch date for the GS3 in Australia?  Will Australians be able to buy the GS3 then?

    1. I sure hope so! Unless apart from the international release Australia will have it’s own launch party on the Monday? 
      Hope i’m invited!

    2. You didn’t even have to do any math, it was embedded in the source code of a Javascript file in the page.

      var D1 = new Date(“6 May 2012 14:59:59”);
      //var D1 = new Date(“16 April 2012 7:57:59”);

      Soooo, what’s happening on May 6th 3pm? Or more curiously, what was supposed to happen on April 16th and didn’t? :)

      1. Interesting that something was supposed to happen on April 16th and that line was commented out.

  2. Their attacks against Apple are getting really boring.

    1. Yeah because they attack Apple more than Apple attacks any other brand.   They’re right.  WAKE UP.

      1. I was talking about marketing.
        Calm down. ;)

        1. the attacks are good marketing. Its putting a public face that Apple users arent aware of, that there’s something better than the iphone out there, and they dont have to only consider Apple products as superior. Im sure theres a huge base of Apple users that are unaware how superior Android is, especially on a high end phone. 

          1. Attacks may be good marketing tricks in some cases, but the point here is that it’s excessively used.

            Samsung keeps on mocking iPhone users, even going as far as not that subtly calling them sheep…
            It makes me wondering if their goal is really to draw them from Apple or to strengthen their loyalty.

            The first time they showed Apple customers queueing in an ad, it was fun. The second time, it was déjà vu.
            Now they should come with new ideas, because even some Android users like me start thinking that enough’s enough.

          2. but they are “sheep”  and maybe they dont realize they are. The point is to make them realize theyre considered sheep, because they wait, buy, and rave about something that is 5 yrs behind the tech times.  I think it doesnt strengthen loyalty if theyre watching a commercial showing them something better than the iphone, something android is poor at demonstrating in general. So i think the ads are great.  The apple loyalists will stay with them regardless of a commercial, dont ya think ?

          3. You believe that they’re sheep, but what if they know there are alternatives to the iPhone but still prefer it?

            My aunt, who never owned a smartphone, tested both my Galaxy Nexus and my sister’s iPhone 4S, and guess what… she prefered the iPhone, despite the efforts I made to show her how better my “precious” was. :P

            It’s not because their taste don’t match yours that iPhone users are sheep.
            From you, this thought is just clumsy.
            From a big company that needs to win clients over, it’s a strategic error.

          4. Nobody forces people to buy an iPhone.  People that chose iPhone over Android make that conscious decision on their own.  Sounds like Samsung is worried anyway.  Not since the “Mac vs. PC” ads has Apple publicly attacked any other company in their ad campaigns.  This is nothing more than childish marketing by Samsung in a desperate attempt to win people over to their products.  

    2. Agreed. That is one of the most immature things I’ve seen. Well done, Samsung, did you get a five-year-old to do your marketing?
       I’m not sure which is worse, the iPhone fanboys, or the GNex fanboys. Actually, they both suck. Fanboyism is for overly-hyperactive 10-year-olds.

      1. Yes, I love my Galaxy Nexus, but it doesn’t prevent me from acknowledging that Samsung is quiet bad at marketing.
        Blind fanboys are annoying.

      2. i hate Samsung, but i think it is good marketing. Appealing to the “fanboy” base is the key. Look at 90% of all comments on android and iphone sites, they are basically the comments of hyperactive 5 year olds.  Besides the fact that i think no other manufacturer has the balls to take on the idiocy of standing on line for a new, completely outdated, piece of crap, and being proud of it. Apple users do need to “wake up”   and samsung realizes that marketing movies like this and the commercials are the best way to drive home the point that there are much more superior things than an iphone. Making the phones and selling them is nothing if people that use an iphone dont want to switch because no one is showing them why they should switch.  I wish Google would grow a pair and aggressively show in massive commercials how inferior the iPhone is to Android….seriously

        1. Your comment is idiotic at best.  Do you really believe that everyone out there is a fanboy, and that everyone should conform yo your way of thinking?  

      3. The problem is, that the average “fanboy” is a very small minority that only exists on the internet, and tech related forums.  If you’ve ever queued for an Apple product of any sort, you’d quickly realize that most are normal every day people that just so happen to prefer Apple products to the alternative.  Samsung only wishes they had this type of loyalty within their own product lines.

    3. I’m adroid… but this is very lame. This could cost Samsung.

  3. Hahaha! That only shows how desperate Samsung is about having a cult like following just like apple does. I gotta say this is beyond sad more like pathetic, they are making themselves look more like asses everyday Lol

    1.  I beginning to agree with you.  Although it is comical seeing these two go at it.  It’s like watching 2 brothers bicker.

      1. Lol it’s funny as hell watching them go at at, entertainment at its best

      2. or like the two idiots in the old Mac commercials..

    2. It seems that this was made up by an advertising company for the sake of publicity, and on that end it seems to be working…

    3. Almost makes me sad I own a Samsung phone…then I figured it’s a nexus….no reason to be sad :D

      Still…Very pathetic of Samsung….I hope that moto, htc and even lg get to the forefront more for Android…..Samsung…is turning Android into Apple….that’s exactly the thing I DON’T need Android to be

  4. Samsung wants to be the Apple of Android.  They have been making these moves since day one.  If they actually made good hardware and dumped TouchWiz, maybe they would actually have a shot.

    1. +1 for dumping touchwiz

    2. whats wrong with the current samsung hardware? and no one is forcing anyone to use touchwiz… with unlocked bootloaders, to put stock ICS onto a samsung phone is pretty easy.

      1.  Not a huge fan of the interface and the theming of TW, but it does add some nice functionality.  That’s why you download Nova Launcher.

      2. You shouldn’t have to do anything like that.  It should either be an on/off option or nothing.  As for their hardware….crappy design, plasticy, over-saturated screens, worse radios on the market.  And TW is the worse UI on the market… except for LG’s but that is just a butchered version of TW.

        1. Touchwhiz is great.  I much prefer it to Sense and motoblur.  It is very easy to quickly turn most of it off.  My favorite setup is golauncher on top of touchwhiz.  I still get my screen dim shortcut by long pressing on the pulldown bar, and access to the task manager when longpressing the home button and the dialer is still the best i have tried for me.  Runs absolutely smooth as silk on my GS2 after 6 months of heavy use and even underclocked to 800mghz.  I get 6.5 hours on onscreen time and 36 hours of normal use between charges.  You obviously have not seen the SAMOLED on the GS2, because it is by far the best screen I have seen on a phone. period.  I will give you that motorola has better radios than most, but my GS2 definitely does as good or better than rest of the phones I have.  It’s only real weakness that I can find is that the GPS reception is not amazing, but has never left me stranded or been a real problem…  you sound like one of those morons at a NASCAR race that yells at every Ford that drives by because they are a chevy bigot, haha.

          1. TW is a ripped off version of iOS.  The international GS2 is a blatant rip off of an iPhone.  Samsung in the mobile world has no innovation and are just asking to get sued.  Samsung TV screens are the best in the business, but their mobile screens are over-saturated to hell.  If there was a way to adjust the color pallets and adjust the screen, then I would agree with you.  And you sound like a Samsheep.

          2. I couldn’t agree with you more on ever point you’ve just made.

          3. How can they rip off Apple when they are the ones creating most of the internal parts for apple? More like Apple is crap for having to out source to their number one competitor, while Samsung is scoring in the cash for making internal parts for Apple. All I know is that at least Android is able to multitask and give more choice to the user. That is why some of us prefer it, but at the end you are your own limitation careless of what OS you go with!

          4. Funny, before I rooted and slapped on MIUI, I distinctly remember there being screen adjustments for saturation and brightness on my S2.

            How is TW a rip off of iOS?  Because their app drawer scrolls horizontally?  I see tons of differences between the two, can’t understand how anyone can claim one is a copy of the either, they both are distinct enough in their own ways.

        2. I don’t like TouchWiz either but the ability to change the UI is one reason manufactures focus on Android over Windows Phone. With Windows they are limited to releasing a phone that looks different on the outside but with the same UI as everyone else. With Android they have the option to customize experience to what they want it to be, and in the end that is what Android is all about. 

        3. and motoblurB has an on/off option, or nothing?   The Razr and a few of their other phones aren’t “plasticy”?   MBlurb isn’t one of the worst UI in the market.

          It seems you’re just a little hurt that moto doesn’t get as much press as HTC or Samsung.  It’s ok little guy.  You are allowed to be a fan of a brand.  Just stick to the facts when pleading your case or else you just look like an apple fanboi with no real common sense.

          1. Blur is the least intrusive UI on the market, short of Asus tablets.  If you have every used the new Blur (Bionic, D4, Razr) you would know this.  It is nothing like it was while Sense and TW just continue to be bloated with garbage.  Hell, look at the ICS builds of the UIs, Blur is almost completely stock ICS vs Sense and the horrible TW ICS builds.  TW has turned into the worse UI on ICS.

            Um, yea the Razr is kevlar and aluminium, not plastic crap like the GNex and GS2.  Bionic and D4 have plastic parts but they are solid plastic with aluminium.  Not flimsy plastic that Samsung uses.  Stop being a Samsheep.

          2. I’ve never tried TW but you have to realize ALL of this is just marketing to get your money.  If you don’t like the UI, get rid of it, thats what I did with Sense. And Motorola is the worst, they release a “new” Droid every 3 months.  And why make the RAZR out of kevlar?!?! Is it stopping bullets for you??? Marketing…

    3. You don’t think they make good hardware???

      1. Garbage hardware.  Moto hardware is so much better, locked bootloader or not.  Moto hardware works.

        1.  Moto has better hardware design, but not better (faster) internal hardware.  I think that’s what he’s referring to.  The Exynos SoC by Samsung is the best on the market.  If you’ve ever handled a GS II, you would see it’s significantly smoother and faster than any Moto (or any other brand) phone on the market, even the One X from what I’ve seen (talking about perceived speed, not benches).

          Moto has the best antennas too, but I haven’t had any of the signal issues people have been complaining about on my Galaxy Nexus.  I get the same signal everywhere with my Galaxy Nexus as I did with my OG Droid.

          1. I will agree that Sammy’s SoC are really good, but poorly supported.  TI was picked as a chip of choice for ICS for a reason, it is supported.  The Exynos has not played well with most radios in the US, hence why they are cut out of most phones here.  And at this point, I doubt they will have LTE compatibility since Qual corners the market and TI has made a deal with them to work together.  OMAP 4 and S4 are the only chips to support LTE right now, and it doesn’t sound like that is changing any time soon.

          2. FYI:  The Exynos 4210 and OMAP 4xxx SoCs have the exact same ARM Cortex A9 CPU in them.  The only reason that the Exynos SoC hasn’t been chosen in the LTE phones in the US is because of some power or software incompatibility between them.  Otherwise, I’m sure that Samsung would have kept their own Exynos SoC in the Galaxy Nexus, SkyRocket and AT&T Note.

            You really think that the upcoming quad core Exynos SoCs wouldn’t have fixed that issue and that the Galaxy S III won’t have LTE?

          3. @T4rd:disqus But it still doesn’t work, no matter what the reason.  GNex would have never kept the Exynos because it was never designed to have one.  TI was chosen by Google for ICS, not Exynos.

            Whether they want to or not, Qual holds all the chips for LTE right now.  Just look at the Tegra 3.  Even the Tegra 2 got screwed on LTE, hence why the Xoom upgrade was delayed because Qual didn’t want to work with Tegra.  An no LTE, no US carrier buy in except for maybe T-Mobile.  

          4.  TI was chosen for the Gnex because of the LTE incompatibility, nothing else.  ICS runs perfect on the Exynos based phones such as the GS II.  As I said, they have the exact same CPU and the Mail 400 is considerably faster than the (now dated) SGX 540 on the OMAP 4xxx SoCs.  So I guarantee they would have chosen Exnos if not for the LTE compatibility because no 4G/LTE is a deal breaker on new phones now.

          5. @T4rd:disqus Still doesn’t matter the reasons, they didn’t.  And it looks like the S3 in the US won’t run it either. 

            As stated before, Exynos does not have support, whether it is better or not.

          6.  Have to disagree, i’ve felt that every moto phone has looked like a brick and ugly as hell

          7. Meh, opinions I guess.  Aesthetics aren’t very important to me as much as durability and quality of materials.  I thought the carbon fiber backing and rigid design of the Razr’s were pretty nice and considerably better than the Nexus.  The 2 times I’ve dropped my Galaxy Nexus, the back cover popped off and the battery flew out.. not very good design if that happens.  Though I easily remedied it with a case (and replacement housing to fix the scuff marks), you shouldn’t have to do that, IMO.

          8. I agree with you 100% a moto razr next to a galaxy nexus or a galaxy s2 >.> pls the razr has even more bezel then a iphone 4s and those things are covered in it, and i dont even want to get started on the display of a galaxy phone next to a moto. 

          9. better hardware design!!! are you kidding me? have you seeing the ugly phones moto keep on producing? Motorola makes the ugliest phone of all manufactures right now.

          10.  See above reply to John.

        2. how so?  In many cases they use the same components.   Faildroid.

        3. Lol you are so trolling there

    4. I agree that Samsung’s software completely sucks, but I think they have the best Android hardware.

    5. Samsung doesn’t overcharge for their products so how would that work?

  5. the purple wiggle was inside

  6. Samsung need to fix their GPS, and they’ll be okay.

    1. I thought that was an issue with the original Galaxy. My buddies SGS II has no GPS problem (wince he upgraded from the original one).

    2. Someone needs to read current mobile news, then you’ll be ok.

  7. I dont see this as desperation, this is quite clever. While apple are happy to attack their competition in court, Samsung have gone with something like this, which really is quite harmless. But how about the crowd that formed around them! Id say it began to raise some sort of attention. Good on em for sticking it to em. Go hard or go home i say.

    1. I agree about apple and the suing however when it comes to Samsung they are also suing the shit out of apple, so it goes back and forth

      1.  Samsung is responding to Apple’s lawsuits to push for a settlement.  If Samsung didn’t respond, Apple would suck all the profits out of each handset and then some.

  8. I wonder how many of them protesters have an iPhone in their pocket? Most of them I’d say.

    1. You’re loyal to a phone maker? Wow. I’d hate to try to get you to change your mind on something big and important like Pizza Hut or Pap John’s, Coke or Pepsi, or smooth or crunchy . . . 

      Please, keep your iPhone and never look at an android ad. Don’t sell out no matter how good the other phones might look. You’ve made your decision. You are an iPhone man till death do you part.

      I salute your loyalty to a phone company ;-)

      1. You read my comment wrong kid. I was calling them souless sheep for selling out.
        I don’t know how that implies I have an iPhone.

  9. what’s even better is that samsung makes parts for Apple, and yet they’re “in cahoots”. The execs are laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. Lmao yeap so true

  10. Lol …..this is so wwf but its funny…umm if there were really for the dimise of apple they would stop supplying them with parts..points awarded for clever misdirection though..

  11. “Why the bloody hell not?”

  12. Bam ram eww
    bam ram eww

  13. where is the link to Samsung?

  14. Thank you Samsung for having the balls to say what most of us already know. Many…not all…but many of these iFans buy these devices to look cool or fit in. Some barely know the features they have. Those that do then turn around and wish for features from Apple that are already available on Android devices. But because its “not cool” to have one they won’t get one. They’ve spent so much time repeating “lag” and “fragmentation” blindly that they couldn’t bring themselves to switch. So they stick with Apple waiting for the next big thing that has already come and gone for everybody else. Thanks again Samsung for showing those that haven’t made their minds up what they would be getting into with Apple.

  15. Everyone hires people for protest these days. A lot of the occupy tools were all getting paid $10 an hour to go downtown and yell we are the 99% all day. There were homeless people in the crowd protesting. When asked why they were there, a lot of them said they were getting paid $10 an hour and free lunch to participate.

  16.  this flash mob is NOTHING to do with samsung.

    First, The video is not seen a any logo, device, slogan or whatever. There is no proof that this flash mob related to samsung.

    Second, ‘ — This flash mob domain is not owend by Samsung

    Third, ‘’ this website counting 850,000 seconds in now = 9.8 days ahead from now.
    The end time is : 6 May 2012 14:59:59
    SGS3 launch event date is 6 days ahead from now. (3 May 2012)
    Cleary difference from Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date.

    Third, At end of video, this flash mob crowd demonstrated not only apple store but also anywhere. so flash mob is actually is nothing to do with apple.

    This is some kind of flash mob campaign (politic or something?) which is not related to Samsung.

  17. Seems like a blind accusation there… wheres the proof that Samsung was behind this funny publicity stunt?


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