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Our friends at Sprint sent us their recently released Samsung Galaxy Nexus, now available for $199 on a 2-year contract. It’s nearly identical to the existing Galaxy Nexus devices on the market, but has a couple neat advantages such as Google Wallet. For current Sprint customers and those eager to switch to Sprint, the Galaxy Nexus offers a great opportunity to get a future proof Google Experience device at the top of its class.

This post is sponsored by Sprint.

I’ve personally got the Galaxy Nexus and love the device. When I first played with the GNEX last year, I was a bit nervous by how different Android had become with version 4.0. After having used it for a few months now, I love both the OS and the phone. It just takes a bit of learning and getting familiar until you notice how helpful some of the improvements are. One of my favorites? The recent activity button that shows recent apps/games/windows you’ve accessed is a simple blessing, allowing you to quickly jump to your favorites tasks.

I haven’t had much time to toy with Google Wallet, but it’s a feature exclusive to Sprint in the US and probably the wave of the future. It leverages the NFC chip in the Sprint Galaxy Nexus to turn your phone into a one-in-all payment system. Enter your own credit cards, prepay money using Google Wallet, enter gift cards, store your rewards cards and much more. There aren’t a ton of retailers offering NFC integration, but in the next 2 years I think there will be a ton. And guess how long a typical mobile contract is for?

All-in-all the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is one of the best phones in all the land. Big ‘ol 4.65 Super Amoled screen, 5MP camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, 1080p video recording, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 32GB of onboard memory, 1850mAh battery, and of course… Android 4.0 and Google Wallet.

Don’t forget, this is one of Sprint’s FIRST phones supporting 4G LTE. Those 4G airwaves haven’t lit up just yet, but when they do (in the next few months) you’ll already be prepared to receive the fastest mobile data possible with Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus and 4G LTE network.

Show of hands: whose got the Sprint Galaxy Nexus and who plans to get one?

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  1. Sprint LTE?  Detroit never got WiMax

    1. Sprint’s deployment of LTE is completely different from how Wimax was handled.

      1. I hope so, Sprint originally had announced Detroit as a launch city for WiMax and for the last several years the service reps would tell you it was coming later that year, but it never did.  I will believe it when I see it. 

        I got the Verizon Galaxy Nexus because I could not rely on Sprint. I would love to be a Sprint customer again.

        1. Not to mention that WiMAX build out was handled by a 3rd party. This time around LTE is being built out directly from Sprint. You’ll very likely see LTE in Detroit.

          1. WiMax is in Detroit, just not very strong.

    2.  Detroit lost half its population. It probably isn’t a priority.

  2. Vamos guide…pfft!
    If the SGSIII isn’t available soon after the announcement, I’ll be looking hard at this phone on Sprint. No sd card is kind of a bummer? The GPS better work-not like my last Sammy.

    1. GPS is fine on it (at least on the Verizon version).

  3. Can’t wait to see ATL lit up with some LTE… I’m really considering the EVOLTE

  4. I will, I will!!!

  5. Ordered last weekend. Expecting a delivery tomorrow. Been waiting a loooonnnng time…

  6. Posting this comment from my Sprint Galaxy Nexus right now.

  7. Wish I could get one of these =(

  8. Love this fucking phone…

  9. On my Sprint Galaxy Nexus right now. Got mine early on April 20.

  10. Got it.. and have no freaking data -___-

  11. Other than that.. i love the phone.. i’ll be going to get a replacement tomorrow..

  12. It would def be nice to get one but i just got the epic 4g touch gs2 in jan and im not trying to pay full price for it and im pretty happy with my phone i have since i should be getting ics some time soon

  13. And the gs3 should be ciming out soon and i would prob wanna have that over the nexus

  14. I have always liked Sprint. I had them for years but for now I will stick with VMO and see what the changes are in the next few months. I would love to have the Gnex Sprint but with kid on the way I will hold off on that though. Now if Sprint announces LTE for San Jose/Bay Area and they say that they will be doing away with unlimited LTE data unless you are signed up before that dreadfull date then I will definitely jump on that offer. I had the EVO and only picked up Wimax in Cupertino and Santa Clara area, Downtown San Jose and surprisingly east San Jose hills of all places. Craxy Fast 13 mbps (Crazy for Wimax)

  15. I would like to get it! But….. its not a big enough upgrade from my ET4G. So I’ll just wait til I see something that really smokes my phone! I don’t even think the Evo Lte will be enough.

    1. The Evo might do it. I’m getting it and giving my wife my E4GT. (She had one, but we ended up gifting it to her out of work mother) That screen on the EVO is outta this world. 

  16. If my city was getting sprints 4g LTE then I would want it. My city’s got Verizon 4g everywhere. It’s kind of weird to buy a 4g phone if there is no 4g available.

  17. When is a battery EVER in a device when you buy it?

    1.  My thoughts exactly.

  18. Google Wallet might be officially exclusive on Sprint, but there was side loading and a Market workaround for getting it on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.  I’ve used it a few times and its pretty cool, and hopefully more phones using NFC will force more stores to adapt it, and also existing stores that have the terminals to make sure they actually work.

    1. Google Wallet comes with the GSM version sold by Google directly.

      1. Yup, no side loading needed. It’s just there.

  19. How is this called “one of” Sprint’s 1st LTE devices? Isn’t it Sprint’s very FIRST LTE smartphone? Eco 4G LTE being the 2nd?

    1. 2nd, with the EVO being the 3rd. 

  20. How did you guys get one and none of the data storm winners did

  21. I’m conflicted… Galaxy Nexus (only b/c of its software) or EVO 4G LTE?

    1. EVOLTE all the way, broheim.

      1. What he said.  Apparently that S4 proc is a battery sipping BEAST.

        1. Ehh, I’ll believe it when I see it. Either way, doesn’t matter to me. The battery life can’t get any worse than it already is with previous gen devices.

  22. And use Sprint 3G for 2 months? I myt as well be data capped on Tmo. LoL!! I think I’ll wait using my WiMax. I’ll keep moping around until XDA can fully port over the Droid 4 to Tmo. Unless Sprint get’s them a QWERTY phone.

  23. I got tired of Sprint, I got my Evo O.G. shortly after it came out and they never got 4G in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Verizon has had 4G Lte here since Last year and they came out with their 4G way after Sprint. Even though Verizon is pricey and limited on data I was left with no choice but to get my Nexus thru them and I’m very happy! I bet it will be 2014 before Sprint gets their Lte up and running here and by then I get it will be something out way better!

  24. Why would I get a phone that I have to wait got knows how long
    Until It supports LTE ?? I want it Now! But the now network
    Is LATE to the 4g party!

  25. No [removable] SIM card? Who da heck?

    1. It’s a CDMA phone, why would it have a SIM card?

      1. Because it’s an LTE phone… so it requires a SIM card, being that it’s the technology adopted by the GSM Association; which Sprint is now a member of and needs to adhere to the rules of; as Verizon also is a member of, and utilizes removable SIMs on their phones now. Sprint is using a built-in SIM card… oh happy day.

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