Samsung continues trademark spree, latest is ‘Galaxy Variant’


Samsung will have no shortage of potential names for future Galaxy smartphones if they keep registering names at their current rate. Following filings for the Galaxy Metrix, Galaxy Velvet and Galaxy Legend on April 13th, which themselves followed filings for the Galaxy Lift, Galaxy Sire, and Galaxy Perx, the Korean manufacturer has filed to have Galaxy Variant trademarked with the USPTO.

These trademark applications only account for the month of April — Samsung has filed close to a dozen more (that we know of) since the first of the year. Most include Galaxy in their name, such as the Accelerate, Express, and Thunder (also Emerge, Halo, and Stellar). Some may not make their way to a Galaxy phone (Joy, Fresh) and some may not get used at all. But if the latest does come to fruition, things will get a whole lot more confusing when we start talking Galaxy variants (or is it the Galaxy Variant?).

[via Fusible]


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