Sony ST21i Tapioca pictured, quite the chunky Android


The first image of what is said to be the Sony ST21i has leaked, and its appearance takes very little inspiration from recent Xperia design language. While phones like the Xperia S emphasize clean, simple lines and a thin shell, the handset codenamed Tapioca is plump and curvy. Based on the image, the phone will ship with Xperia branding (not that we thought it wouldn’t).

Rumors put the ST21i on the low end of the smartphone spectrum, a contrast to the Hayabusa concept leaked earlier today. The Tapioca will feature an 800MHz single-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, and a 3.2-inch display. Somewhat redeeming is the inclusion of Ice Cream Sandwich. The outward appearance of the device suggests the possibility of a slide-out keyboard below the display. It has also been suggested a dual-screen model could be in the pipeline. Either case would help to better justify the extra bulk.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. If someone buys this and hates it. It looks like it will serve as a perfect paper weight

  2. Well tapioca is nasty so I think they got the design right.

    1. Tapioca is also chunky, in which case…. they still got it right xD

  3. 2009 called…

  4. If it had cheeks, I’d be tempted to pinch them.

  5. I think its just an illusion.. its only a 3.2 inch screen.

  6. This should give the G1 a run for its money.  Nice work, Sony.

  7. there is nothing wrong with a little chunky.

  8. Ugly! 800 MHz processor? 3.2 screen? 512 RAM? Wow. Sony, don’t do it. Can’t believe this phones being released in 2012. Even cricket has phones better than this with no contract.

  9. This might not be appealing to the vast majority of people, hell, this might not even be appealing to the remaining minority of people.

  10. More cushion for the pushin’…

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