Motorola posts $121 million loss in Q1 2012, still ships 5.1 million smartphones


Motorola Mobility has reported their earnings for Q1 of 2012, and the results are a mixed bag. Overall the company made it through the quarter with a $121 million operating loss, but things are on the up and up for Moto’s mobile division. Revenue was up 3 percent to the tune of $2.2 billion with 8.9 million devices shipped. Of those, 5.1 million were smartphones.

In other news, Motorola reported that China is still the odd man out when it comes to final approval for Google’s acquisition of the company. All other major players, including the US, have signed off on the deal.

[via Motorola]

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  1. Problem is Moto is spending like it’s going to be bought….but the purchase keeps getting pushed back.

    1. Their smartphone shipments are also up 24% because of it. 

  2. From what I’ve heard there will be no ICS update for European Atrix and if that’s the case I cannot see why I should buy Motorola again. Flagship device abandoned 1 year later, what a commitment to customers that is.

  3. How does a company stay open if they continue to lose (~50 Mil a quarter)? 

  4. All they do is pump out junk.  If they made half the amount of phones and spent double the time making each. They would be more likely to end up with a better product.

    1. They have some of the best hardware (and software nowadays), but the locked bootloaders are annoying.. And it is frustrating for a sequel to your device come out less than 4 months after you purchased it.

  5. And how much did Sanjay get again? He ran motor i

  6. Well it’s china’s fault for causing the delay. I think the Google buyout would benefit motorola.. Product wise that is.. Maybe

  7. No keeping your own word – no support. They promised unlocked bootloader – gave none, they promised ICS – gave none. I still love my RAZR, and thinness will be the main factor in the next phone consideration, but it ain’t no gonna be Motorola.

  8. Moto doing what Moto does best.
    Better hope it wins some lawsuits.
    Money needed.

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