May 1st, 2012

Our friends at Sprint sent us their recently released Samsung Galaxy Nexus, now available for $199 on a 2-year contract. It’s nearly identical to the existing Galaxy Nexus devices on the market, but has a couple neat advantages such as Google Wallet. For current Sprint customers and those eager to switch to Sprint, the Galaxy Nexus offers a great opportunity to get a future proof Google Experience device at the top of its class.

This post is sponsored by Sprint.

I’ve personally got the Galaxy Nexus and love the device. When I first played with the GNEX last year, I was a bit nervous by how different Android had become with version 4.0. After having used it for a few months now, I love both the OS and the phone. It just takes a bit of learning and getting familiar until you notice how helpful some of the improvements are. One of my favorites? The recent activity button that shows recent apps/games/windows you’ve accessed is a simple blessing, allowing you to quickly jump to your favorites tasks.

I haven’t had much time to toy with Google Wallet, but it’s a feature exclusive to Sprint in the US and probably the wave of the future. It leverages the NFC chip in the Sprint Galaxy Nexus to turn your phone into a one-in-all payment system. Enter your own credit cards, prepay money using Google Wallet, enter gift cards, store your rewards cards and much more. There aren’t a ton of retailers offering NFC integration, but in the next 2 years I think there will be a ton. And guess how long a typical mobile contract is for?

All-in-all the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is one of the best phones in all the land. Big ‘ol 4.65 Super Amoled screen, 5MP camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, 1080p video recording, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 32GB of onboard memory, 1850mAh battery, and of course… Android 4.0 and Google Wallet.

Don’t forget, this is one of Sprint’s FIRST phones supporting 4G LTE. Those 4G airwaves haven’t lit up just yet, but when they do (in the next few months) you’ll already be prepared to receive the fastest mobile data possible with Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus and 4G LTE network.

Show of hands: whose got the Sprint Galaxy Nexus and who plans to get one?

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